Thousands of 2nd Amendment Supporters Rally in Albany (Updated with Videos from Across the Nation)

gun rights rally albany

Image via Democrat and Chronicle

Gun rights rallies took place all across the nation, today, as Americans from New York to Washington rallied to show their support for the 2nd Amendment. Albany New York, where some of the strictest gun laws in the nation were recently passed, saw thousands of patriots come out to protest the new laws.

YNN reported:

ALBANY, N.Y. — Thousands of pro gun rights activists are rallying at the state Capitol today. The rally is being held in conjunction with the group Guns Across America, a national series of rallies supporting the Second Amendment.

Many at today’s rally are pushing to repeal the newly enacted SAFE Act.


The Democrat and Chronicle reported:

Chanting “Freedom,” “U.S.A.” and “Cuomo’s Gotta Go,” several thousand people expressed opposition to the new law championed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

The measure is the first and toughest law in the nation since the Newtown. Conn, school shootings last month. Cuomo and supporters have hailed the law as a critical step toward curbing gun violence in the state and nation.

Gun owners, however, said they are being unfairly targeted by the new law and were dismayed by the quick passage of it by lawmakers. The bill was adopted hours after it was printed.

Rallies that took place in other State capitols, today….


St. Paul, Minnesota:

Nashville, TN:

Boston, MA:


Rhode Island:

South Carolina:


Annapolis, Maryland:

Austin, TX:

Lansing, MI:

According to a friend who was there, an estimated 500 people went to the rally in Topeka, KS, today, but I haven’t seen pix or video of that rally, yet.


Topeka, KS:

Illinois also saw a massive rally:

gun rally IL

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. • Pro-gun advocates rallied outside the Illinois state Capitol in Springfield today demanding the state pass a law allowing concealed carry. One Secretary of State police officer estimated the crowd at 2,000.

Jefferson City, MO:


37 thoughts on “Thousands of 2nd Amendment Supporters Rally in Albany (Updated with Videos from Across the Nation)

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  3. Actually in the last picture, the sign that says that muskets were assault rifles is wrong. The Kentucky Long Rifle was the assault and sniper rifle. The British had the muskets and were very aware of the Kentucky Long Rifle.


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  5. Everyone of us should be contacting out congress persons and demanding that they start impeachment proceedings against our current president. One hearing for everyone of his trying to overturn the Constitution. Overwhelm him with trying to defend himself.


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  9. Good lord, big crowds at all those places, lots of responsible, caring people. Let’s hope that the hopelessly self-important lawmakers hear our voices!


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  11. Thank you for posting all of those !
    It’s Great to see so many……and I’m sure there were many more out there.
    I went to the TX one at youtube, left a message, and saved it..
    (Native Texan here)


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  18. How many names on a petition would it take to start recall proceedings for Cuomo? He has no one but his own best interests in mind. He’ll never be president, but that’s another story. Let’s get this enemy of freedom out of Albany pronto!


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