Saturday Movie Matinee: Are lawful Americans preparing for civil war?

PJTV: Liberals Put Law-abiding Gun Owners in Their Sights:

Liberals like President Obama hold gun owners in contempt. Many expect further gun control laws, especially on assault weapons. America is responding by purchasing firearms in a hurried pace. Are lawful Americans preparing for civil war? Bob Owens of thinks so. Hear why as Glenn Reynolds discusses the Second Amendment on this InstaVision.

Fox News: John Lott on FOX News on Gun Control:

Fox News: Ex-Burglars Say Newspaper’s Gun Map Would’ve Made the Job Easier, Safer:

Reformed crooks say the New York newspaper that published a map of names and addresses of gun owners did a great service — to their old cronies in the burglary trade.

The information published online by the Journal-News, a daily paper serving the New York suburbs of Westchester, Rockland and Putnam counties, could be highly useful to thieves in two ways, former burglars told Crooks looking to avoid getting shot now know which targets are soft and those who need weapons know where they can steal them.
“That was the most asinine article I’ve ever seen,” said Walter T. Shaw, 65, a former burglar and jewel thief who the FBI blames for more than 3,000 break-ins that netted some $70 million in the 1960s and 1970s. “Having a list of who has a gun is like gold – why rob that house when you can hit the one next door, where there are no guns?

Former Marine Responds To Sen. Feinstein’s Gun Proposal: ‘Unconstitutional Laws Aren’t Laws’:

Former United States Marine Joshua Boston has written an open letter to California Senator Dianne Feinstein about her proposed gun control legislation and it’s making waves across the internet. In the letter, Boston tells Feinstein she has no business regulating guns and says he “will not register” his guns even if the bill is passed, because he does not believe it is the “government’s right” to know what weapons he owns. “Unconstitutional laws aren’t laws,” he says.

Gun Control Implemented in Australia:

See also:

Bob Owens: Something funny happened on the way to tyranny:

I did speak to one harried clerk, briefly.

They didn’t know when they’d be getting anything back in stock, from magazines to rifles to pistols. Manufacturers were running full-bore, but couldn’t come close to keeping up with market demand.It wasn’t just the AR-15s, the AK-pattern rifles, the M1As, and the FALs that were sold out. It really hit me when I realized that the World War-era M1 Garands , M1 carbines, and Enfield .303s were gone, along with every last shell. Ubiquitous Mosin-Nagants—of which every gun store always seems to have 10-20—were gone. So was their ammo. Only a dust free space marked their passing. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Every weapon of military utility designed within the past 100+ years was gone. This isn’t a society stocking up on certain guns because they fear they may be banned. This is a society preparing for war.

I wonder if this is what it felt like during the time of the Powder Alarm, and fear politicians both sides of the aisle are no more speaking the same language as most Americans as Gage was unable to think like the Colonials. There is an earnestness now on both sides, and a great chance for unintended consequences.

Tread carefully.

Of tyrants and dangerous old men


Of alarms, militias, and destiny


Gateway Pundit: Obama White House Plans to Overwhelm NRA With Swift Gun Control Victory

The Right Scoop: Mark Levin: The reason the 2nd amendment exists is to arm the population to overthrow a tyrannical government

Highly recommended: Western Rifle Shooters Association: Bracken: What I Saw At The Coup


Paul Ryan: U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan explains vote on fiscal cliff:

PJTV: Credibility Cliff: Americans Have Lost Faith in Their Government:

President Obama, the Republican controlled congress and Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) hammered out a compromise on fiscal cliff: Higher taxes, increased debt and more spending. Is America so apathetic that voters do not care about the future of the American balance sheet? Will voters kick both incumbent Democrats and Republicans out of office? Scott Ott, Steve Green and Bill Whittle discuss the fiscal cliff deal on this episode of Trifecta.

PJTV’s Bill Whittle, Afterburner: Afterburner: Rule of Lawlessness:

Mark Levin: Ted Cruz Will Introduce Bill To Repeal ‘Obamacare’:

PJTV, Trifecta:  Obama Replacing Classics with Government Propaganda:

Goodbye George Orwell, hello Federal Register. The Obama Administration wants students to read propaganda instead of the classics. . The Common Core curriculum asks that kids read informational texts, including pamphlets from the federal government. Have our schools turned into reeducation camps? Find out as Trifecta tells you about Obama’s brave new education system.

Pat Condell: Patronising the Palestinians:

12 thoughts on “Saturday Movie Matinee: Are lawful Americans preparing for civil war?

  1. Another killer post.

    The lady debating with John Lott kept repeating nomenclature about weapons that was wildly inaccurate. I’m sorry her daughter was shot twice in the back of the head-I heard it the first time lady, no sense in repeating it over and over-but the fact is ONE armed teacher in that school would have stopped the killing immediately.

    Our government is no longer governing, they are lurching from one manufactured crisis to another. We better come up with something pretty funny and damn soon or blood will run like a river.


  2. Race to the top is part of core curriculum, which is curriculum that preps our children for subservience and globalization: A life of serving.

    More info:

    and be SURE TO WATCH THE VIDEO ON THIS PAGE as well as taking good note of the (German) Playmobil “toys”

    2013 is the critical year! common core curriculum and more:


  3. Any citizen who isn’t preparing for a insurrection is just plain foolish, they ought to be. I’m not exactly sure what the tipping point is going to be, but I’m sure it’s in our immediate future. We are meandering between one crisis to another, without establishing any significant resolutions to the serious matters that face us. We can no longer proclaim we are a nation of laws, because we aren’t. The enshrined Constitutional rights we have always enjoyed and were guaranteed are slowly be chipped away and removed.

    The south side punk, who was just re-elected promised that he was going to fundamentally change us and he has served the last four years laying the foundation for it, will be on mach speed to accomplish his goals in the next four years. Of that there should be little doubt, no body is even trying to stop or control him. He revels in the public humiliation of his opponents and uses it to divide us.

    Unlike the situation with the nomination of Ambassador Susan Rice as Secretary of State, look for Obozo to stick with Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense. It doesn’t cost him anything by doing so. Win, lose or draw, Obozo wins, because it will be Republican vs Republican participating in the brawl, as he stands on the sidelines above the fray [at least in appearance]. What more could a community agitator ask for?

    I’ll tell you what more.
    Throw in the current national debate that is ongoing, Gun Control. Within the next several weeks he’ll be supporting a major move on additional Gun Legislation, when the dupe Biden hands down the ammunition that he is looking for and provides him with the recommendations that will address NONE of the issues that really need to be addressed. All before ANY Police Investigations are completed involving the incident in Newtown, unlike the delay Hillary put into place for Benghazi, he will act without any official reports. If by chance any legislation happens not to get passed by the Congess on guns, keep an eye on Obozo signing another Execution Order implementing significant changes to current laws.

    Concurrently, as if all of that wasn’t enough, he’ll also revisit Illegal Immigration trying to get major legislation passed now that he has circumvented those laws. Again trying to split the Republicans. Short of that, watch for more changes through Executive fiat. All while the discussion takes place on raising the national debt ceiling.

    Everyone out there who thinks the Republicans and Boner are holding the upper hand on any of this, raise your hands. Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t see it.

    “These are times that try a man’s soul’ – Thomas Paine


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  5. Have you guys seen this yet?

    What. the. F???
    The Alex Jones truther crowd are all over all kinds of weird shit surrounding Sandyhook. Some of it’s just pure conspiracy mongering lunacy on their part – but not all of it is.
    Here’s a pic of Parker smirking in a limo at his daughter’s funeral.


  6. I have to seriously wonder if there is a civil war brewing. This is brought up now and then, sometimes from the left, sometimes from the right, but, things have gotten so split, especially with a president who continuously attempts to divide Americans. Say what you will about Bush, but he never ran out and demonized his political opponents, whether elected, big groups like unions, or individuals.

    I wonder if it could start with Hobby Lobby, which is refusing to offer contraception in their insurance, and risk tens of millions in fines.


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  8. There are a couple of those types of vids around Deb. Others that I’ve seen are showing FEMA actors. People who are on the FEMA payroll who go into “crisis” situations and whip up the sentiment and promote the crisis. Sounds like card carrying dimoCraps to me, taking advantage of the situation. Jones and that crowd are certifiable batshit crazy! They see a conspiracy lurking around even single corner and situation. They make Paulbots seem reasonable.

    I’ll admit the behavior is very strange and I saw a interview he did with someone [I forget who] where both he and his wife forgave the shooter. I suppose that’s the Christian thing to do, but it wouldn’t come out of my mouth, especially only days after the incident.


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  10. I can’t get my head around that video. He really looks like an actor playing a part, there. And now I can’t help but look at the other parents suspiciously. Where are the tears? The red eyes? – real emotion instead of emoting.

    If that were me a day or two after my first grader got shot dead in her classroom – I would be a mess.


  11. ” Is America so apathetic that voters do not care about the future of the American balance sheet? ”

    PJTV must realize that at least 47% of the voters can’t see beyond their next guvmint rent subsidy check, food stamps, free phones or (sorry, Dept of Ag) their next farm subsidy for not growing a particular crop.

    How, then, could they possibly care about what happens next month or next year, let alone what’s gonna happen to their progeny?


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