FBI:”If IL is not the most corrupt state in USA it is certainly one hell of a competitor”

FBI Agent Robert Grant doesn’t mince words at the Patrick Fitzgerald Press Conference, today:

Fitzgerald, here:


Hot Air thinks Raum Emanuel is the one who squealed.

See Jake Tapper for for Obama’s past work with Blagojevich, namely how he helped to get him elected as Governor.

Obama’s Plan For America


Seems like some pretty ambitious, big government goals have been put forth here, doesn’t it? I suppose we should all just go with the flow, as Bill Kristol recently wrote:

… conservatives should think twice before charging into battle against Obama under the banner of “small-government conservatism.”


Did I mention that  the picture above, actually comes from a CPUSA brochure? It just happens to match  Obama’s program to a tee….which makes sense – their platforms were identical, as well.

I tried to warn people, God knows…