While America Sleeps…

Yet another article from the CFP about Jihadists training here in the United States.

Nobody seems to be paying attention, though.

People would much rather talk about Paris Hilton’s latest outburst.

Scandi Blogger Makes Sense

No really.

A Blogger named Fjordman has an essay entitled, Why Transnational Multiculturalism is a Totalitarian Ideology, posted at The Gates of Vienna blog.

Or as I would put it, Why Multiculti B.S. is for Commies and Islamofascists, (a bit pithier, I think).

It’s all good stuff. You should read the whole thing. Here’s a taste:

Nikita Khrushchev, leader of the Soviet Union after Stalin, said to a Western audience that “We will bury you!” He was an honest enemy. But school curricula can sometimes destroy a nation more efficiently than tanks, just as an enemy that does not openly state his end goals can sometimes be more dangerous than an honest enemy because it is more difficult to mobilize against him. The next Communism will not come from an open enemy armed with nuclear intercontinental missiles, it will come from a multitude of groups and ideas that may appear less threatening, but put together their impact could be disastrous. Multiculturalism, transnational progressivism, unlimited mass migration, NGOs, the UN, international law and anti-Western school curricula combined could create a situation where Western nations are no longer allowed to define their own laws, keep their cultures or defend their own countries. This threat comes from people who do not say “We will bury you,” they hide behind kind words about diversity and tolerance.

Marxists have been regrouping since their previous efforts failed, just as Muslims have been exploiting our inattention and complacency after the Cold War to infiltrate our society. I know Churchill viewed WW2 as a continuation of WW1. It is now less than a generation since the downfall of Communism in the East, yet another totalitarian ideology based on propaganda and media censorship is now raising its ugly head in the West. Is this just a coincidence, or is it possible that future generations will deem these two struggles to be somehow related? Did the downfall of the Soviet Union led to Communism being abandoned, or did it mutate into new forms? If so, will the downfall of the European Union, the EUSSR, lead to the collapse of Multiculturalism, or will the totalitarian ideology mutate once more?

The History of the Engagement Ring

Wickedpinto made the assertion in the thread below, that the engagement ring tradition only goes back to the 1940’s, where it was invented by the De Beers Diamond Company. It’s true that it didn’t become the standard that it is today until that time, but engagement rings have been around for a very long time.

So as a public service I am going to provide some links for the benefit of all “engagement ring tradition deniers”.

You can read up on engagement rings here, here, and here

The second link makes the case that it was mostly the De Beers Co. that got the trend going to what it is today. The other links provide a more romanticized view.

Hey, it’s my blog, I can write about whatever I want. Traditions are important to conservatives, dammit!