The Crash The Tea Party Effort Bears Fruit

As I’m sure you remember, earlier this year, lefty drones were encouraged by an unstable moonbat named, Jason Levin, to crash the Tax Day Tea Parties that were scheduled all across America. The idea was to infiltrate the tea parties and get their pictures taken holding ignorant, racist signs, designed to embarrass the movement. The efforts failed miserably because we were ready for them,  and the infiltrators were ostracized, or chased off the grounds virtually everywhere they appeared. But not before their pictures were taken, so their efforts could be roundly mocked and ridiculed in the right wing blogosphere in the days after the tea parties.

Left-wing activists apparently believe that enough time has passed between then and now, to use these discredited pix to smear the tea party movement. Progs are running with the Tea Party=raaaaacist meme, and will be doing everything they can to make it gain traction, from now until November.  Bob Owens, of Confederate Yankee discovered this mess at YouTube, today:

Most of the “racists” depicted there were left wing infiltrators, or edited out of context.

RightKlik has the full video of one of the infiltrators featured above, being called out by the other Tea Partiers at the St. Louis Tea Party. Another supposed “tea party racist” moment was actually captured on film in 2006, long before the movement even started.

Pathetically, Think Progress tried to cover their tracks by making their video private, and reposted it elsewhere…Owens says: Busted for Fraud, Think Progress Decides to Play Cover Up… Poorly

Merely blocking that video and replicating it elsewere doesn’t do you any favors, or save you any embarrassment. Amusingly, it it indicates that you know you have a problem, but that you simply don’t care to correct your lies.

I’d feel sorry for you, if you had souls.

But your offending article is still online. Your video may change locations, but is easily relinked. The more often you do it, the more obvious your panic becomes.


Something I didn’t know...Professor Jacobson at Legal Insurrection reports:

Think Progress had great influence on the NAACP’s decision to condemn Tea Parties as racist. The photos relied upon by the NAACP were provided by Think Progress, as was a video Think Progress just released to prove that Tea Parties are racist.


Must read of the day:

Bob Owens’ takedown of Think Progress at Pajamas Media: Stephen Glass, Redux? Publishes Completely Fraudulent Video Labeling Tea Partiers Racists


Jim Hoft over at Gateway Pundit sees a White House link to this heavy handed Tom Foolery:

White House Linked to Fraudulent Racist Tea Party Video

Also blogging:

Ace O Spades HQ: Think Progress: Hey, As Evidence That The Tea Party Is Racist, Here’s A Video Featuring Some Signs We Ourselves Made Up As Part of the “Crash the Tea Party”

Snapped Shot: ThinkProgress Beclowns Themselves

Left Coast Rebel: Think Progress Proves The Tea Party Is Not Racist By Posting Video Of Racists Not In The Tea Party

Sharp Elbows: Proof That The TEA Party Is Not Racist And Doesn’t Tolerate Racists.

Big Government: There is an old saying that you’re entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts.



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