Announcing 10 Buck Friday Winner For August 22 – 27: Congratulations Renee Ellmers!

A little about our winner from Right Klik:
When the Bob Etheridge story broke, I was pleased to learn that Bob had a viable opponent, Renee Ellmers. And as read more about Ellmers, I discovered that
she isn’t just viable, she’s actually a formidable conservative candidate. As a Registered Nurse who works as Clinical Director of a Wound Care Center, Ellmers is keenly interested in taking a serious and proactive stand against the democrats’ health control legislation.
Now that the benevolent Democratic tyrants in Washington have appointed themselves to be our health care “deciders,” it’s good to see so many conservative health care professionals running for Congress. These are people who have demanding careers, but they’ve decided they can no longer stay on the political sidelines.
Both the top two candidates in this week’s photo-finish TBF poll are health care providers who are determined to dismantle ObamaCare and replace it with real health care reform. Unfortunately, however, conservatives like Renee Ellmers and Dan Benishek can’t always rely on the GOP establishment for the support they need. Recent events have reminded us that conservative reform is a threat to the GOP establishment.
That’s why we must unite at the grassroots level to defeat statism. We have to invest our own resources in order to restore our freedom. Don’t wait for someone else to do it. Get involved now by giving money directly to a candidate who deserves your help. Including today, there are only 10 Fridays between now and the November elections. Conservatives all over the country urgently need our help.
This Friday, please make a generous donation to Renee Ellmers.
Those of you who are new to 10 Buck Fridays, please read Ten Buck Fridays: A New Synopsis.
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New GOP Conference Video: Victory is the Only Option

Oh man, they are singing my song, here – at long last  hitting the Dem Socialists hard for their cowardly and duplicitous opposition of the surge.  Hopefully, now voters in Nevada are finally sufficiently disgusted with Reid to kick his butt out of office:

Via The GOP House Conference Blog: Victory Is the Only Option. House Republicans Believed (VIDEO)


New Website: 1001 Reasons to Dump Harry Reid:


Friday Potpourri

I’ve been saying this since January – The Tea Party is the main target of  the Dem Socialists, this year, knocking Bush and Sarah Palin off of the top spots.

Gabe at AoSHQ notes the obvious:

Old Dem Strategy: Boooosh!
New Dem Strategy: Racists!
Okay, Okay, That’s Kinda the Old Dem Strategy Too

It’s almost like they have no plan at all to fish the economy out of the toilet. Instead, the story will be the Tea Party, which…racist!

What the strategy actually is, is to agitate the unhinged moonbat base out there and vote. They will do that by using the Pavlovian terms, “Teabaggers!”, “racists!”, and “racist teabaggers!” Unfortunately for them, they’ve worn out the race card, and the tea party isn’t as reviled as they would like to think.

Here’s a related excerpt from the latest must read by Charles Krauthammer: The last refuge of a liberal:

It is a measure of the corruption of liberal thought and the collapse of its self-confidence that, finding itself so widely repudiated, it resorts reflexively to the cheapest race-baiting (in a colorful variety of forms). Indeed, how can one reason with a nation of pitchfork-wielding mobs brimming with “antipathy toward people who aren’t like them” — blacks, Hispanics, gays and Muslims — a nation that is, as Michelle Obama once put it succinctly, “just downright mean”?

The Democrats are going to get beaten badly in November. Not just because the economy is ailing. And not just because Obama over-read his mandate in governing too far left. But because a comeuppance is due the arrogant elites whose undisguised contempt for the great unwashed prevents them from conceding a modicum of serious thought to those who dare oppose them.

Out of the park!

Meanwhile, Jonah Goldberg uses a Jaws analogy to describe the atmosphere in Washington, right now: Townhall: Dorsal Fins Surround White House:

You’ve got to wonder when White House political guru David Axelrod will look at the churning pools of poll data and, like Chief Brody in “Jaws,” say: “We’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

The analogy isn’t quite right, because in the movie, the shark ultimately loses. It’s hard to imagine a scenario where Barack Obama and Axelrod victoriously paddle away on the flotsam of their own political wreckage. But in one sense, the analogy works just fine: This White House is rudderlessly lost at sea and inadequate to the challenges it faces.

Keep reading. It’s a good piece.

Michelle Malkin has been keeping her watchful eye on the effects of Obamanomics on jobs: Obama jobs death toll: Layoffs, layoffs, layoffs

“Genius Envy” is at it again:

Gateway Pundit: Unhinged MSNBC Host: “I Want to Kick FOX’s A$$… I Want to Lift My Leg On Them” (Audio)

Someone is clearly starved for attention….

Here is someone who does deserve our attention:

Shiva Nazar Ahari

The 26 year old is currently languishing in Evin prison, after repeated arrests for her support for human rights campaigns. The Weekly Standard asks: Will Obama Try to Save Iranian Shiva Nazar Ahari?:

…the most serious charge against Ahari is “mohareb” (rebellion against God), which carries with it the death penalty.

The prosecutor’s latest line is that she is an agent of Mujahideen-e-Khalq (MeK), a terrorist organization that in the 70s killed Khomeinists and Americans alike and later drew the support of Saddam Hussein.

There is of course no evidence of Ahari’s affiliation with MeK, but the state-run website Rajanews has circulated the accusation in advance of her trial–never a good sign. As Freedom House’s advocacy director Paula Schriefer put it, “An accusation of terrorist involvement in Iran is often used by the government as a justification for execution,” and since Ahari stands to appear before Branch 26 of the Revolutionary Court, she’ll almost certainly face a guilty verdict and be killed.

Somebody, do something.

Oh man, get a load of this:

Weasel Zippers: Muslim Man Who Moonwalked, Sang Avril Lavigne Song as Canadian Idol Contestant Indicted on Terror Charges…

The guy sucked, too.

More to come….

ATLAS EXCLUSIVE: Imam Rauf’s Sharia Puppets: Madeleine Albright “is now pushing [my] ideas in many places, she is in constant communication with me, and on the issue of Hamas, America should really engage with them”

More Atlas: Jihadis Big Day in Kenya: Sharia Backed Constitution Signed, Obama Backed Defeat of Democracy, Sudan Jihadist Slaughterer Bashir Invited and Present

Michelle Malkin: Dept. of Social Justice strikes again: USS Cole bombing prosecution “shelved”

Cartoon that says it all:

Hot Air Ramirez on Recovery Summer