Video: Union Thug Defends His Assault On Tea Partier-Says he was Pushing Back NeoCon, Fascist, Super Right-Wing Hater Who Spit On Him

Perhaps you’ve already seen the video of the Sacramento union thug attacking a tea party counter protester. Now you get to hear the thug’s side of the story.

If you thought these guys couldn’t be any more galling than they’ve already been for the past two weeks, think again. Ever wonder how many lies and left-wing cliches can one guy spew in thirty seconds?  Watch this astonishing video and find out:

Look how sweet and innocent he looks as  he takes a page from Emanuel “Spittlegate” Cleaver’s book,  accusing the guy of spitting on him. Nice touch.

New left-wing definition of Fascist: Someone who doesn’t want their tax dollars going towards  unions, and who gets assaulted for voicing an opinion about it.

Thanks to Steve Kemp of The Golden Gate Minutemen for the video.

Linked by Michelle Malkin in Buzzworthy, thanks.


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13 Responses to “Video: Union Thug Defends His Assault On Tea Partier-Says he was Pushing Back NeoCon, Fascist, Super Right-Wing Hater Who Spit On Him”

  1. tommy mc donnell Says:

    please tell them that 85% of the labor force is not unionized. anybody that works is part of the labor force in america. i’m a union supporter.


  2. Richard G. Crockett Says:

    You do not credit your movement by pumping up your victim status. This young man’s juvenile infraction means nothing in this debate. An anti-union stance, in America, is deplorable. Find another villain.


  3. Jim Says:

    Richard. There are plenty of villains in the union movement. Go to the gatewaypundit blog. Also, if I think that unions should exist but thtere should be changes am I anti-union. I think you are too simplistic and play the same games that many on the right are subjected to.


  4. nicedeb Says:

    If by “movement” you mean the tea party movement, I don’t speak for them, but I think most tea partiers, knowing their free and independent spirits, would cringe at the idea of being called “victims”. The victim mentality is what fuels your side.

    The young man’s “infraction” when added to the dozens of other cases of union thuggery that have taken place this past weekend, plus the thousands of cases that have taken place over time means something in this debate, all right. Don’t go pretending it doesn’t…This is who these people are.

    The unions are showing their true faces to the American public, and I’m thinking Americans aren’t impressed.


  5. geoff Says:

    An anti-union stance, in America, is deplorable.

    What a bald statement of opinion. Uneducated opinion, at that.


  6. patrioticamerican Says:

    By their union leaders’ own word: Unions are not as much about protecting the worker as enacting social change.

    Don’t want your socialist change.

    And, there is no “social justice” in giving a minority of works advantages and guarantees over the majority.

    Unions are obsolete. They line their own pockets and pay off politicians to continue to allow them to do so.


  7. tommy mc donnell Says:

    the guy in the video is just a young punk trying to work his way up to union enforcer. these tatics are the work of obama’s OFA and SEIU. they are not going to work with the general public. unlike union workers they (the public)do not have a history of being Dand D. that means deak and dumb for all you non-union people.


  8. ENOUGH Says:

    The country is finally getting to see what happens when too many people in a society have rejected the teachings of Jesus. It is the chaos of moral relativism. The society breaks down when all that matters to its members is their own pleasure. Not “United We Stand” but “What about me?!?” rules every thought.

    Enough! It is time for law and order to be restored. These rioters are criminals. It is time for the states to crack down hard before a tragedy happens. This has gone on too long. Bring in Rin Tin Tin.


  9. ENOUGH Says:

    Also…Make the Democrats pay for their large part in this mess. Remember these past weeks and add them to the idiotic and probably evil things the Democrats are bound to do before Election Day 2012. Just pray there is something left to save by then.


  10. H-Town Dawg Says:

    “Richard G. Crockett” displays the typical, self-serving attitude of a hypocritical Left-winger. He condones the actions of the union thug in the video and then declares that anyone who dares oppose the Big Labor agenda is “deplorable.” What do you expect from a reactionary Leftist pig but a grunt?


  11. Nilla Says:

    So the thug attacks a counter protester, is caught on tape and then lies about the encounter. Wow.. big shock there.

    Just one I’d like to see the crowd beat those thugs to the ground when they try this crap.


  12. Nick in Bath Says:

    “Just one I’d like to see the crowd beat those thugs to the ground when they try this crap.”

    So…you want to sink to their level then…please explain to me the logic underlying why that would sway me to your side?…Didn’t think so…moving on….


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