I’ve been Tagged

I’ve been “tagged” by Right Truth.

Rules of being Tagged

Tagging in the Blogosphere means, that if you’ve been picked, you have to pick five to ten others to follow suit. Here are some questions and answers. The questions can be changed when you “tag” some other blogger. If you’re tagged, answer the questions on your Blog.

Tagging Questions:

1) Name your favorite band and singer. (The singer can’t be from the band)

Favorite band – U2, Singer – Judy Garland

2) Favorite historical politician (domestic)? (Historical = Dead)

Ronald Reagan

3) Favorite historical politician (International)?

Winston Churchill.
4) You’re giving a Hollywood pitch (25 words or less) about your Blog — GO

A rollicking rollercoaster ride! It will make you laugh, it will make you cry! You’ll want to see it again, and again! Rated PG-13, unless Wickedpinto is in the house. Then it changes to an R rating.

5) Other than where you live now, what city do you like?

I really enjoyed San Diego.

6) Favorite modern politician? (In office now)

Well, my favorite modern politician is Rick Santorum, but unfortunately he’s not currently holding any office. Jeff Sessions?

7) Are you a Wilsonian Idealist or Nixonian Realist in foreign policy?

I guess I’m a Wilsonian Idealist.
8) Favorite obscure movie?


9) What is your favorite restaurant?

The Salty Iguana

10) Choose a music video on YouTube. Why that one?

Gloria, by U2. How many rock songs about faith are there out there? Not many? How about rock songs about faith with latin lyrics!

Those I’m tagging: (if you don’t feel like doing it, that’s fine).

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Father/Son Fishing Trip

My husband and son got back from their trip, monday morning at 7:00 a.m. They had some friends from scouts who had told them about this wonderful fishing spot up in Northern Canada, and they decided they had to go. So that’s where they were for ten days.

They drove for 5 hour North of the border to Red lake, and then it was over an hour longer by plane to get to Ham Lake, their fishing spot. That far north gets 20 hours of daylight in the summer.

Since hubby missed Father’s Day, we’re going

to celebrate it a week late, this Sunday.