You Can’t Stay On The Path When You Only Have One Wheel

I was at one of my local haunts when a fellow conservative tossed this video into the comment thread.

I experienced a myriad of emotions as I watched this video.  But it got me to thinking, as so many things do these days.  It would be easy to say that this racist fellow-traveller has no place in any institution of higher learning anywhere in this country, but I am not so naive.  People like him were peddling similar crap when I did my turn at the altar of higher knowledge in the late 1990s.  I even believed some of it for an hour or two.

The real problem is not people like him who come in and spew their racist, communist tripe with impunity.  The problem is with the politically correct climate on so many campuses that frown on and discourage faculty with opinions in opposition to that of this “revolutionary”. 

I am not old enough to remember when the “free thinkers” of academia embraced the PC culture.  I only know that it was the dominant viewpoint of faculty and staff of my school, and of those my friends attended.  My first time through, I didn’t know enough to be offended.  My second time through, I started to openly question the motivations of some of my professors.  My third trip through, I understood what the game was, and frequently decided to go against the grain, simply because I could.  What I was not prepared for, however, was the ultra-leftist tool from the California University System who spoke at our commencement, and decided to fill his speech with his own less-than unique opinions on politics, rather than speaking about us and the way we were going to make our way in the world.  I was distressed as I looked around, and saw the heads of so many other law students bobbing in agreement, and had it not been the only commencement since high school I actually had attended, I might have gotten up and walked out early.

What this video should tell you, other than the fact that this vibrant and knowledgable revolutionary has no clue what he is talking about [No borders and a ‘latino’ revolutionary front indeed…yeah, tell you Central American brothers to ignore the Mexican border…go ahead.  We’ll wait.], is that in allowing politics to set the agenda in colleges and universities around the country, we have been sowing the seeds of our own destruction for quite some time.  “Higher Learning” is not so much the quest for knowledge or a journey to find truth as much as it is a form of indoctrination.  And yet we have entrusted the future of our country to the graduates of these fine institutions without any regard to what it is they actually teach.  The cart of knowledge has strayed from the path.  The horse won’t stop, and the driver is doesn’t care that it only has one wheel.  He is proud of that wheel.  He knows that the path it will lead the cart down has gone off a cliff every single time it has been taken, and yet he persists in the belief that his skill as a driver will lead it to their destination, only having gotten there more quickly this time. 

It would be easy to continue in the belief that illegal immigration is simply a matter of people seeking a better life, and undoubtedly, this is true for some of them.  However, any serious reflection on the reconquista movement should at least raise the possibility that the real goal is an always has been invasion, occupation, and annexation.  I can think of no better strategy for conquest without sparking a single battle.  Of course, the real issue I have upon thinking this through is that if I could figure this out, then why is it that all the fine experts in our government that the progressives keep telling us we should trust unconditionally couldn’t seem to figure this out, and if they did, why are they doing nothing?  More fundamental change of a nation they all profess to love, or is it all part of their endorsement of the driver’s plan?

UPDATE: Donald Douglas at American Power has more on this “Teacher“.

6 thoughts on “You Can’t Stay On The Path When You Only Have One Wheel

  1. I have some liberal friends who always bring up the point “all they’re trying to do is better themselves and their families” when it comes to illegal border crossing. I always follow with this question…I guess you would have no problem then, if tomorrow President Obama would allow the nearly 10 million haitians to come here imediately. After all, they are poor and would love to come here and have a better life. It seems that this illegal stuff is only okay when it involves people that live directly south of the United States. Mmmmm? Could that be….RACIST?


  2. BiW, feel free to link to the local haunt (h2?) if you’re so inclined.

    And thanks for putting up a post, I know weekends are busy. I’m swamped.


  3. Looks as though little has changed since I heard a Brown Beret saying identical things back in the sixties. Even quoting Che… After what Che had said about Mexicans!

    As for changes over time in Universities? In 1969 UCSD had a few hotheaded leftist professors, but most taught what they were being paid to be teaching. I returned to college again in 1999, at UCD (Colorado) and the difference was astounding, to say the least…


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