Obama Receives His Honorary Degree At Notre Dame Commencement

I’m sure Obama’s entire speech will be available for viewing on YouTube in short order. For those of you who did not watch, TOTUS was in fine form. Brace yourselves for the forthcoming lovefest. This speech will be heralded by most in the MSM as the abortion equivalent to Obama’s much ballyhooed, and profoundly overrated  “Race Speech”.

As with the race speech, which never answered the question of how he was able to sit in the pews and listen to the poisonous sermons of  fire-breathing Pastor, Jeremiah Wright for all those years, this speech doesn’t address his own profoundly pro abortion views and actions which he’s acted upon his whole political career…right up to his first days in office.

Instead he gives lip service to seeking “common ground”…as if there’s common ground to be found between people who believe in the sanctity of human life at all stages of development, and someone who has opposed allowing infants born as a result of botched abortions to receive medical care from doctors and nurses.

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The American Thinker has a sobering piece, today on How Notre Dame Drifted Away From The Catholic Church.

Bretbart: Protesters arrested ahead of Obama Notre Dame Trip

Catholic RNC Chairman Michael Steele believes Obama shouldn’t get the honorary degree:


Video and commentary at Hot Air.

Gateway Pundit reports that Norma McCorvey, the “Jane Roe” from the Roe v Wade Supreme Court Decision, was arrested today on the Notre Dame Campus.


Powerline’s Paul Mirengoff has the most cynical take on Obama’s address that I’ve yet seen.

He believes Obama accepted the invitation to speak at ND in order to advance his political and ideological interests.

In fairness to Obama, these interests are considerable. Obama hopes to drive a wedge between the leaders of the Catholic Church and rank-and-file Catholics in order to substantially reduce Church leaders and their teachings as a moral force in the United States. Such a reduction, in turn, will remove a barrier to Obama’s left-wing agenda, especially his left-wing social agenda, just as the steep decline in the authority of Catholic Church paved the way the leftist agenda in certain European countries.

Under these circumstances, it’s difficult to blame Obama much for injecting himself into Notre Dame’s graduation ceremony. It is entirely reasonable and proper for him to seek to undermine Catholic authority, in furtherance of his interests, through lawful activitiy such as giving a speech and accepting a degree. Nearly all of the blame surely lies with Notre Dame for partnering with Obama in his mission, and thereby violating the command of the U.S. Catholic Biships not to honor those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles.

This command was not issued to be spiteful; it was issued because the U.S. Catholic Bishops understood the necessity of the command if the moral authority of the Church is to be preserved. Notre Dame’s leadership either didn’t understand this or didn’t care.

Video of Kirsten, Coulter, and Carlson discussing the controversy at Johnny Dollar’s Place.

UPDATE (May 18):

Ugh. The depressing conclusion to the Notre Dame debacle:

Catholic college president: Obama protesters at ND were “religious vigilantes”

Allahpundit’s an atheist, but even he understands this issue better than these liberal Catholic leaders at Notre Dame.


Wow, check out Gerald Baker from the UK Telegraph:

Yesterday, at the formerly Catholic University of Notre Dame, this snake-oil salesman carried the gospel of abortion into what should have been the most hostile territory on the face of the earth but which, thanks to the great apostasy known as the Second Vatican Council and the self-interest of Democrat-supporting pseudo-Catholics, was a favourable environment. To the rapturous applause of those who put establishment endorsement before the most basic human decencies, Obama preached his message of consensual infanticide.

“Part of the problem, of course” orated The One, “lies in the imperfections of man – our selfishness, our pride, our stubbornness, our acquisitiveness, our insecurities, our egos, all the cruelties large and small that those of us in the Christian tradition understand to be rooted in original sin.” And the solution to so much human imperfection? Straightforward: take one eight-month-old baby, pierce its skull with a scalpel, vacuum out its brains until its skull collapses – and, hey, hope! Change we can believe in. Obama unapologetically reiterated his pro-abortion stance.

The principal of Notre Shame, as genuine Catholics now call it, Father John I Jenkins, CSC – the most despised priest in the Catholic world – tried his best to put a good face on Obama’s visit and his derisory honorary degree. Outside, among the protesters arrested was Norma McCorvey – “Roe” in the Roe v Wade case in the US Supreme Court in 1973 which introduced the permissive abortion law in America which she now deplores.

Thanks Jana.

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Obama’s Unsustainable Debts

Let’s take a trip down Memory Lane, shall we? Here’s Obama joking about his gargantuan stimulus bill in early Feb at the Democrat retreat:

Yay! You go Obama! Truth to power, baby.

Note the “stimulometer” showing the gauge pointing directly toward “paychecks”, and away from “souplines”. See the theory was…all that spending would lead to immediate jobs….

Okay, so did it “jump start” the economy as planned?



According to Geoff’s now famous chart, which is simply the Obama administration’s chart with their own projections of the unemployment rate with the actual up to date figures (added on by Geoff), represented by the triangles.

Okay, soooo, maybe that “jump start” is taking a little longer than they had hoped for? As Rachel Maddow would say, “RIGHT!”

Everybody knows massive spending “stimulates” the economy,  (that’s the whole point, silly!)…so it must be a good thing, right?…….

Right?!…..Oops, not so much:

So maybe even more spending is called for?

american-depress-6Hey, y’all should stop spending so much!

The “stimulometer” couldn’t be reached for comment.

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