Scandal Plagued, Ethically Challenged Attorney General Voices Opposition To Voter Integrity Laws In Austin Speech (Updated with Video)

You have to understand – something a normal person would associate with a honest,  healthy, sound government – voter integrity laws – an  ethically challenged Marxist like Eric Holder views like a vampire views garlic – a  gag inducing menace, to be avoided at all costs.

J Christian Adams was in Austin with True The Vote to protest Holder’s speech, tonight.

J Christian Adams via @KonniBurton on Twitter

Tonight I spoke in Austin, Texas at a rally organized by True the Vote.  It took place on the grounds of the LBJ library on the campus of the University of Texas.  The rally was in response to Eric Holder’s announcement at the same place two hours later of a concerted Justice Department effort to oppose virtually every electoral integrity measure promoted by Constitutional conservatives and Republicans.

Holder’s announcement will have profound partisan results in the 2012 election because of his professed unwillingness to enforce laws to prevent voter fraud.  Indeed, tonight he made clear his opposition to these laws, such as voter ID and even the requirement to register to vote in advance of an election.

Holder announced broad opposition to voter identification requirements and a ramped up effort to enforce voting registration laws in welfare agencies.  He didn’t make any announcements about enforcing Section 8 of Motor Voter to ensure dead people don’t populate the roles.  He also said that voter fraud “isn’t a huge problem,” perhaps marking the first time the nation’s chief law enforcement downplayed criminal behavior.  Of course that is in vogue in this administration, starting with the New Black Panther dismissal and now with Fast and Furious.

In opposition to Holder, I spoke, as did a group of inspiring patriots starting with Catherine Englebrecht of True the Vote.  Anita Moncrief, Reverend C. L. Bryan, George Rodriguez (head of the San Antonio Tea Party) and Adryana Boybe, National Director of VOCES Action followed.   Boybe’s speech defending Texas Voter ID may be the first time I heard the policy defended in Spanish.  Moncrief, though, had the line of the night – that “Al Sharpton has a platinum race card.”

Holder laid down markers which will excite his base and disturb law abiding citizens.  He supported restrictions on political speech which will criminalize campaign falsehoods.  He vowed hyper-scrutiny of voter integrity laws such as voter ID and vowed to run states like Texas through a nasty gauntlet on redistricting.  If this doesn’t send a signal to Texas and South Carolina to pull their Voter ID laws out of Justice and go to court, nothing else will.  Also in attendance was Assistant Attorney General Tom Perez, a staring character in my book Injustice.

Holder brought along his puppy, Charlie Savage of the New York Times, from whom we can expect glowing sycophantic coverage of Holder’s announcement at any minute at the New York Times website.  Savage is the same reporter who covered purported politicization at the Bush Justice Department.  For this he won a Pulitzer Prize.

Since his site is currently experiencing technical difficulties, I hope Mike Vanderboegh doesn’t mind me borrowing the picture he prefers to use for said pup…

John Hinderaker of Powerline has been keeping a watchful eye on the Obama administration’s recent  efforts in consort  with far-left organizations (including CPUSA) to demonize and frustrate the states’ efforts to protect ballot integrity by preventing voter fraud. See his posts here and here for background.

Reporting on Holder’s speech, Hinderaker calls Holder’s announcement, his “Voter Fraud Program”:

Tonight, the Obama administration put its cards on the table when Attorney General Eric Holder delivered a speech on “voting rights” at the LBJ Library in Austin, Texas. The text of Holder’s remarks is here.

There was, of course, a certain irony in Holder’s choice of a site for his speech. Lyndon Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act in 1965–Holder’s intended reference–but he is also associated with voter fraud. It is universally acknowledged, I believe, that Johnson stole his first Senate election in 1948, and voter fraud carried out under his expert guidance in 1960 helped Kennedy carry Texas. So Holder’s placing himself in the tradition of Lyndon Johnson invokes an ambiguous heritage, at best.

Continue reading his analysis of the speech.

Hinderaker concludes:

The Obama administration needs all the votes it can get, given its unpopularity with the American people. The question is, will the administration get those votes by persuading legitimate, eligible voters, or will it try to make up the deficit by enabling the casting of millions of fraudulent votes by Democratic Party activists? At the moment, it looks as though the latter is the Obama administration’s chosen course.

Some may think this assessment is too harsh. Some may say that the Democrats just want everyone under the Sun to vote; that they may be misguided, goofy liberals, but they just want everyone to participate. How do we know that this perspective is false? Because there is, in fact, one constituency whose votes have been systematically excluded in recent years. They are members of the military. And the Obama administration has actively collaborated in suppressing the military vote–even though many members of the military are minorities–because it doesn’t favor Democrats. The Obama administration, in particular its Department of Justice, is hopelessly corrupt.

Sure it sounds harsh, but everything this administration does is harsh – the sooner people understand it, the better.  I hope Republicans are up for this fight.

One Texas Republican is putting his foot down: John Cornyn warns Attorney General Holder not to mess with Texas voter ID law:

Texas Sen. John Cornyn sent a clear message to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder this afternoon: Don’t mess with Texas’ voter identification law.

“Voter identification laws are constitutional and necessary to prevent fraud at the ballot box,” Cornyn said.


“Facing an election challenge next year, this administration has chosen to target efforts by the states to protect the democratic process,” Cornyn said. “They would do well instead to focus on job creation, the economy, and reducing our national debt.”


Doug Ross: Holder Justice Department to Begin Investigating …Voter ID Laws:

Although it would seem — curiously! — that the New Black Panthers have once again escaped scrutiny.

As usual, Ross cuts to the chase:

This is all part of the Obama administration’s plan to erode the integrity of the ballot box, Chicago-style, prior to the 2012 election.

Actions like this, along with his direction of “Operation Fast and Furious” and his stonewalling of the Kagan health care memos, highlight the need for the House Judiciary Committe to begin impeachment proceedings against Eric Holder.

The most lawless attorney general in American history needs to be held to account.


John Ransom, Townhall: Eric Holder Impeached is a Good First Start:

Some of us hicks out here in the countryside, in flyover country clinging to our guns and our religion, are starting to get the idea that mistakes aren’t just being made by the administration, but rather that mistakes are being manufactured- and then ignored by Congress.

At MF Golbal, at ATF, at Justice, at the Federal Reserve Bank, at Solyndra, the answer’s always the same: “Oops. We made a mistake.”

And they don’t just make one mistake; they make a series of mistakes… and then it’s time to cue up a two-week Obama vacation.

They are mistaken in their reaction when evidence first comes forward of wrongdoing; they are mistaken in their statements they make under oath; they are mistaken when they mistakenly answer a question that they mistakenly answered mistakenly in the first place in front of Congress.

They are so mistaken in what they mean and what they say they mean that everything is suddenly dependent on the legal definition of the word “is.”

Call it the Clinton defense, the best legal novelty invented since the insanity plea. But of course the Clinton defense only works for government workers. The rest of us have to face the plain, ordinary law.

And make no mistake: You know those paranoid people who think that Obama and his cronies are purposefully crashing the system from within to serve a political agenda where no crisis goes to waste?

They have a pretty darn good point now at the Department of Justice.

And the longer these “mistakes” are allowed to happen with no remission, no trial, no perp walk, the clearer the picture becomes even without the most transparent administration in the history of the Nobel Prize.


Parts 1 and 3 of Holder’s speech at the LBJ Library in Austin. (part 2 is not up yet, for some reason):

Part 1

Part 3

There’s a Q and A  session with moderator, Mark Updegrove, Director of LBJ Library, which you can find at YouTube if your interested in a drawn out discussion of “voter rights” since the sixties.

I’m not sure what is so complicated. If you’re a United States citizen, you have the right to vote. It’s incumbent upon every citizen who wants to participate in our democratic process, to register. When you vote, you should be able to prove you are who you say you are. And you should only be allowed to vote once. No dead people. No Mickey Mouse and Donald Ducks. You should also be smart enough to know that if someone calls you to say election day is next Thursday, they’re pulling your leg.

Linked by Doug Ross and Michelle Malkin, thanks!

9 thoughts on “Scandal Plagued, Ethically Challenged Attorney General Voices Opposition To Voter Integrity Laws In Austin Speech (Updated with Video)

  1. Being a peace officer since 1976, trained to uphold the law, uphold the Constitution, and to protect the civil rights of all citizens I can’t help but come to the conclusion that this guy Holder is an abomination, an embarassment to all law enforcement officers, to anyone that has sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution, and is absolutely corrupt. This is what happens when a civilian idealogue is put in charge of men and women who are held to a high standard but does not apply these same standards to himself. How in God’s name can a man whose duties include protecting the civil rights of ALL citizens propose that we look the other way while our votes are negated by people that don’t have a right to vote? I thought the Black Panther fiasco was over the top but this is just as bad. It’s like a local Chief of Police encouraging people to shoplift in his or her town or city at the expense of people paying his or her salary and the people he is sworn to protect and insinuating that he’ll make sure nothing happens to them. We’re held to a standard where we must be “color blind” but he blatantly is not while performing his duties and responsibilities. I can’t speak for ALL law enforcement in the United States but I’ll guarantee I can speak for most of them. We feel “soiled” playing these games like “Fast and Furious” for political reasons. I guess he thinks that minority law enforcement officers are somehow different than the rest of us and will willingly violate their oaths of office and to the Constitution, will support him and his cronies, and are not honorable people. He is sadly mistaken. We all know what it’s like to give somebody a break and we apply compassion to situations every day but to have our boss tell us to screw the people we’re supposed to protect is beyond the pale. (recovered from spam bucket – admin)


  2. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the Supreme Court approve an Indiana law requiring in-state picture i.d.’s to vote by a 6-3 margin in Crawford v. Marion County Election Board? Now, admittedly, that was 3 years ago and may be old law, but still, I struggle to see what possible basis our (or should I say left’s) attorney general will contest newly enacted laws written on the basis of Crawford. Any thoughts?


  3. Let us not forget that Mr. voter integrity Holder dismissed voter intimidation charges against the Black Panther Party that they had already pled guilty to. Voting rights for me but not for thee under this warped administration there is no equal justice under law.


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  6. It would be sweet if the SCOTUS took up the question again and issued a ruling before next year’s election that stated, basically, that ALL voters must present pictured I.D. to vote, in accordance with and as an extension of Crawford v. Marion County Election Board. But only if they felt voting to be a privilege reserved in the Constitution for citizens.


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