Post Election Unrest In Iran

Yesterday The Guardian predicted that Ahmadinnerjacket would lose if the election wasn’t rigged.

In the absence of reliable independent opinion polls, experts predicted yesterday that Mir Hossein Mousavi, the moderate “green” candidate, would probably beat the controversial incumbent so long as the result was not rigged.

Well, it appears that it was indeed rigged.

Here’s some raw video, (via MK Hammer on Twitter) of a protest from earlier today in Tehran:

Hot Air is reporting 50-100 dead from police brutality during the protests, today:

The regime shut down text messaging across the country yesterday too to hamper organization of the protests they knew would follow the results. Even so, the Beeb says street violence today is the worst Tehran has seen in 10 years, replete with Iranian cops beating women with nightsticks

Hot Air is also reporting that despite the illegitimacy of the Ahmadinejad regime, the White House says it’s full speed ahead on “dialogue.”

The New York Times blog also has excellent coverage of events, today in Iran, and more video.

See Michael Totten as well, who is continuously updating this weekend.

More Links:

MichelleMalkin: Winds Of Change: The Uprising In Iran

Best and most up-to-date coverage: Follow Twitter hashtag #iranelection.

Here’s an Iran Feeds aggregator.

Gateway Pundit: Regime Unleashed– Gunshots & Beatingsbush bashing: In Tehran (Video)

12 thoughts on “Post Election Unrest In Iran

  1. All of the protesters will just love knowing Dear Leader still plans to have direct talks with this illegitimate government. Our dumbass president including his state dept will become tools for nasty dictator.


  2. North Korea is threatening nuclear war. Iran has now proven what everyone knew, it is an Islamic theorcracy and continuing it’s illicit nuclear weapons program with the support of North Korea. It’s almost like they represent a couple legs of an axis of evil or something.

    Good thing we have Obama and his crack team of smart power foreign policy geniuses.


  3. JackStraw….
    Yea, Stupid ignorant George Bush calling Iran and N.Korea part of the axis of evil. Idiot cowboy diplomacy, and to think he probably would have handled this situation like the cowboy he is…”both N.Korea and Iran should know that the Untied States will retaliate with such force as to destroy your entire nations 10 time over”. Oh, how awful that would have been, to show some force, to demonstrate that the U.S. has a pair of balls. I shudder!


  4. Sparky-

    A couple points for historical reference.

    “Iraq’s progress toward self-determination and democracy brings hope to other oppressed people in the region and throughout the world. It is the rise of democracy that tyrants fear and terrorists seek to undermine.
    The people who yearn for liberty and opportunity in countries like Iran and throughout the Middle East are watching and they are praying for our success in Iraq.”

    George Bush – Aug, 2003

    “The Western world, the countries of the free world have a lot at stake in relation to Iraq. If the democratic future of Iraq can be achieved, that will have beneficial consequences not only in Iraq, but it will also be a wonderful demonstration in the Middle East and around the world that democracy is not something which is confined to countries that have historically enjoyed it. I regard that as something of an arrogant attitude on behalf of those who think that, in some way, democracy cannot be extended to countries that haven’t regularly enjoyed it over past decades.”

    John Howard – June, 2004

    “It is not a neocon pipedream, but historically plausible that a democratic Israel, Palestine, Turkey, Afghanistan, and Iraq can create momentum that Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and eventually even a Syria or Iran would find hard to resist.
    Saudi Arabia’s ballyhooed liberalization, Mubarak’s unease about his successor, Libya’s strange antics, Pakistan’s revelation about nuclear commerce, and the Gulf States’ talk of parliaments did not happen in a vacuum, but are rumblings that follow from fears of voters in Afghanistan and Iraq — and a Mullah Omar dethroned and Saddam’s clan either dead or in chains.”

    Victor David Hanson – Feb, 2005

    “Removing Saddam Hussein has definitely helped the democratic forces in the [Middle East] to feel that history is on their side and when I am asked about the role of Bush in this regard I see his role are more like a midwife for democracy.
    Remember, thousands, not hundreds, thousands, have been working for democracy for the last 40 years in [the Middle East], and Bush comes into this game—and I am happy that he came—and his role is not unlike a midwife for a region that was already pregnant with the yearning for democracy and he helped to deliver it, although by caesarean.”

    Saad Eddin Ibrahaim – Mar, 2005

    And last but not least

    It took me two days covering the elections in Beirut to realize that I was dead wrong. No, something is going on in the Middle East today that is very new. Pull up a chair; this is going to be interesting.

    Second, for real politics to happen you need space. There are a million things to hate about President Bush’s costly and wrenching wars. But the fact is, in ousting Saddam in Iraq in 2003 and mobilizing the U.N. to push Syria out of Lebanon in 2005, he opened space for real democratic politics that had not existed in Iraq or Lebanon for decades. “Bush had a simple idea, that the Arabs could be democratic, and at that particular moment simple ideas were what was needed, even if he was disingenuous,” said Michael Young, the opinion editor of The Beirut Daily Star. “It was bolstered by the presence of a U.S. Army in the center of the Middle East. It created a sense that change was possible, that things did not always have to be as they were.”

    Tom Friedman – Today in the NYT.

    Bush was right and the changes taking place in the middle east never would have happened without the decisions he made.


  5. JackStraw…
    My bad…I should have ended with (Sarc on) You are preaching to the choir. Life long Republican. And, thank you for the historical references…as Deb said…good stuff!


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