Crash The Tea Party Efforts Flop

Picture via Weasel Zippers

We did have one obvious infiltrator at the Kansas City Tea Party, a guy perched right in front of the KMBZ radio booth, was holding up an ignorant sign, and really, really wanted his picture taken, which is why I didn’t take it. I do have a photo of him horning in on another pic I was taking, but you can’t read his sign, so it’s not worth posting.

In retrospect, I should have taken his picture, and told him I’d do an extra special write-up about it. But dang, he wanted it so much, I just couldn’t do it.

Moonbattery has some Crash the Tea Party Fail, and plays Spot The Infiltrator.

This tea party crasher epically failed and got himself arrested:

A man dressed in all black and a hood or mask came to the side of the stage by the old county courthouse while a person spoke and held up a sign reading, “Prosperity = White Supremacy.”

The crowd didn’t fancy the man’s sign and cast a round of boos in his direction. Pretty soon, three Greensboro police officers escorted the man away from the protest.

According to arrest reports, Daniel Emerson Stainkemp, 22, of 1602 West End Place in Greensboro was charged with wearing a mask or hood on public property, resisting a public officer, carrying a sign larger than allowed by a local ordinance, and interfering with the protest.

Hope it was worth it.

Michelle Malkin triumphantly announces: The Crashers: They came, they saw, they failed

Of course they did.


Republican Heretic was at the KC tea party, too, and he got some photos of our infiltrator.

He fooled no one, but it was a valiant effort.


See Zombie for a great photo essay:  Crashing the Crashers: Tea Party Infiltrators Outmaneuvered in S.F.



53 thoughts on “Crash The Tea Party Efforts Flop

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  2. deb, arrested for wearing a mask on private property? OMG!!! Lock ’em up! Geesh, are they all so Nazi in Greensboro? Hahahaha

    I know you don’t follow me, but I got knocked out the night before last and suffered amnesia, among other things. So I don’t know quite what happened, but my back door was open and I am a mess. I’m not saying it was tea party related, but it could have been.
    Anyway, I made this video yesterday from footage at last year’s tea party. I thought about you when I made it. I thought you’d enjoy it. I hope you do!


  3. You’re blaming getting mugged on tea party people? That doesn’t even make sense as a joke.

    Why were you thinking about me when you made your video? A bunch of people worried about freedoms being taken away, and one crackpot who believes in Fema camps? Is that supposed to have special meaning to me?


  4. I honestly took the most interesting footage I had from last year that I haven’t used in previous videos. I think this was my fifth video from this tea party.

    These people are my neighbors. I know some of them. Not most in the videos but I have other footage of people I know. I know the one guy, Jim (he was a volunteer of mine when I ran a tutoring program), in the last clip standing next to David, the star of my vids. David is the dad of a former co-worker and friend of mine. I didn’t find that out until sometime during filming.

    As for the “mugging”, I’m not blaming anyone. I have no recollection of what happened. I am only stating the facts. I may have just slipped on the steps and bumped my head on the way down, rendering amnesia. That’s plausible too. But the fact remains, that it COULD have been tea party operatives who did not what me at the tea party. I don’t know if I will ever be convinced that it wasn’t.


  5. But the fact remains, that it COULD have been tea party operatives who did not what me at the tea party.

    It’s far more likely that it was grammarians and spellcheckers.

    What a bunch of nonsense. If you have the slightest belief that you were mugged or assaulted, then talk to the police. Run, don’t walk. Otherwise, stop making silly accusations.


  6. Well, geoffy, I honestly don’t understand what you mean. But I did not go to the police because I don’t think they will believe me. I don’t have any proof, AND my local police have better things to do with MY tax money than trying to track down tea party operatives. I am one liberal who does NOT think they are dumb. They are crafty. They won’t get caught, so why bother trying?

    geoffy said: It’s far more likely that it was grammarians and spellcheckers.


  7. seabee, calling me a doofus is like calling the President a conservative. Unless, of course, you think he is one….

    Doofus: Informal chiefly US a slow-witted or stupid person


  8. But I did not go to the police because I don’t think they will believe me.

    I think that’s correct. So why should we?


  9. I do like the escalation in Tea Party status, though. Now they have “operatives.” That might be enough to make me join.

    Oh – ND: I have a post up at my old site about unemployment. I think it’s important, but you may judge differently. Anyway, you can find it here.

    I’m still not sure that I’m making the point very well, but I think you can get the gist. Anyway, I believe that it’s something that a lot of people should be aware of. [wild man boldly ending sentence with preposition]


  10. geoofy, if you watched my video, you wouldn’t say that…

    geoofy said: “I do like the escalation in Tea Party status, though. Now they have “operatives.”


  11. I think my video shows that the tea party does indeed have operatives. I am actually thankful that I have cracked ribs and couldn’t go to Spokane yesterday. Instead I reviewed past footage from last year’s tea party in my town. At the end of the vid, the organizer clearly indicates that there are bad elements among them. They didn’t even have a tea party here yesterday, to my knowledge. I wonder why?


  12. They didn’t even have a tea party here yesterday, to my knowledge.

    They probably convened at your house after the operatives knocked you out and gave you amnesia. Did you check your tea stash?

    They always hit that first.


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  15. Oh – ND: I have a post up at my old site about unemployment. I think it’s important, but you may judge differently.

    Thanks for the AoSHQ link, ND!


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