The Dept of Labor’s Blatant Propaganda Efforts Freaking Out Some Of The Employees

Story via The Washington Free Beacon:

Government-financed political propaganda at the Department of Labor is causing discomfort for some employees.

Signs posted in at least 20 DOL elevators depict Secretary Hilda Solis carrying a bullhorn and rallying alongside the Rev. Al Sharpton, the Free Beacon has learned. Next to the pictures is a quote from Solis that reads in part: “We all march in our own way.”

“Whether we take to the streets or simply do our work with integrity and commitment here at the U.S. Department of Labor… we are all marching toward the same goals: safe workplaces, fair pay, dignity of the job, secure retirement, and opportunities to make a better life,” the poster states.

It concludes with a call to action.

“I believe in the power of collective action. We all play a role. We all march.”

Several employees labeled the ads as offensive, referring to them as shameless political propaganda, said one DOL employee who requested anonymity.

“It is propaganda. This is what being in a Chinese factory during the Cultural Revolution is like,” the source said. “It’s offensive. It’s saying that we’re all on the side of Trayvon Martin, or whatever Sharpton is doing, and the people of Labor should be for it.”

The source, who noted that other employees have recoiled at the sight of the posters, added that the endorsement of Sharpton and his tactics is offensive to Jewish people.

“It’s offensive to Jewish people because Sharpton was the engineer of a pogrom in Crown Heights” New York, explained the source.

Sure it’s blatant propaganda, but what else would you expect from an administration that turned the NEA into a propaganda machine for Obama and is shameless enough to send the First Lady out to tell the kiddies how to convince family members (who are “wrong people”) to vote for Barack.

The pool reporter estimated that there were a couple dozen kids in the audience of about 350, and Michelle Obama spent much of her speech talking to them.

“I mean, I can’t tell you in the last election how many grandparents I ran into who said, I wasn’t going to vote for Barack Obama until my grandson talked to me, until my great-grandson talked to me, and talked about the future he wanted for this country,” she said.

“You can get out there with your parents. You guys can knock on doors. I had one young lady who brought me a petition — she’s already working. You can convince wrong people. Sometimes we don’t listen to ourselves, but we will listen to our children.”

No, nothing surprises me about this bunch, anymore.


Via The Blaze:

The picture is from a march a few weeks ago in Alabama. Solis joined an array of activists to reenact the historic civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery.

On her right arm is SEIU exec R. Eliseo Medina.  On her left is, of course, MSNBC host Rev. Al Sharpton.  And that’s Jesse Jackson on the other side of Delores Huerta and AFL-CIO Executive Vice President Arlene Holt Baker.

The photo depicts Solis acting as an emissary of the Obama administration protesting against Alabama’s strict new law combating illegal immigration. Solis has her arms locked with Sharpton, and Jackson is a few feet away. The poster also carries a message for federal government employees — who are traditionally expected to be apolitical in the performance of their duties.

An interesting place for the Labor Secretary to be, since last I checked, illegal immigrants were taking jobs away from American workers.

Linked by Michelle Malkin, thanks!


14 thoughts on “The Dept of Labor’s Blatant Propaganda Efforts Freaking Out Some Of The Employees

  1. I was talking to somebody the other day about this…can you imagine Laura Bush going after children politically like this? Tacky, no class, unethical. The President’s wife has no right to tell little children how their families should vote, one way or the other.
    These people have a sickness of the heart.


  2. And can you imagine the response from the MSM had Laura Bush done anything like that? (Not that she ever would do such a thing.)

    They do this stuff because they know they can get away with it.


  3. @nicedeb … although they get away with the action, the people are the media now (yay twitter), and we are exposing every story’s truth so that they don’t really get away with it. we must all continue to speak up, speak out, spread the truth to all who will listen, and especially to those who won’t. they can say “nah nah nah, i can’t hear you”, but they do hear, and the seeds of truth are planted.


  4. I’m real sure Solis and her underlings are totally unbiased when reviewing any labor complaints, and when deciding whether a course of action is necessitated by a complaint.

    Just as sure as I am that the DoJ is completely color blind, and the NLRB is a perfectly neutral judge of business/labor disputes.

    It’s going to take years to clear the anti-American people-haters and petty bureaucrats out of their ensconced positions. This has been building for decades, and is about to come to a Utopian fruition scarier than “1984.”


  5. It is the way of the left.
    Mr. Obama has already stated that the Congress is unimportant and he wil “rule” by regulations to get around them. Mr. Obama just said that the Sepreme court do not have the authority to over rule one of his laws. That would mean the only branch of office that matters is the executive branch or him. I do not doubt if he by chance gets re-elected that he will attempt to be declared leader for life.

    “How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don’t think” – Adolf Hitler


  6. Two things.

    First @Raven, I question not if Obama were to win……but, rather, what if he loses?! He would, I fear, send the message to his waiting fellow-travelers and social-justice rabble-rousers (e.g. Van Jones) to shout that the “raaaacist” “white Americans” voted against Obama…..because of race! Then, let the riots begin, and watch the dictator-in-waiting REALLY emerge. (All my opinion, based on the Chicago-thuggery thus far, and the rhetoric of the left.) I believe NOTHING is too radical for these Alinsky-worshiping, Utopian fellow-traveler ideologues. Nothing.

    Second, Linda Solis is a disgrace. But this propaganda, along with all the outrageous, un-American, unconstitutional things going on for the last 3+ years, will be tolerated – even cheered. That is what our nation has morphed into today, with a sycophantic, prone press, combined with radicals in the administration EVERYWHERE.

    Our only hope, IMHO, is to beat Obama and his thugs by a large majority margin – one that voter fraud and vote tampering can’t erase; that way the claim of raaaacism can’t stick – it won’t just be “white Americans” who voted against “the first black president” – it will be across ALL demographics and partisan, identity-political lines.

    A.B.O. Sweep the Senate – and keep the House!!!


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