Get That Man’s Name!

From the Sky News Article, Two Bombs Were Set To Blow In London:

Sky News sources say one of the first police officers on the scene of the Haymarket car bomb may have saved dozens of lives by defusing the explosives before the bomb squad arrived.

It is believed the quick-thinking cop recognised that the car was wired to blow up, jumped in and disconnected the trigger device, thought to be a mobile phone.

Guy deserves a medal, or something.


From CBS News:

Police were called and explosives officers dismantled the device by hand.

“All I kept thinking was, thank God, there must be an angel on my shoulders,” one woman said, “because if that had gone off — glass, everything — we wouldn’t have been alive today.

Clarke commended the bravery of the bomb squad and said they had not only prevented possible damage and injury, but provided investigators with valuable evidence.

Still no names.


2 thoughts on “Get That Man’s Name!

  1. Before anyone says it…yeah, the cop could be a woman, too, but until it’s proven otherwise, I’m sticking to the more likely scenario.


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