Illuminating Thoughts From Robert Gibbs

Robert Gibbs was asked about Dick Cheney’s recent remarks concerning the  harsh interrogation tactics by a reporter (Tapper?) at his daily press briefing yesterday.

Do you ever get the feeling that Gibbs likes to make glib, snarky comments, deriding the “right people” in lieu of answering the question, in hopes that a sycophantic press won’t call him out on it?

I get that feeling all the time. Sometimes it works for him. Sometimes it doesn’t:

He has no info on those CIA memos even though he promised two weeks ago to look into it. So what does he do?  He tries to get a little dig in on the former President and Vice President:

“I’ve been struck in watching the former President and former Vice President take markedly different views to…um…their lives post…their administration…uh I think many have…

“Uhhh, I think the answer he gave to the future of the Republican party, picking uh Rush Limbaugh over Colin Powell was uh was an illuminating answer uh about what you’re going to see going forward…”

The reporter without missing a beat: “How so?”

“Well..*dismissive shoulder shrug* I think that uh…you know…uh…(thinking furiously for another cool word to use like “illuminating”) Uh…I think you’ve got a series of ideas and a series of thoughts that many ways the last election was about, and that the last election rejected  (read: “We won”)…uh…I think going forward…uh…they’re essentially going forward by looking backward…uh and if the (former) Vice President believes uh…that that’s the way of growing and expanding the Republican Party then uh  *shrug* we’ll have to leave him to those devices”.


Firstly, there’s nothing particularly “illuminating” about a  Republican preferring another Republican over someone he perceives as having left the party, no matter what the left wing blogs say.

Secondly: What are these “ideas” and “thoughts” you speak of, which you claim the electorate rejected? Since the subject under discussion was the interrogation tactics employed during the Bush administration, I’ll assume you mean that.

A recent poll shows that a majority of the American people agree with the Bush administration on waterboarding, and don’t want to see an investigation. So huh.

Thirdly, how sad and ironic it is that you would accuse the former Vice President of “looking backward”, when it’s THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION looking backward with its investigations, memo releases and Abu Ghraib picture releases. It is the Obamacrats who are looking backward and pointing fingers at the Bush administration’s policies which Cheney is simply trying to justify and defend. And it’s Obama who refuses to take credit for the massive deficits his own policies are creating by looking back at the Bush administration and blaming them.

Finally, the last thing Republicans need to do is take political advice from an Alinskyite Socialist Dem like you.

I hate to do it, but this calls for a Billy Madison response, (something I usually reserve for trolls):

(Mr Gibbs), what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

UPDATE:( 5/16):

Here’s Gibbs gibbering on about..”looking forward”, once again re the Pelosi situation,  since looking backward has not worked out so well for Democrats:

“I-I (pregnant pause) I think you’ve heard the President say this a number of times…uh..the best thing that we can do is to look forward….uh…the President is spending his time on any number of  issues, including keeping the American people safe…uh…by looking forward…”

Good lord, they should hand out shovels at these press briefings.

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