LIberian Woman Hospitalized In OR With Ebola-Like Symptoms

CORRECTION: There is only one woman being treated with Ebola-like symptoms – in Oregon. I assumed there was another case in WI because she is being treated in Milwaukie Hospital…(Very sloppy of me, I know.)

The woman, who had traveled to the United States from Liberia,  was hospitalized in Oregon with a 102-degree fever and is undergoing testing for Ebola.

Big Government reported on the case in Oregon.

The Oregonian reports that the woman “recently arrived in Portland and was monitoring herself for Ebola symptoms under a voluntary program” and that “a source told The Oregonian she arrived from Liberia on Tuesday evening.” According to the Los Angeles Times, the woman flew through one of the five U.S. airports screening travelers entering the U.S. from Ebola-stricken countries.

Oregon officials have remained tight-lipped about the woman or her background, citing privacy issues. She remains in isolation at Providence Milwaukie Hospital until test results determine the cause of her illness and temperature. Reuters originally reported that the woman was an “Oregon resident.” However, both The Oregonian and the Los Angeles Times flatly dispute that characterization.

“The patient is not an Oregon resident,” reports the Los Angeles Times. “She had been staying in a household in the Portland area.” reported on the case at the Milwaukie hosp.

A woman who was being monitored for the Ebola virus in Multnomah County after traveling to West Africa was hospitalized today with a “sustained fever.” County health officials say she developed the fever this morning, and it rose to 102 degrees.

A fever can be a symptom of Ebola, but health officials also pointed out that other diseases cause fevers – like malaria.

Meanwhile, six travelers from West Africa are being monitored for Ebola in Indiana, Fox 59 reported:

State health officials are monitoring six people in Indiana for Ebola symptoms in accordance with guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

All are considered low risk and traveled from West Africa. Indiana was one of the first states to begin “direct active monitoring” of returning travelers. Gov. Mike Pence and the Indiana State Department of Health implemented the policy on Oct. 16.

Monitoring includes twice-daily temperature and symptom checks by local health agencies. The state health department then records the results.

Two patients have completed the monitoring protocol while six others are currently under observation. They’re cooperating with the protocol, which lasts 21 days. State health officials aren’t releasing the names of the counties where travelers are being monitored in accordance with privacy laws.

A couple of weeks ago, Charles Krauthammer predicted that as soon as “we get a couple more cases of people who come in with Ebola – like Mr. Duncan, and I absolutely assure you we’re going to have a travel ban.”

This woman, who have recently traveled to the US from West Africa may very well test positive for Ebola – and the cries for a travel ban will get louder.


Via Drudge: Scientists predict up to 130 Ebola cases in USA by end of year…and Studies show airport screenings largely ineffective…

USHANKA has a question: Now, 15 hours later, there is no new news on her diagnosis.  Why? –

 Why the delays in diagnosis?  For one, did you know that only the CDC can give an Ebola diagnosis?  It is convenient to have a single source of news, and that source being a government entity, if one were to want withhold information from the public.  Shipping a blood sample to the CDC for testing and diagnosis requires 4-6 hours.  By midnight last night the CDC knew whether the Portland patient has Ebola.


Oregon Live: Liberian woman monitored in Portland-area Ebola unit no longer has fever, host family says:

A Liberian woman who was rushed to Providence Milwaukie Hospital on Friday over fears she might be infected with Ebola is no longer suffering from a fever, according to members of the Portland family she was visiting.

“She’s feeling good,” the husband in the host family said during a brief interview on Saturday. “There’s no more temperature.”

The man, who’s a pastor, spoke to a reporter on condition of anonymity for fear that his family, who are under voluntary quarantine in their home, would be stigmatized.

The Liberian woman is the latest of three people in Portland who have been monitoring themselves for Ebola symptoms. One woman finished the 21-day period on Saturday, sources told The Oregonian.

3 thoughts on “LIberian Woman Hospitalized In OR With Ebola-Like Symptoms

  1. I only live a couple of miles, from that woman, who might possibly have Ebola.I’m not scared, I’m just sick and tired of this whole ebola fiasco.


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