PA SEIU Union Thugs Bully The Boy Scouts


“Honor”, Boy Scouts…really? Where is “honor” mentioned in Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals? What kind of old fashioned value is that – honor? It’s about power boys…the only value that counts, and the SEIU would like to teach you an object lesson in it.

Honestly…it doesn’t get any lower than this…Take it away, Michelle Malkin:

Last week at a city council meeting in Allentown, Pa., a top official of the local Services Employee International Union chapter ranted about 17-year-old Scout Kevin Anderson’s park clean-up work. Anderson devoted some 200 hours to the job in order to earn an Eagle Scout badge. He picked up trash and helped clear a 1,000-foot walking path with fellow members of Boy Scouts Troop 301 of Center Valley.
But SEIU’s Nick Balzano gave them hell instead of thanks.

Balzano disparaged altruistic efforts in city parks and asserted that “there is (sic) to be no volunteers” since his union members were laid off. He then issued a witch hunt threat: “We’ll also be looking into the Cub Scout or Boy Scout who did the trails. We may file another grievance on that.” Citing union rules, he gave the Allentown city council, the Boy Scouts, and all potential volunteers an iron-fisted ultimatum: “None of them can pick up a hoe. They can’t pick up a shovel. They can’t plant a flower. They can’t clear a bicycle path. They can’t do anything. Our people do that.”

Read Michelle’s full report on this and other related stories, along with the happy conclusion updated at the bottom of the post.

Grassroots conservatives have learned how to assert their power, too.

ACORN Still In The News..Not Going Down Easy

I’ll be so glad when I can remove my ACORN category permanently. I know the day is coming, but it ain’t here, yet.

First of all, Breitbart is still releasing videos of James and Hannah’s ACORN stings, the latest one from LA is posted at Big Government. It’s a doozy.

Here’s the trio appearing on The Sean Hannity Show on Fox, tonight:

Love this: Breitbart threatened to release the next one right before the  2010 election unless Holder investigates.


Patterico: L.A. Times Columnist Uncritically Quoted Star of Latest ACORN Video


Via Bob McCarty, here is some St. Louis style ACORN news:

Real live communists are involved in politics in St Louis.  They move with ease between ProVote, ACORN, SEIU, Jobs with Justice, and a half dozen other “progressive” organizations who feed the Missouri Democratic Party with workers, volunteers, and money.

If they have nothing to hide, I’m sure we can start seeing information associated with Pecinovsky, Burleigh, and others soon to be named as communists.  Surely they will step forward and say, yes, I’m a communist, and proud! But we won’t because they know that even the Democrats can’t hang out with commies.  There’s a lot more on our buddy Glenn, but there’s another angle to pursue first.

In addition to being the educated white middle-upper class face of ACORN to the local media, Glenn is also a thread we can follow.  Glenn went on a tour with local media in September to defend ACORN.  In those interviews, which include Jake Wagman, Jo Mannies, Charles Jaco, and a blog appearance with ShowMeProgress, Glenn makes a whopper of a statement.  He claims ACORN is funded primarily by member’s dues.  This was his pat response to the defunding of ACORN on a federal level.  He glosses over the loss of ACORN housing (and we’re still waiting to see what happened to that $100,000 Mayor Slay gave them earlier this year), and pretends they are fine.  The problem, he says in an interview with Jo of SMP (also known as hotflash), is that they don’t have enough money to obey the law, so they mix non-profit work with campaign issues.

I asked Burleigh about this charge as well. He said that most non-profits can’t afford to hire separate people for the non-profit aspect of their work and the lobbying or political part of their work. He, for example, reports how many hours a week he spends on the work that’s paid for by charitable contributions and how many on political work. But he gets one pay check.

Hmmm.  Well I’ve figured out where some of that money comes from, and it’s not from member’s.  It’s from you the taxpayer.

Here is Glenn Burleigh, the head organizer for Missouri ACORN in action:

“No justice – no peace!”

Sounds like someone is a little upset about the drying up of funds flowing to ACORN. As you may have heard, they have sued the Federal government for (finally!) excluding ACORN from receiving federal dollars, calling the decision unconstitutional for “punitively targeting one individual organization”. (Gee, what’s wrong with the federal government targeting one individual organization if it is completely unworthy and corrupt?)

Congress’ decision to drop all funding to the group and its affiliates was unconstitutional because it punitively targeted an individual organization.

But the lawsuit says the funding cuts have led to GED classes being canceled midway, foreclosure-prevention programs being stopped in their tracks and home fire-safety assessments being halted. It says local and state governments, as well as most of its private foundation donors, dropped the group’s funding.

Citibank, Chase and Bank of America all cut off mortgage and financing assistance to families at risk for foreclosure who were being served by New York ACORN Housing Company Inc., according to an affidavit. Ismene Speliotis, who heads that group’s operations, said banks have advised the group the cuts are to ensure they are not “affiliated” with ACORN, a label that could possibly make them ineligible for federally funded programs.

New York ACORN Housing Company Inc. and ACORN Institute Inc., a New Orleans-based group that collaborates closely with ACORN and has laid off 17 of its 20 employees since September, are also named as plaintiffs.

Indeed, their financial situation is so dire at the moment, ACORN insiders say they may have to file for bankruptcy protection before Christmas.