Dem Senators Commit Seppuku For ObamaCare

Now that Landrieu, Nelson, and now Lincoln have folded, the unpopular Reid bill will  have enough votes  to proceed.  Red State thinks this will be hung around their necks at election time:

For the group of U.S. Senators up in 2010 — the ones facing the independent voters that turned 2:1 against the Democrats in the New Jersey and Virginia elections — they will each be tagged all election cycle with providing the one vote needed for ObamaCare to come before the Senate. They could have stopped it, but they did not.

Next year, just as the public is becoming acquainted with the full horror of what has been done, the Dems who inflicted it upon us will be the subjects of campaign commercials dooming their campaigns.

Obama recently shared his acceptance of being a one term President for inflicting his “wrenching”, economy-crushing agenda on us. It comes at the end of the interview.

Partial text via HotAirPundit:

Ed Henry: “Can you envision a scenario where you don’t run for re-election?”
Obama: “Here’s how I think about it, I said to myself very early on, even when I started running for office, that I don’t want to be make decisions based on getting re-elected because the challenges that face America are so significant…If I feel like I’ve made the very best decision for the American people and 3 years from now I look at it and my poll numbers are in the tank because we have gone through these wrenching changes, politically I’m in a tough spot, I’ll feel alright about myself

I’m sure all those newly unemployed Senators will feel good about themselves, too.

See Red State for the list of  Democratic Senators up in 2010, and the email contact links for each of their offices.


Via Gateway Pudit, Sen. Mike Crapo (R-ID) Delivers Weekly GOP Address on the craptastic health care bill:

See Michelle Malkin for the Obamacare bribe list.