Video:FL Sen. George LeMieux: “Where are the Skimmers?”

In case you haven’t seen this outrage yet – 2000 oil-sucking skimmers available in the United States alone, yet only a  paltry 20 skimmers are being used in the Gulf?….Because, as Obama patiently explains…. those other skimmers may be needed for other spills? WTF?! Here’s Senator LeMieux of FL on the Senate floor, yesterday:

Doug Ross asks What the hell is going on?

Today, Senator LeMieux spoke again about his continued efforts to draw more skimmers to aid in cleanup efforts of the BP oil spill.

And Ben Stein at The American Spectator has some further thoughts on the oil spill: The Elephant and the Obama Question, recapping some of the lowest moments, thus far.

And by “elephant”, he doesn’t mean Republicans….he means, literally elephants.

Did you know:

President Obama is the most anti-preservationist President in the postwar world. His administration is the first ever not to sign up for strict anti-whaling laws on a worldwide basis. His administration has refused to join with almost every other civilized nation to require Japan and Norway to stop killing whales. His administration is the first ever not to get behind the worldwide effort to ban the trade in ivory and thereby stop the slaughter of elephants in Africa.

Because of Mr. Obama’s explicit contempt for these noble and endangered creatures, African elephants and whales worldwide will be slaughtered almost to the point of extinction. When they are gone, will we remember that their precious blood is on his hands?


CBS video: Drill Ban Blocked

As the Gulf crisis continues, a judge lifted the White House’s moratorium on deepwater drilling. As Mark Strassmann reports, oil workers were pleased, but the White House plans to appeal the ruling.

More on this at The Other McCain: Judge Blocks Obama Administration Offshore Drilling Ban; UPDATE: Text of Ruling; Obama Vows to Appeal Decision



Via Jim Treacher and about all of Twitter, the Federal government is shutting down the dredging that Louisiana was using to construct sand berms to keep the oil off the coastline.


3 thoughts on “Video:FL Sen. George LeMieux: “Where are the Skimmers?”

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