Hillary Taps Most Corrupt AG in American History To Appear in Campaign ads in S.C.

  • The most corrupt AG in American history has agreed to appear in some T.V. spots in South Carolina to endorse the most corrupt presidential candidate in American history.

Geez – how stomach-turning is this?

To smoothly pave Her Majesty’s upcoming triumphant visit to South Carolina, a series of television spots shot specifically for the state will begin to air soon. To increase her appeal in the south, Hillary Clinton has tapped former attorney general Eric Holder to appear with her in the spots.

Anybody see a conflict of interest here? Anyone? Bueller?


As I was just saying at PJ Media, there’s been a troubling lack of activity at the DOJ regarding Hillary’s email investigation. Yeah, the Regime is trying to put the fix in, but Comey’s FBI is poised to put a major hitch in their plans. What ever the Regime tries – it ain’t gonna go as smoothly as they like. (And I still say Hillary doesn’t make it to the finish line.)

Anyway, apparently the Queen is making another bid for the #BlackLivesMatter crowd. (Remember 2007: “I ain’ts nowheres tirrrred.”)

The Huffington Post notes that in the spots, “Holder specifically mentions Clinton’s push to strengthen gun laws and police accountability.” Keeping police accountable certainly sounds like a crumb included to mollify the #BlackLivesMatter crowd, which has cautiously thrown most of its support to Bernie Sanders.

That’s awesome. Good for her. The guy was held in criminal contempt of congress for his failure to turn over documents related to the criminally insane Fast and Furious fiasco that resulted in hundreds of innocent people dead in Mexico, and two dead American law enforcement officers.

(He would go on to tell ABC News that he didn’t care because he didn’t respect the Republicans in Congress, so what evs.)

That guy.

The one who sent an army of agents to Ferguson to investigate the police department and found them guilty of racism because a few email chains contained off-color jokes.

But who refused to prosecute the New Black Panthers in 2008 for what DOJ lawyers called the most egregious and clear-cut case of voter intimidation they’d ever seen, and refused to prosecute the same bunch of goons when they put a bounty on George Zimmermam’s head in 2012.

Most people want to close the book on this repulsive chapter in American history, but not the tin-eared wonder that is Hillary Clinton. You go girl… ‘merica’s gonna love this:



Sheriff Clarke had the perfect response to this on Twitter:



Funny side note: I saw Clarke on a Fox panel yesterday talking about the Clinton email scandal, where he used the same snarky, passive/aggressive “Mrs. Bill Clinton” title. He was put in his place by Fox’s resident lib Julia Roginski for using the demeaning verbiage.

“Her name is Hillary Rodham Clinton. Let’s refer to her by her real name and not as an appendage of her husband.”

So first thing this morning,the unrepentant Clarke is back on Twitter calling her Mrs. Bill Clinton again. Gotta love him.

19 thoughts on “Hillary Taps Most Corrupt AG in American History To Appear in Campaign ads in S.C.

  1. Who knows? There are several scenarios I can see coming down the pike re: Hillarios’ coronation bid, and this just adds to them.

    First, I can envision DoJ holding off until after the convention, and then Zero and the Lyncher forcing (behind closed doors) her majesty to resign the nomination, allowing the donk establishment (i.e. – Zero & gang) to insert either Slo Joe or Fauxcohotus as the new “nominee”, with precious little time for the alternative media to get out disturbing facts about each (like ties to the 2007-2008 financial market collapse or ancestry-identity problems) before uninformed fools have time to ignore them anyway.

    Or, same scenario, but instead of forcing Killary out DoJ ignores Comey’s FBI report & recommends, and the country basically ends up w/o an FBI for the remainder of Zero’s time in office because the Repubs in Congress won’t OK a replacement for Comey after he quits in protest.

    Many other scenarios are available (like the donkey leadership in Congress that happens to have an (R) behind their names goes along w/ Zero’s new candidate for FBI director), but I don’t want to give the socialists any more ideas or try to take over ND’s great column. Suffice it to say this is a great quid pro quo for Hildebeast and Holder to make sure he’s not prosecuted for any of his felonious activities while pretending to be a real AG.

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  2. Unless the FBI follows through and airs what they have on Shrillary, nothing is going to happen to her and even then I’m not sure enough people in this country care whether it not she exposed top secrets to foreign powers. I’m certain she and Bill have something on Obama from back when she ran against him in 2007. So as much as Obama can’t stand either of them, he’ll do what he can to protect her while the P.R. Dept. for the Democrats, a.k.a. The mainstream media, concentrates on whether Cruz is eligible to be president or whether or not that really is Trumo’s real hair.

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  3. If the repubics had at least one set of orbs amongst them, this jerk should’ve been Uno Numer0 Uno for impeachment, then the IRS Comiss, then Kennedy from State and the Konga line would go from there.

    gopE = Keystone Cops

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  4. The FBI doesn’t indict, it only recommends to the AG, who just happens to be as corrupt as Eric the Red. Not as sleazy, maybe, but just as corrupt.

    Back in the beginning of his reign Zero expressed the desire that he had the same discretionary powers as the autocrats in Red China. He hasn’t missed the mark all that much with his two appointees to the AG spot, the IRS, the EPA, etc., etc., all with the willingness of the “Repubs” to go along.

    If Lynch refuses to indict, look for Comey and a whole slew of others at the FBI to resign in protest such that even the donk mouthpiece LSM can’t ignore it or the leaks they supply.

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