Yep, Attack on Ann Romney Likely Orchestrated From White House

John Nolte of Big Government is very good at spotting the B.S that comes out of the Obama White House propaganda machine.

The Obama campaign would have us believe that last night on CNN Obama advisor and frequent White House guest, Hilary Rosen, spoke out of turn with her indefensible attack on Ann Romney and every woman who chooses to stay home and raise her family. But in a speech last Friday at “The White House Forum on Women and the Economy,” President Obama seemed to be laying the groundwork for exactly this attack.

By last Friday, it was already apparent that the only thing stopping Mitt Romney from becoming the GOP presidential nominee were mere formalities, and talk had already begun among Obama’s media allies that Ann Romney, the wife of our likely nominee, was going to be a huge asset for the Republican ticket. Attractive, charismatic, warm, well-spoken, intelligent, and likable on sight, she would do much to not only soften her husband’s edges but also to help shore up the so-called gender gap.

As we’ve all seen since President Obama stabbed the Catholic Church in the back a couple of months ago,  Obama is cynically plotting a path to re-election through a phony “war on women.” Because he can’t run on a failed record, the White House and the media are hoping this divisive tactic will scare enough women into voting against Romney.

As Ace says,

It sure seems, then, like the White House cooked up this line of attack, and Hilary Rosen, who’s been there 35 times and advises Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (in order to help her “tone it down,” ironically enough), was simply delivering the Daily Two Minute Hate, as ordered by her bosses.

And in that case the White House’s and the Obamas’ and Messina’s and Axelrod’s claims of finding fault with the comment are, naturally, completely disingenuous.

By the way– Sandra Fluke? Hilary Rosen’s PR firm represents her.

Uh, getting the picture?

Remember Howard Gutman,  an attorney and lobbyist who in 2001,  represented Susan Rosenberg, a former member of the Weather Underground?  I sure do. So does Michelle Malkin.

Back in 2008, the Obama Campaign National Finance Committee member attacked Sarah Palin’s ability to be a good parent and have a high-powered public life at the same time.

In a finger-wagging appearance on the Laura Ingraham radio show, Obama’s operative scolded the Republican mother of five children for not putting her professional career on hold.

“Your responsibility is to put your family first,” Gutman lectured as he singled out Palin’s Down’s Syndrome baby and pregnant teenage daughter. “The proper attack is not that a woman shouldn’t run for vice president with five kids, it’s that a parent, when they have a family in need,” should get out of the public sphere and stay home.

That happened after Obama had told reporters, “people’s families are off limits, and people’s children are especially off limits”. He promised to fire anyone on his staff caught “spreading rumors” about  Sarah Palin.

Did he fire Gutman? No, of course he didn’t. He appointed him  Ambassador to Belgium.

In 2008 the Obami attacked a conservative woman for not staying at home with the kids. In 2012, the Obami attacked a conservative woman for staying at home with her kids. The only consistency? The Obami.

This is how O and his minions roll.

Another example from 1/2011:

After nearly a week of watching the left blame the right for the national tragedy of a shooting spree by a madman in Tucson, the President traveled to Arizona to grace us all with a gaseous and disingenuous speech at the memorial. Many conservatives were relieved and thankful that he didn’t overtly blame conservative rhetoric for Jared Loughner’s shooting spree, like most of his minions were.

But –

By the time Obama spoke, there was irrefutable evidence that shooting suspect Jared Loughner was deeply mentally ill and acted out of no recognizable political agenda.  Obama simply could not have made the case that Loughner’s acts were in any way the product of political rhetoric from right or left.

The point Obama wanted to make was not that political rhetoric caused the violence but that such rhetoric — like, for example, criticism directed at Barack Obama — should be toned down.  So even as he conceded that rhetoric did not cause the violence, Obama argued that it should be muted anyway.  And he cloaked his appeal in so much emotionalism, in so many tear-jerking references to the recently departed, that some in his audience might not have noticed he was making the political point he wanted to make all along.

And he never called out his own supporters who had been pointing fingers at conservatives so disgracefully after the shootings.

That’s a familiar pattern with Obama.

So last Friday,  he set up the Rosin attack at the “The White House Forum on (liberal) Women and the Economy:

“And once Michelle and I had our girls, she gave it her all to balance raising a family and pursuing a career–and something that could be very difficult on her, because I was gone a lot.

“Once I was in the state legislature, I was teaching, I was practicing law, I’d be traveling,” he said. “And we didn’t have the luxury for her not to work.”

Oh, boo-hoo for the Harvard graduates.

They were a struggling young couple, you see:

According to the couple’s 2006 income tax return, her salary was $273,618 from the University of Chicago Hospitals, while her husband had a salary of $157,082 from the United States Senate. The Obamas’ total income, however, was $991,296, which included $51,200 she earned as a member of the board of directors of TreeHouse Foods, and investments and royalties from his books.[51]

Nolte went on to note, that ‘in tone and delivery, what Obama said might not sound like Hilary Rosen, but “he would look like my son” doesn’t sound like Al Sharpton either.’

See? See how it works? He says something that sounds nicey-nice on the surface, but is designed to further his left wing agenda  – be it race war, class war, culture war – divide and conquer. He’ll come out and say  barely/ passably/acceptable stuff, but it’s his minions’ jobs – the Howard Gutmans, Al Sharptons, Black Panthers, Bill Mahrs, Van Joneses and Hilary Rosens, etc, to go out and stoke the left wing mobs. He’ll even throw the person under the bus if the heat gets too intense. ObamaZombies  tend to land on their feet, and come back stronger. Case in point – Van Jones.

I remember in late 2008 there were some disenchanted and disgruntled Obama campaign workers who went public with their disgust with how the Obami operated:

One  staffer just wanted it to be over:

Ok, I want to clear my conscious a little. Hopefully you could make a blog post to help some fellow clinton supporters out.

I work for a campaign and can’t wait for this week to be over.

I was doing it for a job. I was not a fan of any candidate but over time grew to love HRC.

The internal campaign idea is to twist, distort, humiliate and finally dispirit you.

We pay people and organize people to go to all the online sites and “play the part of a clinton or mccain supporter who just switched our support for obama”

We do this to stifle your motivation and to destroy your confidence.

We did this the whole primary and it worked.

Sprinkle in mass vote confusion and it becomes bewildering. Most people lose patience and just give up on their support of a candidate and decide to just block out tv, news, websites, etc.

Wendy Button,  former speech writer said:

I can no longer justify what this party has done and can’t dismiss the treatment of women and working people as just part of the new kind of politics. It’s wrong and someone has to say that. And also say that the Democratic Party’s talking points—that Senator John McCain is just four more years of the same and that he’s President Bush—are now just hooker lines that fit a very effective and perhaps wave-winning political argument…doesn’t mean they’re true. After all, he is the only one who’s worked in a bipartisan way on big challenges.

A staffer who jumped ship in October of 2008 said:

I’m going to let you in on a few secrets here, and this is not because I enjoy the gossip or the attention directed my way. I’m doing this because I doubt much of you know the true weaknesses of Obama. Another reason for my doing this is that I am lost faith in this campaign, and feel that this choice has been forced on many people in this country. Put simply, you are being manipulated. That was and is our job – to manipulate you (the electorate) and the media (we already had them months ago). Our goal is to create chaos with the other side, not hope. I’ve come to the realization (as the campaign already has) that if this comes to the issues, Barack Obama doesn’t have a chance. His only chance is to foster disorganization, chaos, despair, and a sense of inevitability among the Republicans. It has worked up until now. Joe the Plumber has put the focus on the issues again, and this scares us more than anything. Being in a position to know these things, I will rate what the Obama campaign already knows are their weak links from the most important on down.


Obama’s radical connections. Standards operating procedure has been to cry “racism” whenever one of these has been brought up. We even have a detailed strategy ready to go should McCain ever bring Rev. Wright up. Though by themselves they are of minimal worth, taken together, Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, Father Pfelger, and now, Rashid Khalili, are exactly what the campaign does not need. The more focus on them, the more this election becomes a referendum on Obama. The campaign strategy from the very beginning was to make this election a referendum on Bush. Strategists have been banging their head on how successfully McCain has distanced himself from Bush. This has worked, and right now the tide is in his favor. People are taking a new look at Barack Obama, and our experience when this happens tells us this is not good news at all. When they take a look at him, one or more of these names are bound to be brought up. McCain has wisely not harped on this in recent weeks and let voters decide for themselves. This was a trap we set for him, and he never fully took the bait. Senator Obama openly dared him to bring up Ayers. This was not due to machismo on the part of Obama, but actually due to campaign strategy. Though McCain’s reference to Ayers fell flat in the last debate, people in the Obama campaign were actually disappointed that he didn’t follow through on it more and getting into it. Our focus groups found this out: When McCain brings these connections up, voters are turned off to him. They’d rather take this into consideration themselves, and when this happens, our numbers begin to tank.

I wonder how many disgruntled staffers will bow out of the ugly 2012 Obama campaign? Or are only the hardcore “true believers” left.


Michelle Malkin: Here’s who Democrat hitwoman Hilary Rosen visited at the White House, including at least 5 POTUS meetings:

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Great find by Red State‘s Moe Lane as White House spokes-idiot Jay Carney does his level best to weasel away from the disastrous Hilary Rosen implosion.

Rosen, of course, had pilloried mother-of-five, MS sufferer and breast cancer survivor Ann Romney as being out of touch and having “never worked a day in her life“.

American Power: ‘Frame-Fail’ for the New York Times: Democrats Taking Steps to Narrow Romney’s Gender Gap

Newsbusters: NOW Prez: Ann Romney Lacks ‘Life Experience’ And ‘Imagination’

Back up the bus!  After bouncing Hilary Rosen beneath the Greyhound, President Obama and friends might have to throw it in reverse again over the person of Dem surrogate Terry O’Neill.  The NOW president suggested to Ed Schultz tonight that Ann Romney, along with Mitt, lacks “life experience” and “imagination” needed to understand most Americans.For good measure, in the very same segment Dem congresswoman Maxine Waters called the Republican candidate for president Mitt “Rot-ney.” Classy bunch!
John R. Guardiano, The American Spectator: Hilary Rosen Fails to Execute Obama’s Mission
Aaron Goldstein, The American Spectator: Rosen’s “Phony” Apology
Linked by The Other McCain, and DaTechGuy, thanks!

9 thoughts on “Yep, Attack on Ann Romney Likely Orchestrated From White House

  1. Expect trial balloons like this almost daily from now on, always from someone tied to the administration but easily distanced from them by them.

    And as for knowing how to budget, I have no idea what planet Rosen is from but on this planet, when a woman is responsible for running a household budget for a family of seven, that person obviously knows more about budgeting than Rosen ever will, and more about life, too.


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  3. Now Obama is backing away from this whole thing at 300 MPH because he knows he has made his entire family fair game. Interesting how he has proxies float the trial balloons in a way he can disclaim any responsibility, especially since it is so transparent where each of these attacks originates…


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