Krauthammer: Obamacare Strips Americans of Dignity (Video)

On Special Report, Charles Krauthammer was asked about the recent CBO report that shows that over 2 million workers will leave the full time workforce because of ObamaCare.

“This is the liberal’s idea of the opportunity society. Of course, in a free society you can decide if you want to work, but what ObamaCare does – it’s sort of the essence of liberalism – is that you can then choose not to work, and the people who do work end up subsidizing you.” Agreeing with the CBO Director Douglas Elmendorf’s contention that the law creates a disincentive for people to work, Krauthammer  said it was particularly in a place where you want the incentive because people on the low end of the  ladder need to work “to get the training, the habit and the dignity of work – and this does exactly the opposite.”

Video via Rare:

Via National Review, Charles Krauthammer sparred with Ron Fournier about about the CBO report. In an article at National Journal, Fournier contended that the report is being distorted by the right in order to score political points.

Fournier takes the administration’s absurdist position that the law helps people get out of jobs they were otherwise locked in to because they provided health-care. With Mara  Liasson backing him up, Fournier made the argument that if one takes issue with Obamacare, why not get rid of similar programs such as Medicare and Social Security?

“There’s no argument over those who are either elderly, disabled, elderly, or children who can’t work — what we’re talking about is people who can work and don’t,”​ he countered.

He pointed out that, as CBO director Douglas Elmendorf said before Congress earlier in the day, that the Obamacare subsidies disincentivize​ people from working because they are reduced as income rises. “If you have a part-time job and you’re getting a big subsidy, and you’re offered a better job, you do the calculation,” Krauthammer said

“It’s a huge incentive not to take that job — it’s irrefutable,” he concluded.

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