Video: Hysterical Iranian Woman Describes Horrors of Iran Massacre On CNN

A friend of blogger, Revolutionary Rd via his Facebook page describes the massacre in Iran, today…pleads for help:

” You should stop this!…you should stop this!..You should help the people of Iran who demand freedom!”

Hey, Obama is “reconsidering” the invitation to the 4th of July hot dog Party.


Via Twitter, Major Garrett reports:

Gibbs: hot dog diplomacy ended. All 4th of July invites to Iranians rescinded.

About damn time.


I just found a longer version of this compelling video…listen as this poor young woman describes events today and in recent days as devastating“This is horrific, This is genocide This is a massacre!…This is Hitler!” …pleading again for us to act.  “It’s time to act!”

It’s time for the international community to intervene/meddle/do something!


This isn’t much…but it’s something…

Here, you can add your name to an online petition to the Prosecutors of the International Court of Justice requesting investigation into the crimes committed by Ali Khamenei.

4 thoughts on “Video: Hysterical Iranian Woman Describes Horrors of Iran Massacre On CNN

  1. I gotta hand it to Biden. He warned everyone that Obama would be tested in the first 6 months by enemies of America and it would appear that Obama was doing the wrong thing.

    Kind of ironic that for the first time Biden is right about anything it’s calling his boss a dope.


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