Video: Obama Doubles Down on Disgusting Bin Laden Slam Against Romney

Good grief.  Obama’s vulgar and unseemly new campaign ad featuring Bill Clinton (of “The Road to 9/11” Fame), praising him for  making a “gutsy call” to get Bin Laden, is tacky enough,  but when combined with a political attack against his opponent – insinuating that Romney wouldn’t do the same – it’s too unbelievably crass for words.

This morning, Laura Ingraham asked Peter King, the Chairman of the  House Committee on Homeland Security, what he thought about the ad:

“To be dwelling on it, and somehow saying that Obama did it, and Romney wouldn’t, is wrong…” he replied.

For those of us who remember how President Bush was attacked mercilessly every time  he even mentioned  9/11  in legitimate, non political settings, Obama tooting his own horn, while slamming Mitt, is particularly galling.

The ad is so sickening, even liberal Arianna Huffington is appalled.

When CBS This Morning‘s Charlie Rose asked her what she thought  about the  campaign ad, it’s a safe bet he didn’t expect this answer; “To turn it into a campaign ad is one of the most despicable things you can do.”
You can watch the clip at Newsbusters.

So what does Obama do, even while his false bravado and hypocrisy is turning off even his most ardent supporters?

He doubles down!

Via The Weekly Standard: Obama Smirks: Again Suggests Romney Wouldn’t Have Killed Bin Laden:

At a press conference with the prime minister of Japan this afternoon, President Obama said that Americans haven’t excessively celebrated the death of Osama bin Laden, and suggested that Mitt Romney would not have made the decision to kill the terrorist mastermind.

By the way, did I really hear a guy whose every statement comes with an expiration date, actually say;  “I assume that people mean what they say, that has been my practice” ?????
Are you kidding me?!
I am just going to assume that the rapid fire GOP is coming up with a campaign ad matching that statement with the countless examples of Obama lies, and flip flops.
…the memo doesn’t show a gutsy call. It doesn’t show a president willing to take the blame for a mission gone wrong. It shows a CYA maneuver by the White House.The memo puts all control in the hands of Admiral McRaven – the “timing, operational decision making and control” are all up to McRaven. So the notion that Obama and his team were walking through every stage of the operation is incorrect. The hero here was McRaven, not Obama. And had the mission gone wrong, McRaven surely would have been thrown under the bus.The memo is crystal clear on that point. It says that the decision has been made based solely on the “risk profile presented to the President.” If any other risks – no matter how minute – arose, they were “to be brought back to the President for his consideration.” This is ludicrous. It is wiggle room. It was Obama’s way of carving out space for himself in case the mission went bad. If it did, he’d say that there were additional risks of which he hadn’t been informed; he’d been kept in the dark by his military leaders.READ MORE >>>Yeah, the real hero who had control over the entire mission from beginning to end was Admiral McRaven. He controlled everything, yet Obama is acting like he made this huge freaking decision to kill Osama bin Laden.
Yeah, I forgot to mention the obvious scripted nature of the question – and I missed the wink Obama gave her at 2 secs in.
The Japanese prime minister, for his part, said that the war on terror continues and did not end with the death of Osama bin Laden.
Haha. Oooops.  I thought the War on Terror was over since “Obama got Bin Laden”.

A serving SEAL Team member said: ‘Obama wasn’t in the field, at risk, carrying a gun. As president, at every turn he should be thanking the guys who put their lives on the line to do this. He does so in his official speeches because he speechwriters are smart.

‘But the more he tries to take the credit for it, the more the ground operators are saying, “Come on, man!” It really didn’t matter who was president. At the end of the day, they were going to go.’

Chris Kyle, a former SEAL sniper with 160 confirmed and another 95 unconfirmed kills to his credit, said: ‘The operation itself was great and the nation felt immense pride. It was great that we did it.

‘But bin Laden was just a figurehead. The war on terror continues. Taking him out didn’t really change anything as far as the war on terror is concerned and using it as a political attack is a cheap shot.

In years to come there is going to be information that will come out that Obama was not the man who made the call. He can say he did and the people who really know what happened are inside the Pentagon, are in the military and the military isn’t allowed to speak out against the commander- in-chief so his secret is safe.’


Compare what former Navy Seal, Chris Kyle said, (in bold) to what the “White House Insider” told Ulsterman, last year after the raid:

In my initial communication to you of these events I described what unfolded as a temporary Coup initiated by high ranking intelligence and military officials. I stand by that term.  These figures worked around the uncertainty of President Obama and the repeated resistance of Valerie Jarrett.  If they had not been willing to do so, I am certain Osama Bin Laden would still be alive today.  There will be no punishment to those who acted outside the authority of the president’s office.  The president cannot afford to admit such a fact.

Ulsterman comments:

An on-the-record quote from a highly decorated Navy Seal indicating the VERY THING our own White House Insider shared with us one year ago – that Barack Obama did NOT make the decision to attack the Osama Bin Laden compound in Pakistan last year.  More and more people are now coming out to substantiate Insider’s earlier claims – due in great part no doubt to the Obama campaign’s over-willingness to politicize the Bin Laden mission for political gain.  How frustrating it must be for the military personnel who actually undertook the mission and KNOW that the orders did not in fact come from the man who is now repeatedly attempting to take credit for those efforts.

WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: Obama Hesitated – Panetta Issued Order to Kill Osama Bin Laden


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8 thoughts on “Video: Obama Doubles Down on Disgusting Bin Laden Slam Against Romney

  1. Why is it that nearly everything the left does is with ethereal, nebulous intentions, but the few times they do something that has a concrete solution and it is successful (only happens once a decade or so, but what do you expect) even in the eyes of conservatives, they can’t just smile and say “Thank you” and let the matter drop? Are they THAT starved for attention and praise, that they can’t just do their duty and let it go?

    But of course we’re talking about an insecure, narcissistic bully who doesn’t have a clue about how the real world works, is on the outside of reality looking in and wishes HE could be like all those other happy folks who seem to roll with the way life is.


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