Video: Lt. Col Shaffer Doubles Down on Claim That Bergdahl Will Be Charged With Desertion

The Pentagon has denied  that Bowe Bergdahl has been charged with desertion in the wake of  claims made by Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer on Monday’s edition of the O’Reilly Factor.

Tuesday morning, the Pentagon “vigorously denied”  the assertion, telling reporters, “the top commander reviewing the case has made no decisions.”

Tuesday evening on the O’Reilly Factor, Shaffer was on again, doubling down on the assertion that (as O’Reilly put it); “the investigation has concluded, he did desert his unit in Afghanistan, and his civilian lawyer has been informed of such.”

“I stand by all of those facts,” Shaffer replied. “Plus Bill, if you look at Adm. Kirby said in the written statements from the Pentagon, they don’t deny the material findings of the report – or what I said was in the report. They’re being very careful about how they parse their words and I think there’s reasons why.”

“A decision was made,” he insisted.

He went on to make the point that the Pentagon has stated that there is “no time limit” on when a decision will be made, meaning “they are going to try to drag this out.”

Pentagon Press Stooge John Kirby went on Fox and Friends, Wednesday morning to deny that charges have been brought to Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl.

Via Gateway Pundit: 

Rear Admiral John Kirby told  FOX and Friends today that any delay in charges against Bowe Bergdahl were not politically motivated.

Rear Admiral John Kirby: I don’t know how he (Bergdahl) has been given charges when he hasn’t been charged with a crime yet. There have been no charges filed against Sgt. Bergdahl. Nor would we ever, before charges were filed against a service member, give him a heads up, “Hey, here’s what’s coming.” That’s just not the way the process works. We’re just not there yet.

Brian Kilmeade: Why would it take ten months to put together something we were able to ascertain in three interviews?

Rear Admiral John Kirby: Well, first of all, I don’t know who you’re talking to on your sources(?) So who anonymously is passing information to you…

Brian Kilmeade:People who served with him. On camera…

Rear Admiral John Kirby: So an investigation was done after we had a chance to talk with Sgt. Bergdahl. This is a very thorough confidential investigation… I can tell you right now. I am absolutely certain, General Milley has made no decisions about what he’s going to do with this case… General Milley has complete freedom to take his time with this. He’s under no pressure whatsoever.

Steve Doocy: …The Pentagon says in the public interest, people are interested in this and you should act transparently. So how about a timeline on how the Pentagon is going to proceed with this?

Rear Admiral John Kirby: Well, we want to be careful we don’t put deadlines on General Milley.

Steve Doocy:All the facts are in. The technical. The operational. The legal facts are all in. There’s no reason the general can’t make his decision now.

Elizabeth Hasselbeck:You put deadlines on war?

Rear Admiral John Kirby: First of all, this is a big investigation. General Milley wasn’t in Afghanistan, at the FOB, Forward Operating Base, where Bergdahl left so, he has to avail himself to all the information. He hasn’t gotten completely through this investigation himself.

Uh-huh. Something tells me it’s going to take approximately two more years for General Milley to make a decision. Clearly, Obama expects to “run out the clock” on this scandal as he has on so many others.

History will not be kind to Generals and Rear Admirals who went along with this Regime’s destructive and abhorrent schemes.

2 thoughts on “Video: Lt. Col Shaffer Doubles Down on Claim That Bergdahl Will Be Charged With Desertion

  1. Having known General Milley before he was ever a General back in the days when we were in Special Forces, he has never been known as a push-over, warm and fuzzy kinda of guy. From what I am hearing and what I think LTC Shaffer is saying is that General Milley has concluded his investigation and has came to his own conclusion and recommendations regarding Bergdahl. He has recommended a series of charges that should be considered.

    As the investigating Officer, Milley was appointed by orders as the Official Investigating Officer. His finding and report then are finalized and submitted to the “appointed authority” {the person who appointed Milley}. That most likely came from the Department of the Army or from the Pentagon.

    If LTC Shaffer is correct and from what I’ve heard is, that a “charge sheet” has been drafted which outlines any and all charges that are being considered being filed. General Milley’s investigation and report was concluded and submitted back in October to his appointing authority.

    The next step should be Bergdahl faces a “Courts Martial” for any of the charges Milley feels are warranted from his investigation. Given the seriousness of the charges and publicity surrounding this, it will be a very public event. The last thing this administration wants, which will open wide some old wounds. The taliban swap for Bergdahl.

    Kirby is full of crap. Milley has completed his investigation and report. “Somebody” at DOD and/or the Pentagon is sitting on this and not releasing it under pressure from the White House. Trying to find a way of lessening the impact of this Milley Report or a way to diminish the charges.

    Anything less than a full vetting of these charges and a full accounting of this will stir up not only former Military members both also Veterans Organizations. They are trying to run out the clock, just like they did when they were facing re-election lying their asses off over Benghazi.

    General Dempsey in one of his last interviews stated that “the report was going to be released soon.” Unless there is a outcry for the release, they’ll just sit on it and run out the clock on this one also. Don’t be surprised if uhbama issues a “clemency” and the entire issue is put to rest once and for all.

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