Video: Judge Jeanine Pirro Hails Hillary’s “Washington Side Step”

After confiding that she took dance classes as a girl, Jeanine Pirro feels qualified to spot a good dancer when she sees one. “There is one woman who can reeeeally dance,” Pirro purred, as she introduced the “What difference does it make!” clip from Hillary’s Senate testimony, last week. “She can do a two step better than anyone!”

Watch as Pirro proceeds to rake Clinton over the coals for her evasive answers.

Video via Massteaparty

“What difference does it make? It makes a difference to Pat Smith still waiting to find out how her son died. It would have made a huge difference to Ambassador Stevens had he been warned to prepare for an attack as a result of a video inciting violence in the region. It makes a difference to that lone schmuck sitting in jail for making the video which YOU blamed the murders on….and if it didn’t make a difference, why did you use the taxpayers’ money to apologize to the Arab world for the video? And by the way…you’re right! It would not have made a difference if you hadn’t misled us about it in the first place.”


3 thoughts on “Video: Judge Jeanine Pirro Hails Hillary’s “Washington Side Step”

  1. Thomas Jefferson founded the Democratic Party–years ago–on very conservative ideals, the same as his. The party remains the same; the leaders and many members have deteriorated dramatically since then, along with America. Why? Many leaders are filled with intellectualism instead of spiritualism and “Common Sense.” Ie., God helped set this nation up; why do we now feel like we can throw Him and our Constitution “under the bus”? Read between the lines; that IS the answer. And the farther down that road we go, the worse it get! We are putting educated fools in leadership positions. Harlan A. Hanna. 1/27/2013, Cobraseal2343hanna@yahoo. Com .


  2. Razor sharp as she is, Judge Jeanine didn’t mention that THERE WAS AN ELECTION GOING ON when Hills claimed it was “the video”, with a buffoon who was bragging and continues to claim that he has AlQaeda “on the run”. Had the truth been told back then – even a partial truth – too many would have realized that we have a Commander In Chief who cares more about his image than he does about any American lives.


  3. You’re right, of course – she’s been pounding Obama for months on Benghazi, so she’s covered that angle – but it’s the main reason why it “made a difference” for them at the time to lie about the videotape. She should have brought it up.


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