Trey Gowdy: Benghazi Hearings ‘Coming Quickly,’ And Will Be ‘Explosive’ (Video)

On Saturday, Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.), told Fox host Uma Pemmaraju, more hearings on Benghazi are on the way and he promised that they will be “explosive.”

There are four hearings coming, and they are coming quickly, he said. The hearings are going to look into the failure of security, what happened during the siege itself, and the aftermath.

“We all now know that what Susan Rice said was demonstrably false, Gowdy noted. “There’s not a person left in the Western hemisphere that believes that what she said was accurate. The question is whether she was just grossly negligent or there was an intentional misleading, and secondarily, there remains the prospect that this administration’s decision to blame it on a video may have actually may have impacted negatively on our ability to get answers in the aftermath.”

As for the potential for the hearings to be “explosive”, Gowdy hinted that witnesses who were on the scene, and have been hidden by the Regime, would testify at the hearings.

“Well Uma, I am bound by certain measures of confidentiality, but I would tell you that you are getting very warm…” he answered when she asked if  some of the witnesses might be there.

He said folks will want to follow these hearings very closely.


4 thoughts on “Trey Gowdy: Benghazi Hearings ‘Coming Quickly,’ And Will Be ‘Explosive’ (Video)

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  2. Yawn. . . . . . .
    I love Gowdy, I think he’s great but Issa’s committee hasn’t produced much of anything. Not with this investigation or Fast and Furious. The administration still has the committee’s request for more documents, “under consideration”. Months later. We are headed into the eight month, since the incident and we are just getting around to eyewitnesses?

    Oh, and we now have a 46 page report telling us that Hitlery lied her ass off and that Hanoi Jon Kerry has better things to do, than give any answers on the death of four brave Americans. All of which had more fortitude than most of the members of Congress. Is Kerry still applying for medals for himself or something really important? As soon as you think they have them cornered these bastids, someone hits the lights and the roaches scatter.

    Every Republican Member of this Committee should forfeit their five minutes of [mug time] questioning and turn it ALL over to Gowdy. Let him handle the interrogation for the Republican members. Someone pinch me when the Articles of Impeachment start getting drawn up and ready for the House hearings.


  3. Even with Gowdy I have questions about his seriousness in not doing the D.C. two-step. It all boils down to this:

    The Senate is run by corruptocrat Reid, and no committee there will ever seriously investigate anything that doesn’t have a hint of Republican blood on it.

    The House is run by Boehner, and he would just as soon cry a river of croc tears as let anyone get serious about investigating anything that doesn’t directly benefit either his pockets or his re-election. Issa’s, the same. There is no committee in the House with a chairman that is willing to go after crooked Democrap politicians, especially the way the Democraps go after the Repubs every chance they get or create (remember Newt and his fight? – all created to make a scene, with no substance whatsoever, but he lost his leadership over it just because of the Democrap blood-lust).

    And as long as the battle cry in Congress is “CYA!!!” nothing of any note will ever happen about “draining the swamp.” Only the voters can do that, and the collective total knowledge of current affairs with the majority of voters now one could fit on the point of a pin and have room left over. It ain’t gonna happen.


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