WH Now Reconsidering 4th of July Invitations To Iran (UPDATED)

So friggin’ behind the curve, it’s mind-boggling.

Here are some recent tweets coming out of Iran:

  1. we must go – dont know when we can get internet – they take 1 of us, they will torture and get names – now we must move fast – #Iranelectionabout 2 hours ago from web

  2. Everybody is under arrest & cant move – Mousavi – Karroubi even rumour Khatami is in house guard – #Iranelection –about 2 hours ago from web

  3. they pull away the dead into trucks – like factory – no human can do this – we beg Allah for save us – #Iranelectionabout 2 hours ago from web

  4. Lalezar Sq is same as Baharestan – unbelevable – ppls murdered everywhere – #Iranelectionabout 2 hours ago from web

  5. they catch ppl with mobile – so many killed today – so many injured – Allah Akbar – they take one of us – #Iranelectionabout 2 hours ago from web

  6. in Baharestan we saw militia with axe choping ppl like meat – blood everywhere – like butcher – Allah Akbar – #Iranelection RT RT RTabout 2 hours ago from web

  7. reports of street fighting in Vanak Sq, Tajrish sq, Azadi Sq – now – #Iranelection – Sea of Green – Allah Akbarabout 2 hours ago from web

The crackdown has accelerated to the point that it has been compared to Tiananmen Square.

He’s only “reconsidering” retracting the invitation to party with these inhuman thugs?


Finally the Iranian diplomats are dis-invited…not that they were even planning on coming, anyway.

Jennifer Rubin makes a good point about how exhausting it must be for Obama’s leftist apologists to keep up with his policy swivels;

The president has rescinded his invitation for hot dogs with Iranian diplomats after days of criticism from the blogosphere, members of Congress, and conservatives. Once again the Left has been marched up the hill to defend the inexcusable (How rude to disinvite someone with whom we may have to “engage”! How petty!) only to abandon the position when common sense or political necessity intervene.

This is a pattern of course — on the president’s language on Iran, on release of detainee abuse photos, on Chas Freeman, and sort of on a Truth Commission. One would think the Right has more influence with this administration than do those who launched his campaign and put him in the White House.

Allahpundit helpfully offers the new talking point:

Yesterday’s left-wing conventional wisdom: We can’t jeopardize diplomacy by taking a meaningless moral stand! Today’s left-wing conventional wisdom: Obama has taken a bold moral stand against regime abuses!


As today’s crackdown in Iran is compared to Tiananmen Square, Vel Nirtist at American Thinker is reminded of Obama’s nominee to head theNational Intelligence Council, Chaz Freeman…

Yeah….does Chaz Freeman and Tiananmen Square ring a bell? It should….and the association could go a long way toward explaining why Obama has been as soft on the Mullahs as he has…

Here’s Freeman’s own opinion on the Tiananmen Square massacre…if you remember, this was one of the reasons conservatives so opposed his nomination…

I do not believe it is acceptable for any country to allow the heart of its national capital to be occupied by dissidents intent on disrupting the normal functions of government, however appealing to foreigners their propaganda may be. Such folk, whether they represent a veterans’ “Bonus Army” or a “student uprising” on behalf of “the goddess of democracy” should expect to be displaced with despatch (sic) from the ground they occupy.”

Good lord. Who does he (Obama’s 1st choice for the NIC) remind you of, there? Perhaps, the “Supreme Leader” cracking down violently on dissidents…Students rising up on behalf of the ‘Goddess of Democracy’ in Iran?


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