High-Ranking DOJ Official Soon to Resign Amid Scandals

Matthew Boyle of the Daily Caller reports that the scandal plagued U.S. Assistant Attorney General Ronald Weich plans to resign his position soon.  Weich,  you may remember, is the author of the February 2011 now “withdrawn” letter to Senator Grassley falsely denying that the DOJ was aware of gunwalking.

Weich, who has served as Attorney General Eric Holder’s emissary in congressional communications, will become the next dean of the University of Baltimore School of Law in July, according to the National Law Journal.

The DOJ official is the same Holder deputy who falsely told Congress that neither the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives nor any part of the Department of Justice ever allowed illicit firearms to “walk” across the U.S.-Mexico border — even as contrary facts emerged from the investigation into Operation Fast and Furious.

On Feb. 4, 2011, Weich wrote to Congress that the idea that “ATF ‘sanctioned’ or otherwise knowingly allowed the sale of assault weapons to a straw purchaser who then transported them into Mexico … is false.”

“ATF makes every effort to interdict weapons that have been purchased illegally and prevent their transportation to Mexico,” Weich added in that letter.

The DOJ has since retracted Weich’s letter but has not held anyone accountable for providing that misinformation to Congress, or for Operation Fast and Furious itself.

Scores of lawmakers — 125 House members, three U.S. Senators, two governors — and many major political figures including likely Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney have demanded Holder’s resignation or firing over Fast and Furious.

Other officials who are suspected to have been aware of the gunwalking include Deputy Attorney General Gary Grindler, Deputy Attorney General David W. Ogden, Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer,  ATF Director Kenneth E. Melson, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Administrator Michele Leonhart, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director Robert Mueller, U.S. Attorney for the District of Minnesota/Chair of the Attorney General’s Advisory Committee/Acting ATF Director B. Todd Jones, top federal prosecutors in the southwest,  White House staffers, and of course Attorney General Eric Holder.

In February, Weich denied the Justice Department’s involvement in another scandal. The Daily Caller learned that the DOJ had failed to arrest and prosecute several indicted financial criminals because of an alleged bribery scheme. Weich said the DOJ had no knowledge of any bribery.

But TheDC’s investigation unearthed allegations that two DOJ prosecutors on a team of more than 25 accepted cash bribes from indicted finance executives in the U.S. Virgin Islands. And USVI Gov. John de Jongh allegedly accepted part of at least $20 million in cash bribes in exchange for favors from his administration. At least five other prosecutors, according to TheDC’s well-placed source in the DOJ, were compromised.

Read the Daily Caller  for the rest.

Weich can pick up his Under the Bus Token, here.


Contempt Charges For Holder Imminent – “Weeks Away” According to Issa

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15 thoughts on “High-Ranking DOJ Official Soon to Resign Amid Scandals

  1. I’m happy to see the house of cards beginning to fall. This may be the vicodin and Thai hookers talking, but wouldn’t you just love to see a slow burn from today until about, say, June of 2014?


  2. Reblogged this on The Right of the People and commented:
    At some point we have to wake up and realize that the men and women we have put in office have only one plan to handle any scandal or crisis…lie until you are caught, then delay your resignation as long as possible. Next on the sacking list should be none other than Eric Holder.


  3. The guy is moving to a top university position in July. He’s being rewarded, not punished. This is not accountability. He won’t even skip a paycheck.


  4. I am really suprised Issa has not turned any of the guilty yet. I guess with true belivers no one will ever talk…


  5. I am really suprised Issa has not turned any of the guilty yet. I guess with true belivers no one will ever talk…

    That and also because there’s retaliation at the DOJ against whistleblowers.
    But Issa is a very intelligent, cagey guy, and the Republicans have a plan in place. Don’t believe the rumors about Boehner shutting down the investigation, or anybody caving to DOJ pressures.
    According to Matthew Boyle, whom I spoke with, last weekend, “Shit’s going to get real” in Fast and Furious in a couple more weeks.


  6. And now we’re just learning of “Grenade Gate” where the ATF sold a bunch of grenade empties to a known cartel runner, tracked him to Mexico, told the Mexican government about him and THEY LOST HIM! That was not long before grenades kiled several dozen people in an attack. Gee, I wonder if there’s any connection?

    And then the ATF covered up the whole thing.

    It just gets curiouser and curiouser.


  7. rdbrewer Says:
    April, 26, 2012 at 3:30 am

    Maybe this guy will sing if he’s forced out. He will never live long enough to “sing” he will be the unfortunate victim of a suicide, or Execution style “mugging” before he can say anything.


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