Judge Jeanine Pirro: ‘2016 Can’t Come Soon Enough’ (Video)

Judge Jeanine Pirro took a crack at critiquing the president’s answers to Bill O’Reilly’s questions in the Super Bowl interview a week ago.  Naturally, she  found lacking them in honesty and transparency as she focused specifically on Benghazi.

“It turns out,” she concluded, addressing Obama – “the only transparency in your administration, is clearly how you subvert the truth for your own political gain.”

She had on retired Col. David Hunt to talk about Obama’s lies and obfuscations on Benghazi.

She had on health care expert, Betsy McCaughey to talk about the new CBO report:

As promised, she also covered Power Grid In Danger – Detail Emerge About Sniper Attack with Frank Gaffney as guest.

8 thoughts on “Judge Jeanine Pirro: ‘2016 Can’t Come Soon Enough’ (Video)

  1. That Power Plant story is astounding. I pride myself on being up on current events, especially with a story like that, it would’ve set off alarm bells. Something similar happened up in Massachusetts after the April Marathon bombing at a reservoir with foreign students. How did they manage to keep a lid on this one?

    If a legitimate history is ever written on this time period the media and this administration aren’t going to be held in any regard. Especially the media for not doing their jobs, in holding officials accountable. The vulnerability of our “power grid” has been known for decades, with as much money is wasted on foolish things, one would think they’d throw some at this problem.


  2. Deleted and banned per my policy since 2012 – trolls are no longer allowed to defile this site. Even though they often spur traffic, I’m not interested in being a venue for their putrid propaganda.


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