Restoring Honor Rally In DC

pic via Tabatha Hale’s twitterfeed: pinkelephantpun

Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally at the Lincoln Memorial can watched here, livestream.

Co-sponsoring the event, which started at 10 a.m. eastern, is the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. Judging from the pix I’ve seen so far, it’s looking fairly well attended …no official headcount, yet.

Doug Powers reports that:

We’re hearing a lot about people criticizing the timing of the event, calling it insensitive for having the rally on the anniversary of Dr. King’s speech — but since most of this criticism is coming from people who are calling critics of the ground zero area mosque over-sensitive, let’s move on.

Also present at the rally, is local KC hero, Dan Gilyeat.

Alex Poulter at Political Chips reported:

Be on the lookout in D.C for our local hero Daniel Gilyeat! Since April 2010, Daniel has been mentoring a wounded soldier (quadruple amputee) from St Louis. Daniel will physically meet this hero for the first time at Walter A. Reed hospital next Thursday.

On Friday, there is a Glenn Beck dinner and tribute to wounded warriors. Daniel will be attending the event on behalf of Operation Payback and the Helping a Hero program. We expect Daniel to present the first Operation Payback check to this hero in conjunction with the Helping a Hero foundation. The goal is to get this soldier and his wife the custom home he will need to cope with his injuries. More to come later as we get more details. I am currently 50/50 on whether I am going to be able to get there for the festivities.

The twitter hashtags #restoringhonor and #gbdc have the latest news and pix from the event.

pic via katyabram

Photo via tkd_hayden on twitpic.


More at Gateway Pundit, who  reports crowd estimated at 500,000 and Al Sharpton’s counter rally drew 3000.


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The text of Sarah Palin’s speech is posted on her Facebook page.

Video: Sarah Palin’s Speech At The Restoring Honor Rally


Gateway Pundit: CROWD ROARS at Restoring Honor Rally as MLK’s Niece Alveda King Declares: “I Too Have a Dream!” (Video)


Big Fur Hat has a question for the left:

I want to know SPECIFICALLY what was said today at the Restore Honor Rally that would have upset  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


The mall after the rally was left spotless:

Video via @GlennBeckClips on Twitter.

One More Pic:

See The Right Scoop for more great pix from the rally.


Don’t miss Doug Ross’ legacy media coverage round-up.

Here’s his helpful cheat sheet for the MSM, who keep getting it wrong:

These rallies focus on one fundamental concept: forcing government to honor our highest law, the United States Constitution — the greatest framework for government ever created.

We don’t give a damn about race, religion, creed, skin pigmentation or body odor (yes, I mean you, Ed Schultz), as evidenced by our rock solid support of patriots from every culture and walk of life.

We have the biggest tent of all: the freedom tent, in which government is controlled, not the individual.

You see, dimwit media, we believe in the rule of law. The Constitution. The Declaration. And you are its enemies. And very soon now you will become nothing more than a footnote to a footnote to a passing reference in an elementary school history book.

Bravo, sir!


Just Sad: Congressman Russ Carnahan Runs Away From GZ Mosque Question

Congressman Russ Carnahan

When Congressman Russ Carnahan visited some veterans in his district, the other day, St. Louis blogger, Sharp Elbows had his camera rolling, and he had a question for the congressman.I guess it was a tricky one for Russ, because he refused to answer it:

I assume that his non answer means he’s for the mosque, but is afraid to say so because he knows that the vast majority of the American people think it’s a bad idea, and he’s in a tough race with Republican, Ed Martin, in an anti-Dem year.

Poor guy had his office firebombed a week and a half, one of his own staffers.

You could say he’s having  bad August.

Linked by Doug Ross, and Pirate’s Cove, thanks!

A Musical Interlude:Il Est Bel Et Bon

A French madrigal from the 1500’s: Il Est Bel Et Bon (performed by voces cantabiles):

This delightful song is one I remember from high school. Our choir sang the English version, (He Is Good And So So So So Handsome) but from what I can see on YouTube, most choirs seem to sing it in French. I remember we had the option of singing it in French, but for some reason we went with the English version. I’m pretty sure we didn’t sing it as fast as these guys either.

Here’s the Indiana State Music Association choir also singing in French:

The lyrics to this song are hysterical. It’s about two young women bragging about how awesome  their husbands are:

Il est bel et bon

Pierre Passereau (dates unknown)

Il est bel et bon, bon, bon, commère, mon mari.
Il etaient deux femmes toutes d’un pays.
Disans l’une à l’autre avez-vous bon mari?
Il est bel et bon…
Il ne me courrouce ne me bat aussi.
Il fait le ménage, il donne aux poulailes.
Et je prens mes plaisirs.
Commere, c’est pour rire,
Quand les poulailes crient:
Petite coquette, co co dae, mon ami,
Qu’est ceci?

Il est bel et bon…

Literal translation:

“He is handsome and good, girlfriend, my husband is!”
There were these two neighbor women in the country,
One says to the other, “Do you have a good husband?”
“He is handsome and good…
He doesn’t make me cross, never beats me either,
He tends the animals, he feeds the chickens,
And I take my pleasure!
Girlfriend! It’s enough to make you laugh
When the chickens cry out: ‘Little chick, co co dac, what’s this?’
He is handsome and good…”

In our version, we actually clucked like chickens: (cluck, cluck, cluck cluck cluck- cu-cu-cu-cu-cu-cu-kee- cu-cu-cu-cu-cu-cu-kee!)

You can see from the lyrics that the first video above, with the three men and one woman is all wrong, because it’s about women gossiping. Men’s voices are supposed to be very background. But they did such a fantabulous job, I had to use it.

I don’t even know why I went looking for that… but it just goes to show you, you can find anything on the internet. Even obscure, half forgotten songs from high school choir.