More Calls For Holder To Resign + Fast and Furious Smoking Guns

Matthew Boyle at The Daily Caller reports on the growing drumbeat for Holder to step down:

Attorney General Eric Holder’s tenure in the Obama administration may be coming to an end. At least eight members of Congress have now called on Holder to resign over the growing Operation Fast and Furious scandal.

Republican Reps. Vicky Hartzler of Missouri, John Mica of Florida, Quico Canseco of Texas and Gus Bilirakis of Florida each told The Daily Caller on Thursday that they believe Holder should step down now. The number of members of Congress calling for Holder to end his career in government because of Fast and Furious is now eight, a number which has doubled in one day.

Previously, Republican Reps. Joe Walsh of Illinois, Raul Labrador of Idaho, Blake Farenthold of Texas and Paul Gosar of Arizona called on Holder to resign.

A spokesperson for Mica, a powerful congressman who serves on the House oversight committee and chairs the House Transportation Committee, told TheDC that he “thinks Attorney General Holder should resign, for more than just the Fast and Furious operation mishandling.”

Congressman Allen West is also on record saying Obama should fire Holder, or he should step down. Michele Bachmann said Holder “should resign if the facts are what they appear to be.”

The collectivist vermin at Media Mutters are handling this news about as well as you’d expect – by going after the DC reporter, Matthew Boyle:

… because Boyle is a hack, this is an indication that Holder’s “tenure in the Obama administration may be coming to an end,” because the number of members of Congress calling for his resignation “has doubled in one day.” How the fact that relatively low-level Republican members of Congress don’t support him would lead to him leaving the administration is left unsaid.


As we previously noted, Fox devoted nearly four times more evening coverage to a Republican congressman’s call for a special counsel to investigate Holder than they gave to Senate Democrats who called for one to investigate Bush AG Alberto Gonzales. It will be interesting to see how much time they decide to give to Boyle’s non-story.

What they fail to mention is how much coverage the rest of the MSM wasted on the Gonzales non-story. Mary Chastain of Big Government checked into it and was impressed:

I went on the websites for CNN, FOX News, CBS News, New York Times, and ABC News (MSNBC & NBC didn’t give me results past 2011) and searched “Alberto Gonzalez.” Click on the links and you’ll see the many hits that came up! The MSM was all over this story. Seven US attorneys were fired on December 7, 2006 without much explanation. Some may have been fired to influence ongoing political corruption or any voter fraud investigations mainly for not going after investigations that could harm Democrat politicians. Mr. Gonzalez always made himself available to answer questions and turned over every single document he could. No wrong doing was found. But Democrats were going full force at him, demanding his resignation or firing. He finally resigned along with others over this scandal. Was Mr. Gonzalez innocent? Maybe, maybe not, but at least his controversies didn’t result in the death of an ATF agent in Mexico.

Maybe Fox News didn’t  join the pig pile on Attorney General Gonzales because he did nothing wrong?

I looked at the other MSM websites and couldn’t find anything on their main page. It’s sad to say I’m not shocked at all despite this being a big deal. I’d say Fast & Furious is a bigger deal than Solyndra and The New Black Panther Party. I woke up this morning (October 4) and still nothing on the front pages. I decided to search their websites.

NOTHING on CNN. NOTHING at MSNBC. Actually a search for “Eric Holder” provided articles about how Bush also approved gun transfers. They are REALLY desperate. “Look Bush did it so Obama can too!”An article at ABC News wasn’t published until 2:55AM. Not much came up at The New York Times!

My question is why was the MSM so eager to cover everything about Alberto Gonzalez but are staying as far away as possible from Eric Holder’s Fast & Furious scandal?

Shut up, that’s why. Plus, Matthew Boyle is a hack.
Oh, and Eric Holder is as clean and pure as the wind driven snow. He’s got an Inspector General checking into this, by the way. She’ll get to the bottom of this whole thing, I’m sure.
The Obama administration has nothing to hide – nothing at all.
In other F & F news….

In 1996, Obama filled out a candidate questionnaire while running for the Illinois state Senate, in which he supported state initiatives banning the manufacture, sale, and possession of handguns, and the ownership of “assault weapons.”

While a state senator in Illinois in 2004, he voted against Senate Bill 2165, which asserted a right of citizens to protect themselves against home invasions with handguns despite local ordinances. The bill passed 38-20, with Obama voting against the right for citizens to defend themselves in their own homes.

Time and again throughout his career, including at the 2008 Democratic primary debate in Philadelphia and the 2008 Democratic primary debate in Las Vegas, Obama betrayed an interest in closing down “unscrupulous gun dealers.” He created and believed in a boogeyman, a vile caricature of the small businessmen he decided were scapegoats for the problem of inner city violence. This, even though he knew criminals used straw purchasers that acquired the bulk of firearms in crime.

Most damningly, Obama was a director of the far-left Joyce Foundation from 1996-2004, when the group plotted to undermine the Second Amendment:

During Obama’s tenure, the Joyce Foundation board planned and implemented a program targeting the Supreme Court. The work began five years into Obama’s directorship, when the Foundation had experience in turning its millions into anti-gun “grassroots” organizations, but none at converting cash into legal scholarship.

The plan’s objective was bold: the judicial obliteration of the Second Amendment.

Joyce’s directors found a vulnerable point. When judges cannot rely upon past decisions, they sometimes turn to law review articles. Law reviews are impartial, and famed for meticulous cite-checking. They are also produced on a shoestring. Authors of articles receive no compensation; editors are law students who work for a tiny stipend.

The plot ultimately failed, but the die was cast; Obama showed his intent to undermine U.S. gun laws, whether ethically or otherwise.

Fast forward to near midnight, December 2010, in the desert in Arizona north of the Mexican border. Shot through the abdomen during a firefight with Mexican bandits, Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry dies in Peck Canyon. Four suspects are arrested while a fifth evades capture. At least two AK-pattern rifles found at the crime scene are traced back to Operation Fast and Furious.

In January of 2011, ATF whistleblowers came forward and exposed the multi-agency plot, a conspiracy that involved the Departments of Justice, Homeland Security, Treasury, and State. More than 2,020 firearms had been “walked” from gun shops acting under orders from ATF agents through a network of straw purchasers known to the Department of Justice to the Sinaloa drug cartel in Mexico. Operation Fast and Furious is just one of ten alleged gun-walking operations run by the federal government in five states that may have run tens of thousands of weapons to narco-terrorists.

Read the whole thing. The only conclusion you can draw is……that’s right – Bob Owens is a hack.


YouTube: Sec. Hillary Clinton: State Department unaware of ‘Fast & Furious’

October 27, 2011 – Secretary of State Hillary Clinton testified that the State Department was not notified by the Department of Justice in regards to the failed gun trafficking program, ‘Fast and Furios’.

She knows nothing.


12 thoughts on “More Calls For Holder To Resign + Fast and Furious Smoking Guns

  1. Well, at least Hillarious is kinda honest – she really does “know nothing” – literally.

    ‘Course, the same could be said for Obhammud, Holder, JanNap and Chu, too. Nearly everything they “know” is pretty much discredited intellectual drivel, even though none of them could be anywhere close to what one should consider “intellectual.”


  2. About the MFM focus on Gonzales, doesn’t that seem just a wee bit out of proportion to the body count of F&F?

    I do wonder if anyone in DC will pursue criminal charges against Holder and the rest of his gang of Merry Marxists even if he does step down. Given that we now have the Chicago Machine on the Potomac, I rather doubt it.


  3. And Hillarious seems to be making a push to be waiting in the wings should there be a serious push to get our Dolt-in-Chief thrown out, or at least under the bus.


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