Jacob Turk Bombshell: Internal Poll “Shows Us Slightly Ahead” of Emanuel Cleaver (Audio)

Jacob Turk, the Republican candidate for Emanuel Spittlegate Cleaver’s seat in District 5, Missouri, was a guest on the Kris Kobach Show, Sunday evening and he had some exciting information to share: an internal poll taken a week and a half ago shows him slightly ahead of Cleaver.

Kobach, the conservative Republican Secretary of State for Kansas, has a weekend radio talk show on 710 KCMO.

In the nearly ten minute interview, Turk weighed in on Obama’s debate performance, and his own race against the extreme left-winger Cleaver who has apparently been too busy trying to get out of paying his $1.5 million car wash loan to debate Turk.

Turk suggested to Kobach that he ask him how his debates are going with Cleaver.

Kobach played along; “Okay how are your debates going?”

“Seeing as he doesn’t show up to a single one, and I’m debating with an empty chair, they’re going real well”, Turk answered.

Kobach was incredulous; “are you kidding me?! Does the Kansas City Red Star print that – that he doesn’t show up???”

Turk: “We’ve had several forums and once he finds out that I’m showing up, he suddenly gets busy….because I’m not John McCain, either, I’ve never debated anyone, but I know what I stand for, and I know what I believe in, and he’s got a record he needs to defend…”

Kobach: Does he agree to at least one or two debates where he at least does show up?

Turk: He has agreed to show up to a couple of forums and then suddenly, when it becomes known that I’m going to be there, suddenly he’s a very busy guy.


Towards the end of the interview, Turk dropped the bombshell:

“We did an exciting internal poll for us a week and a half ago, and … we’re slightly ahead, but it’s very close…”

He noted that there’s over 20% undecided in the race, which Kobach assured him would swing his way, because undecideds usually break for the challenger.

 The NRCC has launched ads in 27 House districts but Turk’s isn’t one of them. That’s why it’s important to share this good news in any way you can, and donate to his campaign if you want to see an end to the Democrat stranglehold on District 5 in MO.

Jacob Turk’s website is here.

His contribution page is here.

4 thoughts on “Jacob Turk Bombshell: Internal Poll “Shows Us Slightly Ahead” of Emanuel Cleaver (Audio)

  1. As much as I hate Cleaver, I find it funny that Turk is complaining about debates when he wouldnt even debate his Republican opponents in the primary. He may be a nice guy, but I dont here ANY substance from him!


  2. A lot more substance than, let’s say, Obama… Big Bird… Really? Why would I expect anything more from a Chicago political thug. If you don’t have a record to run on, you make a big election about small things.” Obama 2008.


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