First Feces Flinger Arrested In Denver

They seem to have missed the Urine bomb seen is this Zombietime photo

A 22-year-old man was arrested Monday after police spied him carrying a bottle full of feces:

Zachary Patrick Grey, a University of Massachusetts student from Marion, Mass., was arrested at 1:40 p.m. Monday after a foot chase, according to a Denver County Court complaint.

He was the first known person to be charged with possessing bodily waste during the Democratic convention, though the threat of its use has been rumored by police and protesters alike for weeks leading up to the event.

A police officer was in the process of arresting someone in the 1600 block of Champa Street on Monday afternoon when a police lieutenant spotted Grey holding a bottle of feces, the police report says.

Grey was “getting ready to throw the bottle at officers,” the report says.

Lest you get the wrong idea. The guy who was about to launch the shit bomb was all about peace:

The TV station quoted him as saying that he and others were peacefully demonstrating with signs against a two-party system.

He told the station he was surrounded and violently arrested by 20 bike cops who stretched his shirt.

“I did not deserve to be arrested because I’m here to organize community and take part in beautiful new world,” he was quoted as saying.

Pardon me for asking…but….what’s beautiful about a smashing a bottle of human feces at the cops?!

According to CBS 3 of Springfield, Mass., Grey belongs to a group called Pioneer Valley Food Not Bombs.


The guy was in possession of a shit bomb.

Damn….I hope the Republicans realize that the moonbats in Minneapolis are going to be out in greater force, with even more retard strength then this putrid bunch.

Thanks to Weasel Zippers.

11 thoughts on “First Feces Flinger Arrested In Denver

  1. I guess the slimeballs have “advanced” to the middle ages these days. back in the 60’s, when I was dealing with these scumbags on the streets of NYC, they carried bags of marbles to throw under the hooves of police horses – trying to get those beautiful animals to break legs and toss their riders. When we – the NYPD street cops – disabused of the notion that that was a clever tactic, they resorted to going after horses and riders with 2×4’s swung like Louisville Sluggers, or as much like that as these fluffs could manage.

    I distinctly recall one night on Fifth Avenue during a riot leading up to a visit by President Nixon at the Sheraton Hotel. In the midst of battling considerable over 500 “peace protesters” I observed one scumbag sneaking up on a horse and rider from behind brandishing one of these 2×4’s (ostensibly to be used to fly banners) in a very manful way and begin to swing for the horses head. That was until my cocobola riot stick caught him on the elbow, creating a very loud CRACK and girlish scream. He somehow received further injuries to his head and body while resisting arrest.

    Am I distressed by that? Not in the least, because the riot started when a crowd of these scumbags surrounded a lone cop from my precinct on the corner of 5th and 50th and smashed his teeth out with a “peaceful” ball-peen hammer. I still don’t know what purpose that instrument was claimed to be used for and I don’t care – the battle was on, 5th was closed from Central Park West at 57th street to 5th and 58th. City buses were commandeered to haul prisoners to local hospitals, where doctors stitched assorted lacerations without benefit of lidocaine. Happily.

    I spent the rest of that night engaged in dueling 2×4’s, hauling others off to holding cells, and the following 2 days in court with no sleep, no time to change uniforms, no meals except hastily assembled sandwiches from grateful NYers and shop owners, and virtually no contact with my wife to let her know I was okay. Bruised – but okay.

    Care to guess which group was one of the primary organizers? The Weather Underground/SDS.

    Would I love to get William Ayers alone? Oh yes – I definitely would.


  2. Honestly, Deb – NYC has always been a liberal city, even under Lindsey, who btw loved his cops. It’s the nature of the beast when you have a large proportion of upper East Side limosine liberals and a larger amount of 3rd and 4th gen welfare cheats. The rest of the state … not so much. You deal with it.

    They screw with us as much as they can – cutting our retirement benefits where they can because we have no power as retirees.

    NYC is on my list of those places that could disappear from the face of the Earth and I wouldn’t care.


  3. And obviously had the sense to get the hell out:) I’ve been trying myself, but thanks to the Dem politicians on Long Island and the taxes they coerce out of us – I can’t sell my house. Already lost a DP deal on a place in SW Arkansas near the TX border.

    Not giving up, though!


  4. I don’t even want to know how the feces got into the bottle. The Messiahs speech tonight was obviously meant to show that he wasn’t just style over substance, but the whole superbowl halftime show type presentation canceled that out and the litany of tired dem proposals just made for a boring speech. So he still looks like the creepy cult leader that he is, plus he’s now shown that he’s just a typical dem who thinks people aren’t capable of taking care of themselves. I mentioned this over at the Hostages, but the only thing i remember from that speech was the “you’re on your own schtick”. He was literally mocking the idea of self reliance. I just don’t think that’s going to go over well with normal folk.


  5. I found it amazing that he mocked Phil Graham for calling us a nation of whiners, and then proceeded to freakin’ whine about how awful the country is.


  6. Wow, Food Not Bombs actually had a member throwing feces? This is actually surprising to me – other than the occasional person who seemed to be actively looking to stir up trouble (as opposed to the sheeples who had no trouble attacking police when other people were doing it) there was very little of this sort of thing. And at least one person (not directly affiliated with FNB) said that the feces bombs were a joke meant to stir up anxiety. That’s some awfully dark urine; I’d be worried about hepatitis.

    It really seemed like FNB’s main purpose was to provide food, water, and sunscreen in a “cop-free zone” to everyone milling around. Which indirectly provided an easy meeting place for everyone to plan mischief, heh. I’d be very surprised if the FNB organization actually endorsed his behavior. Zombie’s picture was definitely taken in the FNB site, though – the columns you see behind the police are part of the Civic Center amphitheater, which FNB was set up directly west of.

    Sorry for the late comment on this, I’ve been busy making my own trouble 😀


  7. Heh, yeah, it was. I was glad to see the rest of the protests didn’t go like that.

    I got the distinct feeling that Monday night was NOT how the R68 organizers wanted things to turn out. They did a lot of crowd control work after that, taking steps to calm the crowd down, especially on the IVAW march, which really seemed at first like it had the potential for trouble (talk of pushing the police line to get the IVAWs (I am reluctant to call them soldiers) all the way into the Pepsi Center, etc. As far as protests go, this one was pretty well run, especially for so many days.


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