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Beeler cartoon via TownHall

Shocking Vid: Wis. HS Students Admit Teachers Bringing Them to Protests but Don‘t Know Why They’re There:

As Wisconsin unions rally to protest Gov. Scott Walker‘s emergency budget proposal that would get rid of most of the state workers’ collective bargaining rights, video posted on YouTube appears to show teachers pulling high school students into the conflict.

The video, taken by Wisconsin’s conservative MacIver Institute, shows students from Madison‘s East High School claiming their teachers brought them to protests at the State Capitol and also openly admitting that they really don’t know why they’re there:

The Daily Caller: Who is @MayorEmanuel? Rahm wants to know

I don’t follow @MayorEmanuel – too many F-bombs  for me.

Libs are getting desperate out there – The Daily Caller reports: Cartoon aardvark joins House Dems to save federal funding for PBS and NPR:

The friendly but silent aardvark joined Democratic Reps. Edward Markey of Massachusetts, Earl Blumenauer of Oregon and others to hit back against Republicans who have pledged to cut the funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting in the next budget.

“We need your help today,” Markey said as a person dressed as the character walked toward the Capitol building. “We can’t leave Arthur and all of his pals in the lurch.”

Oh yes we can.

Last week Washington Whispers reported: Liberals Mobilize to Save PBS, NPR Funding:

Liberals see a conspiracy to shut them down. “Extremists in Congress have introduced six—yes, six—bills that would slash all funding for NPR, PBS, and other public media,” says the liberal site Politicususa. “In an era of media consolidation, fewer national and foreign bureaus and mass newsroom layoffs, NPR is one of the only media outlets actually bringing listeners more reporting from around the country and around the world. Despite its fulfilling that important need, the United States spends a mere pittance on public media, compared to other industrialized countries,” added the site.

MoveOn has started a petition drive.

Jill Stanek is keeping an eye on abortion funding cuts: Budget delights: Reinstating Mexico City policy, removing taxpayer funding of DC abortions, eliminating UNFPA funding – Wow

Tres bien, but essentially just undoing Obama’s damage…

More good news from  Stanek: State employees fired, all PA abortion clinics under microscope in wake of Gosnell carnage

RedState: Obama’s assault on our domestic energy now a 4-alarm fire

People are going to have to start paying attention and this has to get to the right people who can legislate, go to court, enforce contempt of court rulings, etc. or we’ll be living in caves with no wood, no matches. Only solar panels where there is no sun and windmills where there is no wind.

And to Doc Hastings Chair of House Natural Resources: let me be perfectly CLEAR, I’m sure you are competent and a very nice man, but writing letters to Obama’s minions, doing op-eds in The Hill and issuing press releases is NOT going to get this fixed. Even if Obama does read these letters, which I highly doubt, I am sure he immediately tosses them in the huge trash can next to his desk which also contains wadded up copies of the Constitution. We are losing thousands of jobs. We are losing coal mines, natural gas and oil wells and exploration. Millions upon millions of dollars in revenue and taxes which should be keeping us energy independent from the Middle East especially now when things are so uncertain are going down the tubes.

I am not normally an alarmist, but what I am seeing is truly alarming. A four-alarm fire with no fire hydrant in sight. Gonna lay it all out:

Read it all, see also, Scribd: The Obama Administration’s Assault On US Domestic Fossil Fuels

Ace: Nir Rosen, “Journalist” and NYU Fellow Who Delighted in Lara Logan’s Rape, Tenders His Resignation, Which Is Immediately Accepted

Pigford Links via Big Government:

Sherrod to AP: ‘No one’s offered me a job anywhere’…


Flashback: …Sherrod’s USDA Job Offer: Deputy Director of the Office of Advocacy and Outreach


Levin: Why Isn’t Obama Named in Pigford Suit?


Jacobson: Lawsuit 1st Look: Problems Abound for Team Sherrod


Powerline: Will Obama pressure Sherrod to drop case?


Adams: Lawsuit means Pigford discovery for Breitbart

Big Government: Breaking: Congressman Steve King Discusses Pigford and Shirley Sherrod

Linked by Michelle Malkin, thanks!


Chris Matthews Aggressively Goes After Top Republicans For “collaborating” With Birthers

Transcript via Daily Caller:

“OK, you know what I want to do something right now,” Matthews said. “I’m going accuse those leaders, they’re very smart gentlemen. Cantor seems like a good guy and of course, Boehner seems like a good guy. Let me just say this – I hereby accuse them of collaboration.

“I think they are collaborating with the know-nothings out there,” Matthews said. “I think they are collaborating with the know-nothings out there, at least primary voters and they refuse to take them on. They said, ‘You may have something because they keep listening.’ Why don’t they just say, ‘You guys are crazy stop talking like this’ or, ‘Unless you got evidence that this guy was born in some other country stop talking like this’? It’s not good for the party.”

Back in December, when Abercrombie was raising  the BC issue, Chris Matthews, sounding like a “know nothing” himself, asked the question – “Why hasn’t the President demanded that they put out the original documents?”

Now he’s aggressively trying to intimidate Republicans into disavowing “birtherism”  – which makes me more convinced than ever that Obama has something to hide.

As Jack Cashill recently wrote at The American Thinker:

Most birthers simply want to know where and when their president was born, a not unreasonable aspiration.  Few insist that they know the answer.  Despite my ample research, I do not know.

All I do know is that the official story — the one Barack Obama trotted out in his memoir and both his convention speeches — is false. In my forthcoming book,  Deconstructing Obama, I show in detail why this is so and what the alternatives might be.

To repeat: Obama’s official personal narrative is a complete fabrication, and Cashill proves it in his new book. Andrew McCarthy  made similar observations in his July 2009 NRO article, Suborned In The USA, where he noted,  “we now know that this life story is chock full of fiction”.

Cashill goes on to say:
If there are conspiracy theorists involved in the birther issue, it is those cynical souls — and they are many, left and right — who insist that Obama and his operatives have purposefully dragged the birth certificate in front of the baying hounds of the excitable right like a red herring.  In its simplest form, this theory at least sounds plausible.
Andrew Walden made this very case in American Thinker last week.  Wrote Walden,

“Abercrombie may act like a dopey doofus, but it is just an act.  He has spent a lifetime in politics manipulating conservatives to unwittingly serve his agenda —  and he’s proud of it

“The progressives know they can get the birthers to do anything they want,” concluded Waden. “They are having a ball, and they are discrediting Obama’s opponents in the run-up to 2012”.

In other words, Abercrombie’s failure to find the promised records and Evan’s recantation of a story he breathlessly told on more than thirty radio stations were part of a clever and increasingly intricate plot to enhance Obama’s electoral chances in 2012.  Never mind that Abercrombie made himself look foolish and Evans lost his credibility in the process.  The plot demanded sacrifice.


…Obama does indeed have much to hide. Whether he was born in Hawaii or in Washington State — or wherever — we know that he did not spend the first two years of his life in a happy, little multicultural home in Hawaii as advertised. He ascended to the presidency on a fully fabricated origins story.
This is why Obama’s lackies are on the attack. If the truth is allowed to come out about what a dishonest  fraud Obama is,  he will not be re-elected in 2012.
Expect more pressure from the the Obama media on Republicans to disavow “birtherism”.
By the way….

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