Video: Seton Motley With The Best Explanation Of Net Neutrality That I’ve Seen

I get email alerts from this guy, Seton Motley, of Less government, and Stop Net Regulation, all the time. He’s ringing alarm bells about the FCC’s plan to  ram Net Neutrality down our throats on December 21st, in another big government power grab.

If a pre-Christmas power grab has a deja-vu quality to it, that’s because Dec. 21st is when Harry Reid chose to force an ObamaCare vote in the Senate, last year; a rush to vote on legislation that would effect 1/6th of the US economy.

Now, it’s the internet, big government ghouls want to get their hooks into:

This is a last minute, behind closed doors, unreviewed, un-Public Commented upon, under cover of Christmas government takeover of 1/6 of our nation’s economy.  The only portion of the economy that is actually still functioning in the midst of what is otherwise is a doldrum-laden Obama Recession.

Not coincidentally, the Internet remains perhaps the only major portion of the economy President Barack Obama has not yet assaulted with oppressive legislation and/or regulation.  A fact that will remain true – for another eight days.

Seton explains how Net Neutrality would work in this video:


While looking for Motley’s Less government website, (under construction?), I discovered a site that almost looks like a parody, but sadly isn’t:

Government is Good

Why We Need More, Not Less, Government

In the face of increasing threats to our wellbeing and the inability of the market or individual efforts to effectively address them, we need to expand public sector programs.

Written by a professor of politics, of course.

You can buy your pro-big government merchandise, here, (if you have any money left over after paying your taxes).

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