Left-Wing Reporter Posing As David Koch, Prank Calls Gov Walker

In what is being described by the left as one of the greatest gonzo pranks of all-time, Buffalo Beast editor Ian Murphy called up Wisconsin governor Scott Walker, pretending to be billionaire, and latest  bete noir of lefty progs, David Koch.

I’m sure this isn’t the big scoop and expose he was hoping it would be. The Governor is the same guy off camera as he is on camera.  Sure he gives away his entire negotiating strategy, but if your negotiating strategy is you’re not negotiating – I don’t think that’s a huge deal.

He believes his cause is a just cause, and one supported by the majority in his state.

“If they think I’m caving, they’ve been asleep for the last eight years, because I’ve taken on every major battle in Milwaukee County, and won in a county even where I’m overwhelmingly overpowered politically. And it’s because we don’t budge. If you’re doing the right thing, you stay firm.”

That is a big deal.

I’m surprised they released the videos because Walker comes of quite well, actually, Murphy, eh- not so much – his Koch is a buffoonish caricature of what a lefty would imagine a Koch brother to be like. The polite Walker finds himself changing the subject a lot.

It’s a 20 minute conversation in two parts:

Part One:

Watch part two, here.

The left is making hay of the fact that the Governor didn’t react to some of the fictitious Koch’s more outrageous statements, like “we sent Breitbart down there” (to Madison), and “Gotta crush those unions”…

Phillip Klein at the American Spectator doesn’t see a problem:

“Throughout the call, fake Koch makes a series of bizarre and over-the-top comments such as ‘gotta crush that union,’ but Walker generally either changes the subject or treats the remarks politely without cosigning them, as a host or guest would do with a crazy caller on talk radio or C-SPAN.”

Pretty funny on the second video – after Walker says, “let them protest all they want…sooner or later the media stops finding it interesting”, Murphy says, “But not those bastards at MSNBC”, and Walker replies, “Yeah, but who watches that?”   LOL.

My respect and admiration for the Governor  just skyrocketed.

Exit question: If the Governor is a Koch puppet, why did he have to explain everything he’s doing  in Wisconsin to the fake David Koch?


John Hinderaker at Powerline is thinking what I’ve been thinking:

Almost overnight, Koch Enterprises went from being one of the most successful and respected companies in America to the focus of a concentrated campaign of hate, the likes of which we haven’t seen in quite a while. Maybe someday history will record where the meeting was held, what rationale was advanced for trying to demonize the Koch brothers, and what the vote was on the motion. Maybe someday we will find out who sent the memo to left-wing news outlets like the New York Times, giving them their new assignment. For now, we can only observe that the Left’s campaign against the Kochs is suddenly a top priority.

Yeah, no kidding. Could they make it any more obvious that they’re employing Rule #13, here?

Be sure to check out the chart Hinderaker posts from Open Secrets on who the big political donors are. (Hint: Only one out of the top 20 gives primarily to Repubs 67%, Koch’s aren’t even close to being in the top 20, unions dominate, giving overwhelmingly to Dems).

Aren’t progressives cute?

They still think people don’t notice their ham-handed Alinsky tactics.

Linked by Michelle Malkin in Buzzworthy, thanks!


Video: 1 Trail + 21 Days + 0 Border Control Agents = 63 Suspected Illegal Aliens Crossing Border In FEB 2011

Someone alert Janet (U.S.- Mexico Border ‘As Secure Now As It Has Ever Been’) Napolitano. She might want to see this:

During a speech at the University of Texas just a few weeks ago, Napolitano proudly touted DHS efforts in curbing border violence, and preventing drugs and illegals from crossing the border:

“The Obama administration has engaged in an unprecedented effort to bring focus and intensity to Southwest border security, coupled with a reinvigorated, smart and effective approach to enforcing immigration laws in the interior of our country,” Napolitano said during the speech. “Almost two years into the Southwest Border Initiative and the verdict is in: our approach is working–illegal immigration is decreasing, deportations are increasing and crime rates have gone down.”

If the video above, taken this month, represents a decrease in illegal border crossings, what in the heck did it look like before?

Hat tip: Infidel Joe.


According To AFL-CIO’s Trumka, He and White House Are Pretty Darn Tight

Richard Trumka, Madison, WI, Feb 18, 2011.

The Blaze headline screams,Shocking Level of Influence Exposed”, and shocking it is, that  according to Trumka, he visits the White House 2-3 times a week, and talks to someone from the White House every day.

In the Greenroom, John Sexton makes the point that if Trumka’s assertions are true, this should be a major news story. But one of the many ways the Make-Believe-Media protects The Emperor is to suppress stories like this one.

They understand how an unsavory character like Richard Trumka might turn off the average Joe:

Shortly after coming to power, Trumka, Sweeney and Chavez-Thompson rescinded a founding AFL-CIO rule that banned Communist Party members and loyalists from leadership positions within the Federation and its unions. The “New Voice” triumvirate welcomed Communist Party delegates to positions of power in the Federation. And the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) declared itself “in complete accord” with the troika’s new AFL-CIO program. “The radical shift in both leadership and policy is a very positive, even historic change,” wrote CPUSA National Chairman Gus Hall in 1996 about the Trumka/Sweeney/Chavez-Thompson takeover.

One condition of the AFL-CIO merger of 1955 was that outright Communists be purged from CIO unions. The AFL-CIO in 1957 instituted a rule that required any union official invoking his Fifth Amendment right (to avoid incriminating himself before a congressional committee) to be removed from his position. But when Richard Trumka twice invoked his Fifth Amendment right in a case involving a corruption and money-laundering scandal during the late 1990s, the response by AFL-CIO President John Sweeney was to purge the rule instead of the rule-breaker Trumka.


In September 2010, Trumka explained his reasons for getting involved in the labor movement:

“I got into the labor movement not because I wanted to negotiate wages. I got into the labor movement because I saw it as a vehicle to do massive social change to include lots of people. That’s why I got into the labor movement…. In our central councils to reach out and start building permanent coalitions with young workers groups, with student groups, with religious groups, anybody that’s a progressive group, to bring them in, actually make them part of the structure so that we have representatives on our executive boards now.”

This broadcast features members of the Communist Party USA analyzing the recent Mid Term election results, and was produced by PoliticalAffairs.net and the Progressive Podcast Network. It shows the coordination between self avowed Communists and America’s progressives.

CPUSA Labor Commission Chairman, Scott Marshall emphasized their working relationship with the AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka, in what he calls their continuing efforts of “independent” union organizations operating in, or for political campaigns.  This occurs beginning at the 12:05 mark of the 11/8/2010 video, “CPUSA analysis of the  Mid Term Elections,” presented below.

Last October,  Doug Ross reported:

They’re not even trying to hide it any longer.

The Communist Party USA is openly and actively collaborating with the Democrat National Committee, Obama’s personal campaign (Organizing for America), MorOn.org, Rock the Vote and the AFL-CIO.

All of this is right out in the open for anyone with eyes to see.

When Patrick Gaspard, Obama’s radical, Acorn/SEIU “Go-To Man” moved to the DNC, last month,  DNC Chairman, Tim Kaine wrote this January 20 email to the Democratic Party faithful:

Patrick Gaspard is a great person. He is a key Assistant to President Obama, having served as the Political Director of the White House for the last two years and before that as Political Director to President Obama’s campaign. He understands the importance of grassroots politics and team building. He is someone with whom I have worked closely and I look forward to working with him even more closely at the DNC.

Gaspard’s move also signals the almost complete acceptance of hard-left and labor union influence in the upper reaches of the Democratic Party. In embracing Gaspard, the D.N.C. has surrendered its “commanding heights” to the Party’s almost completely dominant far left.

And after coming out so forcefully against the “anti-union” bill, Obama wants us now to believe that the White House  and DNC had nothing to do with the pro-union protests in Wisconsin, and elsewhere? Uh huh.

Anyone who still believes a single word that comes out of Obama’s mouth, raise your hand.


Trevor Loudon: Communists Backing Wisconsin Solidarity Protests

The Communist Party USA is promoting widespread protests across the United States in support of leftist and labor protesters in Wisconsin.

Reports Ohio Communist Party leader Rick Naginreported from Columbus;Former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland, the state AFL-CIO and its affiliates have called for a massive turnout for a rally Tuesday at the Statehouse in Columbus to protest a Republican bill to repeal collective bargaining for public employees.


Then there are the brain dead drones involved in the movement….

Video at Blaze: Clueless In Wisconsin: Socialists March by Liberals Ridiculing Beck for Pointing Out Socialists Are Involved

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