Today’s Enchanted Media Moment


The Politico brings us:

Politics of personal perfection

Let’s be honest: Barack Obama is better than you are.

He’s a better father — taking breaks from running the world to cheer on his daughters at soccer and basketball games.

He’s a better husband — zipping his wife off for dinner in New York and Paris.

He’s got a better diet — nibbling on vegetables from his homegrown garden to keep his love handles in check.

And he’s got a terrific jump shot.

You? Not so much.

Call it the politics of personal perfection.

If you’re looking for a punchline, you’ll look in vain. The writer really believes that Obama is all that. And he cites other people who think so, too:

“He’s so g-ddamned smart and such a good representative for the country,” said Alan Siegel, a corporate branding expert and CEO of the marketing firm Siegel & Gale. “I admire him.”

“They’ve just done so many things so well,” said Susan Hodgkinson, principal of The Personal Brand Co. “You have to tip your hat to them and say, ‘Brilliant.’”

Wowowowow! Just looking at the news, today, you could say he did a “brilliant” job picking his Supreme Court nominee.

His support for the Honduran lefty despot as opposed to the Honduran Constitution was certainly “brilliant”….

Inviting Iranian Dips from a brutal, tyrannical regime to a hot dog party was uber “brilliant…

And I guess it’s true that he’s destroying the American  economy and way of life in a “brilliant” manner…

Yay! I can’t wait until I have to be on the public dole for everything. I’ll lose weight and be as skinny as the Obamas!

Former President Bush, the author is careful to note, couldn’t even pronounce “nuclear”.

Hat tip: Momma at Ace of Spades HQ.

12 thoughts on “Today’s Enchanted Media Moment

  1. Nice Deb,

    First of all, really nice blog.

    The media gets more ridiculous and ridiculous everyday. Rush very aptly calls them the state-run media.

    The really pathetic thing is that they have taken on this role voluntarily and enthusiastically. At least in other countries run by despotic rulers, the state-run media were either established by the tyrants or coerced (with threats of violence and such) to provide favorable coverage.


  2. Remember when newspapers, radio and television reported on men and women of accomplishment?
    Thank God, tomorrow I retire.


  3. “separation of press and state” should become a rallying cry and jingo – just the same as “separation of church and state” was allowed to.

    guess which one is in the Constitution? 😉


  4. There are teenage boys who are less enthralled after the first time they get some than the MSM hacks are with Obama. I’d like to think they’re going to outgrow it but then I’d be wrong, wouldn’t I?


  5. ^yes you would. They helped him get to where he is, no way in hell they will let him fall.

    Everytime something bad happens, expect a rash of “hip Prez” articles to distract the people.


  6. That’s it. I’ll never be able to live up to the awesome that Obama is. Where’s that bridge for me to jump off of? /sarc


  7. That Politico piece is thee most embarrassing thing I have ever read. These people are insane. They know that they can pour out their undying adulation and not a soul in the state-run media will call them on any of it. It’s just a ‘who can gush the most’ contest.


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