Video:Legal Experts Debate ObamaCare Ruling On Megyn Kelly Show

It’s Jay Sekulow v.s. John Flannery on what is the law, now – is the whole thing “kaput”, as Megyn Kelly puts it?

Flannery repeatedly brings politics into the discussion, even after being asked not to:

Some legal eagles are saying:

…we have a White House that has declared its intent to ignore a declaratory judgment.

The Administration has no right to do this.

Obama’s White House has exactly two options:

  • Comply with the ruling. This means that any and all activity authorized or mandated by the Statute (must) cease now.
  • File an appeal and ask for a stay pending its hearing. If said stay is granted, then the ruling is held pending consideration.


The statement from The Obama Administration is a declaration that he is not a President, but rather a King and he arrogates to himself a “divine right.” The willful and intentional refusal of an organ of government to abide a lawful decision of a court of competent jurisdiction is a declaration of tyranny and lawlessness. Such a declaration has only one lawful response, and that is the preparation and filing of Articles of Impeachment on an immediate basis.

Why hasn’t the Obama administration asked for a stay?

MORE Obama Tyranny in the news:

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Video: Frozen Wasteland

We could all use a little global warming, now….

Lyrics: FROZEN WASTELAND Up here on the farm We chop wood To stay Warm We all could use some Global Warming We all need to fight To preserve our rights I don’t want to be taxed a just for breathing Open your eyes Don’t believe their lies It’s just a Frozen Wasteland Al Gore is a liar His pants are on fire Plus he’s getting rich from carbon offsets He’s loose with the facts All he wants is a tax Lets get together Before it gets much colder Frozen Wasteland Its just a Frozen Wasteland Frozen Wasteland Frozen Wasteland WE’RE ALL FROZEN!!

Brought to you by Minnesotans For Global Warming.

According to AccuWeather’s Joe Bastardi, the cooling we’re seeing now,  is only the beginning:

See Also:

Washington Examiner: Obama issues global warming rules in January, gives GE an exemption in February


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Initial Unemployment Claims Data Gets Back on Track

[This continues an 18 month series of posts on the unemployment problem: previous posts can be found at Ace of Space HQ and Innocent Bystanders]

The DoL released the latest unemployment claims data this morning. The number dropped from 457K last week to 415K this week, which is much more line with the trend we’ve seen since last August (see the chart below). If that trend continues, we should see some real improvement in the jobs situation around the beginning of Fall (when the number of new claims gets to 300K to 350K).

If you’ve never seen this chart before, here’s a brief explanation:

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Undercover Video: Planned Parenthood In VA Coaches Pimp On How To Get Around Abortion Laws For Minors

The first Live action video, released earlier this week, showed a NJ Planned Parenthood manager counseling  teenage sex traffickers. Initially, Planned Parenthood defenders like Media Matters,  described it as a “hoax”, and “heavily edited”, implying that it was dishonestly portraying what happened.

Then, Media Matters, slithered into this line of defense:

In fact, even if we were to assume that Rose’s heavily edited smear job is accurate – and there are plenty of reasons to be skeptical – the video very clearly establishes that the alleged wrongdoing is counter to Planned Parenthood policy: the employee on Rose’s tape makes it clear that the actions in question would have to be concealed from others at the organization.


Planned Parenthood is too scrupulous for anyone else in the office to be let in on the “cover-up,” and when it comes to abortion,  the “pimp” and “prostitute” are advised to go to another facility entirely to avoid the diligence of Planned Parenthood.

If the “alleged” wrongdoing (that resulted in Woodruff’s firing) is so counter to PP’s policies, why does it keep happening?

Unscrupulous behavior at Planned Parenthood Clinics do not appear to be a fluke.

Live Action reports:

The investigation continues to unearth alarming evidence that Planned Parenthood, which receives more than $350 million from the American taxpayer every year, is willing to facilitate the sexual exploitation of minors and young women.

The following quotes are excerpts from the Richmond video, after the employee has been told some of the girls are 14 – 15 years old:

“If someone’s a minor and they don’t want their parents to know – parent’s insurance – so an abortion would show up. You fill out paperwork and we kinda help you set it up and we have a confidential hotline that will call you at whatever number you give us and handle the whole thing. So, for someone who’s a minor, that’s a really good thing. We do ‘em like once or twice a month here.”

“We’re pretty good at handling if someone doesn’t want someone else to know.”

“We can talk to them over the phone – everything’s confidential.”

Partial transcript via Hot Air:

MAN: We’re involved in sex work, so …

PP: Okay.

MAN: There’s some other girls that we kinda, we manage, and they kinda need help too.

PP: Right.

WOMAN: Yeah, I’ve been trying to get him in here for a while now, ’cause we gotta keep them safe.

PP: Yeah, of course. So we see people from, I mean, every walk of life, so … For a while, we were treating like all of the girls at Paper Moon [a strip club] and like, you know, various places around town, so no judgment, no sharing of information, like, uh, nothing here.

MAN: That’s what we were worried about, you know, the health facility, or the government, stuff like that. Now, the more complicated part of it, though, is, um, some of the girls, they’re around like 14, 15, and some of them are from, like, out of state, out of country. They don’t know about the facilities, they don’t know how to get help. I don’t even know how to do it. So, like, what are your, like …

PP: Like, are they legally here? Or are they legally residents?

Ed Morrissey notes:

Believe it or not, that’s the only legal issue raised in this interview — the immigration status of the girls prostituting for the pimp. He had already stated that some of the girls were 14 and 15 years of age, which constitutes criminal sexual exploitation of minors. That requires abortion clinics and all medical facilities to report the information. Did this clinic file a report? We’ll find out soon enough. Also, the dancers at the Paper Moon can’t be terribly happy to know that the clinic is advertising their diseases, especially after watching the nurse assure a pimp of confidentiality to protect his underage sex ring. Maybe law enforcement might want to take a closer look at the activities of that club, too.

If this clinic did file a report, it still needs to explain the why it facilitates underage abortions without parental consent once or twice a month.


MRC Action Team Email Initiative
Tell The Liberal Media: “Stop Ignoring Planned Parenthood Sting Video!”

ABC, NBC and CBS continue to completely ignore this story.

This obvious and outrageous omission by the networks cannot be allowed to go unchallenged, and the MRC Action team is taking the Leftist media to task,
holding the media accountable and demanding they “Stop Ignoring the Planned Parenthood Sting Video” and start doing their jobs!

Go here for details.


RedState: Obama Administration Covering Up Abortion Data *Updated*

RedState has uncovered evidence – confirmed by the CDC’s own press office – that the Obama administration is deliberately playing “hide the ball” on nationwide abortion statistics. For apparently the first time in 40 years, the CDC’s annual “Abortion Surveillance Report” was not published, and there are “no plans” for the data to be produced at this time.


UPDATE:Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler (MO-4) is the first member of Congress to provide RedState with a statement:

“This is the epitome of hypocrisy being exhibited by the Obama Administration as it hides facts and figures on abortion while claiming to want more transparency in government. This is a pattern that has become all too common with the Obama Administration, ranging from its distortion of the facts on taxpayer funding of abortions under ObamaCare to manipulated information to support repeal of the military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. It is time for the Obama White House to put a stop to its disregard for openness in government and to end its practice of distorting data for blatantly political purposes.”

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