Reactions To Obama’s Town Hall, Today

It’s hard to decide what the most absurd thing Obama said in his town hall speech was,  today.

People took away different portions to lambaste:

Greg Hengler noted: Obama Logic: Raising Taxes On Rich Will Encourage Rich To Keep Their Businesses In America

According to Obama (seen here in Annandale, MD), decreasing potholes, improving roads and bridges, and building high-speed light rail by taxing the job creators, will incentivize those same job creators to keep their businesses here.

Ed Morrissey focused on Obama’s bridge collapse lie: Video: Obama uses false bridge-collapse argument to argue for more taxes

Remember when that bridge in Minnesota collapsed with all those people on it? And there was a big hue and cry, “How can this happen in America?” Well, the National Society of Engineers — they looked around and they give us a D when it comes to infrastructure.

The bridge collapse occurred because of a design defect, a conclusion reached by the National Transportation Safety Board. The bridge was designed and built in an era when engineers thought that redundant systems were both unnecessary and inefficient.  Gusset plates installed at the time of the bridge’s building were too thin, and without any redundancy to account for a major failure on a single point, it was a tragedy waiting to happen from day 1.  It had nothing to do with any lack of maintenance, and in fact collapsed because of scheduled maintenance to the deck that inadvertently destabilized it to the point of collapse.

It’s dishonest in the extreme to use this tragedy as an argument that we neglected our infrastructure, and ghoulish to use the dead for a false political point.  Obama should be ashamed of himself.

The Lonely Conservative was offended by his  dishonest demagoguery aimed at students:

…he told students that Republicans are trying to balance the budget on their backs. This man really knows no shame. It’s the younger generations who will be hit the hardest by his disastrous policies.

“I can’t afford to have all of you as bystanders,” Obama told a town-hall meeting at Northern Virginia Community College. “There are powerful voices in Washington; there are powerful lobbies and special interests in Washington. And they’re going to want to reduce the deficit on your backs. And if you are not heard, that’s exactly what’s going to happen.” …

The president got applause when he called for $400 billion in new cuts to the Pentagon and for taxing the wealthy.
“We are going to have to ask everyone to sacrifice, and if we are going to ask community colleges to sacrifice…then we can ask millionaires and billionaires to make a little sacrifice,” he said.

If he has his way, the economy will tank even further, reducing revenue to the government, thereby making the deficit and debt worse, not better.

Today on his show, Rush hammered this point: “Obama Says We Can’t Spend More Than We Take In”:

Now, Obama’s out there speaking to these skulls full of mush today, and he said, “We can’t spend more than we take in.”  Now, there’s a possible second meaning to this.  We’re sitting here and we are incredulous that he be such a goofball.  He’s the architect of spending more than we take in.  So it could well be — remember, now, my theorem is that what Obama’s doing here is simply providing the national media some sound bites.  This audience is just a bunch of props.  He’s providing the national media with a bunch of sound bites to use uncritically in his campaign.  Now, if you’re Obama, and this is a likelihood, if you’re Obama and you say, “We can’t keep spending more than we take in,” it could be a prelude to, “So I’m going to raise taxes.  We have to raise taxes.”  You know, we must consider that as the way he’s thinking.  The most profligate spender in the history of spenders, we hear him say, “We can’t spend more than we take in,” and we think, how can somebody be so stupid to say this?  How can he continue to say these things when he is the architect of it?


So here’s my idea, and knowing full well it will never happen, but I still nevertheless propose it as one who cares deeply and loves amazingly this country.  Republicans propose a budget to Obama tomorrow.  We call it the “we can’t spend more than we take in budget.”  We cut spending to revenue.  We totally head him off at the pass on tax increases.  We present a budget that cuts spending to revenue and we call it the “Obama Says We Can’t Spend More Than We Take In” bill.  And we give him credit for it.  We give him the credit for inspiring the legislation.  We say that we saw him make the speech to the students at the junior college in Virginia and a light went off, a great idea.  We wish we had thought of it in such simple terms.  You can’t spend more than you take in.  So we propose the “Obama Says We Can’t Spend More Than We Take In” bill.  Pass it.  Republicans in the House propose it and pass it.  Call his leftist bluff, head him off at the pass on tax increases.  He’s using poll tested language in lieu of actually running the executive branch.  So wrap him up in his own words.  Everything he’s doing is poll tested.  When’s the last time you heard Obama say, “We can’t continue to spend more than we take in.”  That’s focus group research.  Call his bluff.

My reaction to any Obama speech is always the same. Disgust with him for the lies. Disgust with his audience for believing them.

Linked by Michelle Malkin, in Buzzworthy, and Doug Ross,  thanks!


13 thoughts on “Reactions To Obama’s Town Hall, Today

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  2. Republicans have a tough row to hoe every election. Look at the numbers.

    Nearly 1/2 of all “taxpayers” don’t pay taxes but instead get caches of cash from the producers (workers) dumb enough to feel good about working for a living.

    Because of the above statistic, that means the donkeys only have to generate enough votes from brainwashed moonbats to tip the scales in any election, and from my travels I can guarantee you their are moonbats everywhere.

    That means two things: first, we on the right (side) must redouble our efforts every day, every month, every year, to get the truth out about the enslavement policies of the left.

    Second, no matter how nasty the left gets, there is always room for them to get nastier. Since the LSM never checks facts and never, ever calls Duh-1 on his lies, it is obvious that he feels free to twist reality to his own ends, collecting mushminds along the way, encouraging them to ever more devious and dangerous acts.

    In a fair reality, Obhammud would never have gotten out of the ‘hood. Instead, we have to fight the troll daily.


  3. You got that right, Carlos. The more Americans on the public dole, the more votes for Dems. It’s a sick strategy, but it’s been their modus operandi for the past 50 years. Republicans need to toughen up, and learn how to frame the debate in a way that they don’t look like heartless puppy killers.

    Like mentioning that their policies lower all of our standards of living, not just the “wealthiest Americans'”.


  4. Your article is entertaining at best, if it was a satire. The thing is, you’re reaction is unwarranted and missing the point that this nation is in dire straits. Obama presents clearly his mission to slow down spending on useless weapon technology and focus on raising a bed of scientist to rebuild america. Our infrastructure is horrible. Our revenue is really bad, and did you notice the government had to shut down. Democrats and Republicans need to come to terms with each others points of views and let the public see what battle they are waging against each other, and inadvertantly themselves.

    Your a moron good sir.


  5. No “True patriot” would ever write what you wrote. You sir, are a fraud, plain and simple. Blind and deaf patriot would be closer to the truth.


  6. Weenie Eyes must have drunk so much Kool Aide that he rolls when he walks. Obamao doubled our national debt in two years, now he wants to rape those who produce this nation’s wealth to redistribute to those with an educational level and intellectual level of Weenie or your commonplace carrot.

    If you believe in magic beans, unicorns, and the easter bunny follow weenie’s example.

    For those of you who have to earn a living and face reality on a daily basis I hope you will throw the bums out. You know what and who they are.

    Obamao’s election is a tribute to our education system that has left so many Americans lacking in knowledge, judgement, and a sense of duty, certainly a sense of civics.


  7. I went to the shoe store yesterday to get some shoes, and they laughed at me when I told them my cards were maxed out but my credit was good – I’d pay them with full interest within the next sixty years!

    I went to the grocery store today and told them the same thing, and they reacted the same way!

    Man, I try as hard as I can to be just like our glorious leader, but every time I do, people just laugh at me. I wonder why?

    TP (fitting acronym, BTW), have you ever considered thinking a problem through, instead of regurgitating what your public re-educators have told you?


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  9. Excellent post, excellent selection of quotes. I know how we got here, but what baffles me is that it actually happened. *SIGH*


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