Rolling Thunder And A Marine’s Vigil

This video would have been perfect for Memorial Day, but I hadn’t seen it then, and I’ll be doggoned if I’m going to wait another 11 months to show you this gem.

A solitary Marine holds vigil at full attention for hours, during the 2010 Rolling Thunder motorcycle rally in tribute to fallen comrades.

Grab some kleenex:

A commenter at YouTube, (DizziNY) asked:
My question is why is there only ONE person from the military there? Barry Sotoreo dislikes our military women and men. He has no respect or love for America.

Sgt Chambers explained himself in the comments:

This was a wild hair thing to do on my own accord, Why do people instantly think “why” like your question about more military out there. To begin with Rolling Thunder is a demonstration ride, so to have active duty supporting it in uniform is not going to happen. My salute was never for Rolling Thunder, it is to honor all the sacrifices America has made, along with demonstrate compassion and be a direct reflection of the heart and love Service Members have for humanity……..

SSgt Tim Chambers posted this video of a speech in Little Rock Arkansas about why he did the salute.

I gave this speech prior to the Memorial Day before last on my way across country where I honored families that lost their loved ones and Vets, along with concerned citizens and conducted name readings………. Sorry not the best quality but i do have it bright as day on my computer just need to figure out how to edit it.

One thing I may run out of is ammo – but not hugs.

This soldier stands tall.

Hat tip: Geeeeez! (Love that name)!


7 thoughts on “Rolling Thunder And A Marine’s Vigil

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  2. Thank you – that was wonderful to see.
    What an exceptional Marine.
    He did say something that I hadn’t thought about in mentioning veterans who hadn’t called their brothers/sisters in arms in years or gone to see any of the memorial walls. Is it that they find it too depressing(?) and just “don’t go there” ?……If he has motivated veterans to contact their fellow veterans they knew after many years have passed, that is a beautiful thing. SGT. Chambers has had a lifelong positive effect on them and many others by the recognition he does.


  3. How long did he stand there that day? Oorah to him from a vietnam vet marines daughter!!! I cried when the biker stopped and saluted. Then when the lipped oorah cm out… i totally lost it!


  4. This Marine Has Motivated Me!!!! as most Marines tend to do. IF any one Knows how to get in touch with him… Let him know there is at least one sailor in DC that will happily don his Whites and stand behind him for however long. Because I didnt get to do enough while I was serving.

    Dustin Gates MC2 (USN)


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