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Center For American Progress Defends Obama’s Endorsement Of GZ Mosque

The spawning ground for Obama’s policies, aka his “idea factory”, the Center for American Progress (CAP) offers a “full throated defense” of Obama’s endorsement of the ground Zero mosque, which is pretty funny because they’re probably the ones who put him to do it.

Weasel Zippers, excerpting from The Politico:

The Center for American Progress, one of Washington’s most muscular groups on the left, on Saturday issued a full-throated defense of President Barack Obama’s controversial endorsement of a mosque near Ground Zero.

“We understand the raw emotions triggered by memories of September 11, but we are not at our strongest when we are fearful,” the group said in a statement. “We support building this mosque.”

John Podesta, former chief of staff to President Bill Clinton and co-chairman of Obama’s presidential transition, is the group’s president and CEO.

“STATEMENT: CAP Supports Building of Mosque Near Ground Zero,” the group said in a release e-mailed Saturday afternoon.

Here’s the text:

“The United States is at its strongest when Americans have the courage to stand up for the values that make this country great. President Obama is upholding the best traditions of our Constitution in supporting the right of Muslim Americans to build a mosque and community center on private property near Ground Zero.

“September 11th has left deep scars on Manhattan and the United States. The family and friends of the 3,000 who perished have suffered the most, yet all Americans share in the pain of that fateful day. Ground Zero is hallowed ground and will forever live in our hearts. But it is wrong to believe that we honor the victims by rejecting the values they cherished while succumbing to the very fear and hatred their murderers were trying to provoke.

Gee, all the same stupid bullet points from Obama’s speech:

“Deep scars”, “families suffered”, “hallowed ground” etc. etc. etc…..BUT. And then, you know the drill: “Muslim Americans have the right…”, “honor the victims”, “cherished values”…

Like  these commies share any of our values.

Take a good look at what the front page of the CAP website, you’ll see it currently features:

Idea of the Day: Conduct More Research and Collect More Data on Gay and Transgender Youth Homelessness

Because  American taxpayers aren’t already on the hook  enough for outrageous progressive research, already. Thanks but no thanks for the….idea.

Blog Watch on Their “Progress Report Page”(where Journolistas get their talking points) links to this: Limited liability hedonism, (no link, ew) a “full throated” defense of young women, hooking up:

Turning conventional wisdom (and severely blown media panic) on its head, the three authors/sociologists argue that “hooking up” isn’t nearly as pervasive or dangerous as we might think. As usual, it’s the Baby Boomers who are blowing things out of proportion by wanting to restrict the freedoms they enjoyed for their own children.

Because truly enlightened parents want their kids to make all the same mistakes they made.

Under “Think Fast”, they gush:

And finally: Guess which Senator is holding a fundraiser at Lady Gaga’s concert next month? 86-year old Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ). “The senator is a big fan, it turns out. He and his wife, Bonnie, celebrated his 86th birthday in January at a Gaga show at Radio City Music Hall in New York.”

Because….I don’t know….blech.

Every time I hear a lefty try to speak to our “shared American values”, I throw up in my mouth. We don’t share any values with you freaks, okay?

See also iOWNTHEWORLD, who notes the embarrassing results of jumping on the ObamWagon too quickly: Journolister Greg Sargent Gets Humiliated

And Melissa Clouthier at Liberty Pundits has more lefty dronage on the Ground Zero Mosque: Journolister Ben Smith Spews B.S.: Smears GOP As Anti-Islam:

Americans respect religious freedom, but unlike stupid DC bubble boys, they recognize that we’re at war with an ideology that is murderous, hate-filled and grounded in ISLAM. It is not like the guys who blew up the World Trade Center lived in a world devoid of ideology. They had beliefs that animated and motivated them.

And we are still at war.

Likewise, the Ground Zero Mosque builders also have an ideology and beliefs that animate their words and actions. It is not like this building has no meaning to them. And because the building means something to them, it matters to freedom-loving Americans. You do not hand an enemy a victory out of some blind devotion to an ideal the enemy not only does not believe, but hates and would destroy if the enemy was successful.

Those building the mosque do not believe in religious freedom. They believe in submission or die. Because they are the minority in a very tolerant majority, their influence does not carry much weight IN AMERICA. But it is naive at best, and willfully obtuse and destructive, at worst, to ignore the impact the Ground Zero Mosque would have to the psychology of Muslim extremists around the world.

Another value we don’t share – We believe in fighting evil. They believe in fighting….us…

Like Mike says:

For Democrat Socialists, Muslims are their BFFs, and Xtians are the enemy. Why, just look at all the awful things Christians did several hundred years ago, for God’s sake. Plus, they want to take away A WOMAN’S RIGHT TO CHOOSE, see — the most fundamental, sacrosanct right there is, as enshrined in every single line of the Constitution, which is utterly inviolable and concrete when it suits liberals for it to be.

So all in all, that makes Xtians far, far, far worse, and a more dangerous threat than Muslims could ever be; after all, Muslims merely want to hack off heads, fly planes into buildings, blow up pizza parlors full of people, kill all the Joooz, implement sharia all over the world, and…uhhh, subjugate women to compensate for male sexual insecurity and dysfunction.

Any questions?


When do we start upholding the best traditions of our Constitution in supporting the right of  Greek Orthodox Americans to build a church on private property near Ground Zero?

Why Won’t Bloomberg Let A Church Destroyed on 9/11 Rebuild?

Since 1922, St. Nicholas Church had stood as a quiet sanctuary of prayer and reflection amidst the tumultuous and bustling crossroads of commerce. For the past nine years the Port Authority of New York/New Jersey has used bureaucratic obstacles and false promises to hinder the rebuilding of the St. Nicholas Church.

Linked by Michelle Malkin in Buzzworthy, thanks!