Another Teachable Moment


So Barack Hussein Obama thinks it more important to go on a talk show with some of the most vapid ‘talents’ to waste pixels since Britney Spears had a show than to go to the Boy Scouts’ Centennial Jamboree.  Is it news worthy?

Only if you think about how it demonstrates his priorities.

On the former, he can field softballs from a friendly panel who would much rather joke and giggle with him than ask a difficult question about the many failures of his adminstration or push him to denounce the tired tactic of his defenders and enablers of “Blame Bush!”  nearly two years after taking the job he so desperately asked us to give him.

At the latter, he is likely to come face-to-face with people of all hues and creeds who focused on achievement and learning all the things that they can do, rather than wallowing in the conviction of all the things they are sure that they can’t do (even if they never tried).  He will come face to face-to-face with people of all hues and creeds who make the daily attempt to adhere to a code that doesn’t have room for cynicism or the petty divisions that politicians cleverly manipulate in an attempt to increase their own power.  At the latter, he would come face-to-face with people who believe in voluntarily giving service to their communities, not out of a tangled belief in collective salvation, but because they understand their faith enough to know that such service is a betterment to themselves personally, and is the real root of charity.  And finally, he would come to face-to-face with people who believe in right and wrong in personal behavior, and are willing to take a stand regarding those beliefs, rather than bow to political expediency.

Knowing this, I understand his choice completely, and I find it unsurprising.  If I were him, I wouldn’t want to be spending time with boys, young men, and their elders, any one of whom demonstrate more character on their absolute worst days than this shallow shell of a man who has left a trail of friends and associates in his wake so that the electorate doesn’t think too hard about birds of a feather flocking together.  That would have to be singularly uncomfortable. 

I know some conservatives and former scouts who are upset that the President of the United States will not lend the prestige of his office to a celebration of an American Institution.  I myself have mixed feelings about this.  While I regret that the current occupant of the Oval Office cannot suck it up, take a break from his perpetual vacation, and try to inspire young men and boys to aspire to such lofty goals, I find that I am glad that he has once again chosen what is easy over what is right.  If the boys cannot have such an honored guest who demonstrates many of the morals that are the product of the code they live by, then I would honestly prefer that they didn’t have to endure one who clearly cannot. 

And while I too, was a scout, and still try to live up to that code, I fear that their grace and respect is simply more than he deserves.

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4 thoughts on “Another Teachable Moment

  1. Obama, of course, was never a scout. He spent his formative years in Indonesia where the Muslim call to prayer was “one of the prettiest sounds on earth”.

    He can’t relate to these all American boys.
    And how does the fact that they come from mostly conservative families help him?

    He’s about as interested in dealing with them as he was in dealing with the Nashville flood, or the Gulf Oil spill. He’ll do the bare minimum –or less.


  2. The Boy Scouts are an anethema to the pro-gay movement. BO may spout BS; but he would never support BSA.


  3. Young Scouts can’t vote. He has no use for them. Now, if these were voting age illegals…well…that’s another story.


  4. I’ll take Harry Truman’s distinction between the man and the office, when he chewed out MacArthur for making him wait out on the Pacific (the story isn’t confirmed). He told MacArthur something like, I don’t care about making Harry Truman wait for you, but I expect you to respect the President.

    Obama’s making it harder and harder for us to do that.

    His not showing up just proves again that his priorities are not ours. (He’ll probably go down in the history books as “the golfing President”.

    “Young Scouts can’t vote.” Not yet, but they will in a few years, and I think they’ll remember what happened here.

    Another take on the choice of venues: on that TV show, he can be watched by millions of people (or thereabouts). At the Jamboree, only a few thousand.

    Keep in mind that this guy is a narcissist: someone who has to be seen, somebody who goes out of their way to be seen. A talk show host was talking about narcissists yesterday. He gave as some examples, the guy who walks around town with a parrot on his shoulder (“Hey! Look at me! I’ve got a parrot!”). If you don’t get to Hollywood, you probably haven’t seen too many of those guys.

    Considering the effort he’s put into getting in the public eye, on magazine covers almost continually, and how he is “taking care” of the Gulf oil spill (when things are going well – when they’re not, it’s them), I’d say a good job description would be “Narcissist-in-Chief”. He can alternate that one with “Organizer-in-Chief”.


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