Nice Deb’s Top Ten Posts of 2012

It’s that festive time of year again – New Year’s Eve  – which means only one thing in blogdom…

That’s right, top 10 lists!

So without further ado, here are my ten most popular posts for 2012.

(As always, just because a post got traffic here, doesn’t mean it was a big story in the MSM.)

10. Awkward: Obama Speech at Fort Bliss Met With Silence or Tepid Applause (Video) September, 1, 2012:

Via Neil Munro, of The Daily Caller:

President Barack Obama was greeted with fleeting applause and extended periods of silence as he offered profuse praise to soldiers and their families during an Aug. 31 speech in Fort Bliss, Texas.

His praise for the soldiers — and for his own national-security policies — won cheers from only a small proportion of the soldiers and families in the cavernous aircraft-hanger.

The audience remains quiet even when the commander-in-chief thanked the soldiers’ families, and cited the 198 deaths of their comrades in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The audience’s reaction was so flat that the president tried twice to elicit a reaction from the crowd.

“Hey, I hear you,” he said amid silence.

The selected soldiers who were arrayed behind the president sat quietly throughout the speech.

CNN and MSNBC ended their coverage of the speech before it was half-over.

The video is actually painful to watch.

Linked by Michelle Malkin.

9. The Romney Dog Nontrovesy and Obama’s History of Eating Dogmeat April, 18, 2012 :

A little Alinsky Rule #5 or “hoisting them on their own petards” was gleefully deployed, here.   With every attack the Obami made on Romney, there was something 10 times worse we could have hit Obama on – if only the Republican establishment had agreed to take the kid gloves off.

Doggone it – it looks like another fake lib narrative is about to bite the dust….

From Chapter Two From Dreams From My Father:

 “With Lolo, I learned how to eat small green chill peppers raw with dinner (plenty of rice), and, away from the dinner table, I was introduced to dog meat (tough), snake meat (tougher), and roasted grasshopper (crunchy). Like many Indonesians, Lolo followed a brand of Islam that could make room for the remnants of more ancient animist and Hindu faiths. He explained that a man took on the powers of whatever he ate: One day soon, he promised, he would bring home a piece of tiger meat for us to share.”

Doh! Has PETA heard about this?

Should we start a Dogs Against Obama website?

This one was retweeted and facebooked – it also gets google image traffic because of the awesome pic I selected for the post:


8. Obama Poised to Betray America Through 4 UN Treaties (Video) February, 3, 2012:

Dick Morris is sounding the alarm about four uttely heinous UN treaties that are currently under consideration by the Obama administration that would surrender our sovereignty, cede power to go to war to the UN,  enact gun control, and tell us how to raise our children, if ratified by the Senate. These are treaties that the Bush administration and even Clinton administration would never have considered, but as the most radical  administration in American history enters it’s last year, all stars are in alignment for it to happen.

The good news is, he now has four more years to make it all happen.

Linked by Doug Ross in Larwyn’s Links also heavily tweeted and facebooked.

7. The Narcissist in Chief Strikes Again August, 31, 2012:

Gad….who can forget Obama’s sophomoric reaction to Clint Eastwood’s  RNC speech?


In the insular world of the hard left – this is thought of as a “deft”, “snarky”, “cheeky” response from an administration that has always been “adept” at social media.

To me, and I think a lot of Americans – it looks petty and narcissistic. Why would the President want to get into a petty pissing match with a movie legend who is loved by Americans of all political stripes?

Linked by Michelle Malkin, and  American Power, and Ace of Spades, and Doug Ross,  and RWN.

6. I Think I Know What You Did, There, Andrew Breitbart February, 16, 2012:

My thoughts on the late great Andrew Breitbart’s flamboyant antics at CPAC, last Feb.

After Andrew Breitbart’s Friday night “meltdown” in front of the occupiers, (the video of which went viral soon after), I told Verum Serum’s, John Sexton – “yes, he looks unhinged (to a comical degree) in the video, but he didn’t ‘lose it’.  Wait and see – there’s a method to his madness.” It looked to me that he was trying to create a YouTube moment in order to push the #occupyrape issue into the public’s consciousness because it was being ignored by the MSM. I also noted I wouldn’t be surprised if part of the clip was used in the new Citizens United movie, “Occupy Unmasked”.

Well, several lib commentators dutifully stepped up to the plate and swung wildly. Most notably Keith Olbermann.

I can’t tell you how profoundly sad it makes me to know that all conservative conferences I’ll be attending from now on will be sans this remarkable man.

Linked by AoSHQ in Headlines.

5. Pic of the Day: Obama’s Sealed RecordsMay, 20, 2012:


This issue causes a lot of teeth gnashing on the left. Obviously, we need to keep hitting Obama on it.

Linked by Theo Spark, and Doug Ross, this one was also heavily retweeted and facebooked.

4. Voter Fraud Alert!: Obama Supporter in NC Brags on Facebook About Voting Multiple Times To Save Country From RomneyNovember, 3, 2012:

Remember this?


Whatever happened to that guy? He said it was all a big joke (ha-ha). Did anyone investigate, or did they just take his word for it?

Linked by Right Wing News, and Doug Ross – also heavily retweeted and facebooked.

3. Video: Trevor Loudon Explains Communist Infiltration In The United StatesMarch, 13, 2012:

Just me doing my part to spread information so awful – most people refuse to believe it.

If you’ve got about an hour to spare, you would do well to sit through this talk Trevor Loudon recently gave to the Ocean County, NJ Tea Party about the history of Communist infiltration throughout the world, and especially here in America where they finally managed to get one of their own into the White House. Much of this you have heard before, but the facts have never been put together like you see here.

Terrifying, but edifying.

Linked by  Commieblaster, it was also heavily retweeted and facebooked.

2. Obama and Romney Neck in Neck in OH Poll… WITH D+10 SAMPLE! September, 24, 2012

This looked so hopeful:

This information came at the very end of the Gravis Marketing/Capitol Correspondent Ohio 2012 Presidential Survey, but I’m going to go ahead and post it right up front:

Survey of  594 likely voters was conducted September 21-22, 2012.  The margin of error is +/- 4.3 percentage points.  Party ID: 41.4% Democrat; 31.1% Republican; 27.5% Independent/Other.  Results from the poll conducted September 7-8, 2012 are in curly brackets.  Results from the poll conducted September 2, 2012 are in square brackets.  Results from the poll conducted August 27, 2012 are in parentheses.

  • Barack Obama-Joe Biden 45.2% {47.27%} [43.7%] (45.3%)
  • Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan 44.3% {43.19%} [46.8%] (44.4%)
  • Other/Unsure 10.4% {9.54%} [9.5%] (10.3%)

This came at a time when all the polls were showing Obama breaking away and the media narrative was Romney had no chance.

In the end, Obama won Ohio using the ugliest of tactics, 51% – 48%.

Linked by @rdbrewer4 at Ace of Apades HQ, Instapundit, Michelle Malkin, Doug Ross, also heavily retweeted and facebooked.

1. The Sad and Tawdry Line-up for the Democrat Convention in Charlotte, August, 30, 2012:


The line up for the Democrat Convention consisted of toxic progs like Sebelius, Barbara Lee, Gov. O’Malley, Barbara Mikulski and Salazar to repugnant has beens like  Jimmah, BJ, and Lurch, not to mention one reviled political opportunist, Charlie Crist, and one very unappealing vagina advocate, Sandra Fluke. It looked to me like it would be a trainwreck.

But apparently to the low info drones who propelled Obama to victory, it was pure awesomeness.

We’ve got a long four years ahead of us, folks.

Linked by Doug Ross, and Linkiest, and  Instapundit.

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