BREAKING!: Obama Has “Curiously Close Labor Friendship” With SEIU According To LA Times

Shut up!….really?!

They led the most powerful forces in healthcare — the trade groups representing doctors, insurance companies, hospitals and drug makers. Any one of them could stall, if not derail, President Obama’s hopes of overhauling the U.S. healthcare system.

Instead, they stood with Obama before TV cameras at the White House and pledged their cooperation. For Obama, the show of unity gave momentum to perhaps his most ambitious domestic goal.

When the president met privately with the health industry leaders that day, Stern and a second Service Employees International Union official were the only labor representatives in the room.

In a fractious labor movement fraught with rivalries and mutual suspicion, Stern’s close association with Obama has given him cachet that may prove important in the fierce competition to lure new members.

But Stern’s access to the White House has also provoked jealousies. His opponents paint him as a polarizing figure that Obama elevates at his own peril.

The Obama-Stern relationship has emerged as one of the most curious within the young administration.

The SEIU spent $60 million to help elect Obama, according to the union. Stern said the group deployed 100,000 volunteers during the campaign, including 3,000 who worked on the election full time.

Now in the White House, Obama has continued to derive political benefits from the union. It was the SEIU’s health chief, Dennis Rivera, who helped bring industry to the table to start talks on a healthcare overhaul.

With nearly 2 million members, the SEIU says it has people in 13 states whose senators are considered important targets in the lobbying effort behind the emerging Democratic healthcare bill. The union wants to coax those senators into voting for the bill.

Stern can boast that union officials are scattered throughout the Obama administration.
White House political director Patrick Gaspard is a former executive at an SEIU local based in New York. No other union has placed anyone at such a high level in the White House.

Does it seem brazen to you, that under the  health care proposal being considered in the Senate, only unions’ health benefits would avoid being taxed?

Who are the SEIU?

With 1.8 million members across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) ranks among the largest and fastest-growing unions in North America. It has more than 300 local affiliates and 25 state councils. Giving voice to its wish to radically transform an American society that it deems rife with inequity, SEIU’s mission is “to improv[e] the lives of workers and their families and creat[e] a more just and humane society.” Classifying Women and minorities as the most aggrieved victims of discrimination and maltreatment, SEIU notes that 56 percent of its members are women and 40 percent are “people of color.”

And as many of us know by now, ACORN, and the SEIU were started by the same person, Wade Rathke, an SDS alumni like Ayers and Dohrn (who eventually started Weatherman). Also, as was discovered last year, SEIU locals 100 and 880 and ACORN are run out of the same address on 1024 Elysian Fields Avenue in New Orleans. The SEIU is also implicated in the Blagogate mess in Chicago,  apparently acting as the intermediary between the Blagojevich and the Obama camp.

It’s nice to know that some curiosity has been sparked in the MSM by all this….it reminds me of the AP’s big scoop, last December, (yeah one month after the election):

Questionable associations of Obama

O RLY?! Obama. has. questionable. associations?!

MORE about the SEIU, ACORN and The White House at The Union Label Blog and Atlas Shrugs.

Hat tip: Jackstraw

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13 thoughts on “BREAKING!: Obama Has “Curiously Close Labor Friendship” With SEIU According To LA Times

  1. So the SEIU has 1.8 million members, many who probably don’t pay taxes, and Obama has them sit in on his planning meetings while he doles out even more freebies to them and this is fine but all we heard for 8 years from the left were unsubstantiated conspiracy theories about Haliburton and how they were secretly controlling US policy. Look at Obama’s agenda, nationalizing of industries, giveaways to unions, card check, amnesty, national healthcare, etc.. All for the unions and illiegals and the SEIU brags that they are helping drive all this.

    The inconsistency and feeble mindedness of liberals never ceases to amaze and sicken me.


  2. Unions’ Health Benefits May Avoid Tax Under Proposal

    Yea, I mean why should unions have to pay taxes on benefits? I love the logic being used here, unions have given up salary for benefits so they shouldn’t have to pay. As if every single non-union employee hasn’t done the exact same thing.

    Being a liberal means never having to deal with reality or tell the truth.


  3. Here’s my prediction, Deb. Well, it’s actually the same prediction I have been making for over a year now. Obama is going to morph into Carter very soon. All the stars are lining up. Debt is sky rocketing, interest rates and inflation are going to be on the rise soon. Unemployment is going to hit the “grim milestone” of double digit territory this month or next. And, in an uncanny bit of history repeating itself, Iran is going to spin out of Barry’s control and haunt him for the rest of his term.

    I eagerly await the plummeting approval ratings.


  4. More jackstraw idiocy – look kid, if you are going to argue a point then mere assertion is not going to win it for you. Haliburton? Where shall we start? Pentagon’s Defense Contract Audit Agency? Plenty of other evidence of shenanigans if you look for it. I would never suggest that they were controlling your government, but they certainly made a hell of a lot of money out of them. So when ya getting out to teabag about that?


  5. Well what do you know, Mals back. Who could have seen that coming?

    So Mal, if I have this straight, you are lecturing me about making an assertion without providing facts in a post where you are making an assertion without providing facts? That about sum it up?

    Truly, a staggering intellect.


  6. JackStraw I bow to your obviously superior intellect. Somebody who offers a gem like this as an argument – “And these are the same mental titans who called Condi Rice a house n*gger for 8 years” – is a force to be reckoned with! You’re up there with Einstein, pal! Put up some reasonable arguments or just pipe down. You want links re Halliburton, I’ll start posting them soon.


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