Obama, TUCC, And Black Liberation Theology

I live in Missouri. If The MO truth squad sees anything in these videos that aren’t truthful, I hope they’ll let me know. I wouldn’t want to pass along anything that’s inaccurate:

Hey! Did you know that James Cone is still alive? He is, and he’s got lots to say about the “white enemy”:

Oh! Here’s a good one! Obama rails against the “Christian right”, Rev Wright rails against America:

Spin, Obamabots. Tell me all about Pastor Hagee, and Palin’s witch doctor.

Spin like the wind.


3 thoughts on “Obama, TUCC, And Black Liberation Theology

  1. Yep.

    It’s all so mind-bogglingly illogical and stupid. I don’t believe for a minute that Obama bought any of this crap.

    I think he’s an atheist who was attracted to the Marxism in Liberation Theology, and needed the church to rise in Chicago politics.

    Whenever he is described as a Christian I could throw up.


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