Jeanine Pirro Slams Obama: ‘You’ve Lost All Credibility – No One Believes You Anymore’ (Video)

“Why aren’t heads rolling”, Judge Jeanine asked at the beginning of her show’s opening statement, Saturday night, referring of course to ObamaCrash…..”Why haven’t people been fired?” she continued.  “Why? Because that’s not Obama’s M.O. What happens in this administration, stays in this administration.”

Is there anyone in America that really believes that Obama didn’t know? Jeanine wondered. (psssst. yes, Bill O’Reilly.)

Pirro had a few words for “Simple Sebelius”, too…”Consider this”, she posited, ” You’ve got a great job, your boss assigns you with a task with an unlimited budget – but a deadline – You swear it will be done. When it isn’t, your boss is mortified and publicly humiliated. Do you think for one minute you would keep your job? I don’t know about you, but anyone who worked for me would be afraid to even show up for work. But not in Washington – not in the Obama administration. it’s a badge of honor to simple take responsibility. No consequences…no sanctions, and more often than not – a promotion!”

Later she purred the prosecutor in her wanted to know, “why the contract for the most important program – the crown jewel in Obama’s administration, is awarded to one of the First Lady’s dear friends – effectively a no bid contract — for a defective product!”

Addressing Obama she said, “what makes you think that you know better than we, what is good health care for us and our families? A true leader leads by example. Instead, you look down your nose and dictate to the rest of us. You reign on high as you give waivers to your union friends – the ones who got you elected –  while the rest of us face massive premium increases we simply can’t afford for benefits we don’t need. ”

“In the past, poor people who couldn’t afford healthcare, had Medicaid. Now, you’ve made affordable healthcare so unaffordable, that virtually everyone is now signing up for Medicaid.”

“So here we are”, she continued, “a day late and a dollar short – with millions literally without healthcare –  and believe me, it’s only going to get worse. So don’t try to sell us your bill of goods. The website is not up and running, we can’t keep our health care plans, and we can’t keep our doctors. Stop telling us what’s good for us. The truth? You’ve lost all credibility. No one believes you anymore.”

Obamacare – Millions Losing Healthcare Plans Despite Obama’s Promises – Judge Jeanine Pirro:

Pirro had on a couple of ObamaCare critics – a 25 year old dental student who sees how young people are getting screwed by the new law, and a  widow (and Obama voter) who was dropped from her plan, and is faced with a new premium of $800.00 a month, which she can’t afford.

Saturday Movie Matinee: ‘Lost In The Scandals’

The Blaze: Glenn Beck: Former Secret Service Agent Warns President Obama Sees Government as a ‘Shiny New Toy’:

 Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino, who is running for Congress in Maryland, appeared on the Glenn Beck Program Thursday to discuss why he chose to run for elected office. “We’re at a very dangerous point, Glenn,” Bongino began. “We’re in a lot of trouble. The president sees government — and I think it’s because of his lack of experience, and maybe community organizing in the past — as like this shiny new toy. And for all the disagreements I had with Clinton, Carter, and Bush, there were always limits. There was that line you just didn’t cross — we cross that seemingly every day…” Bongino said that we’re “lost in the scandals,” from the IRS targeting conservative organizations to Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius “shaking down” the healthcare industry, among others.

CBS News:  White House side steps talk of low Obamacare enrollment numbers:

 The Obama administration did not dispute the low enrollment numbers for Obamacare revealed in “war room” notes, saying they did not expect numbers to be high. The Republican chair of the House Ways and Means Committee demanded enrollment data, threatening a subpoena. Sharyl Attkisson reports.

PJ Media: Obamacare Was Designed to Fail, or Was It?:

Cancellations, premium hikes, website failures. The news keeps getting worse when it comes to President Obama’s signature health care plan. Did President Obama and Congressional Democrats really think that this plan would work, or was Obamacare designed to fail? Hear the horrible truth on this Trifecta.

Mark Levin: ObamaCare Is A Purely Political Law And A Power Grab:

See also a couple of good essays at PJ Media about Obama’s epic, non stop lying:

Andrew Klavan: Barack Obama’s Narrative Illusions:

 It is now apparent to any honest observer that Obama is a rank incompetent too arrogant and foolish to alter his political philosophy even after reality has proven it false. As his record at the time of his original candidacy should have warned us, he has no business in the Oval Office. He simply isn’t up for the job.

And what is extra tragicomical about Obama’s spectacular failure is that so many of the journalists who cover him are ALSO content to have him play rather than be the president — just as they themselves are content to play at heroically helping the poor and minorities even as their left-wing policies make the poor even poorer and the marginalized more marginalized still.

The reason for this is that both Obama and many of our journalists were trained in the post-modern academy where they were taught that there is no such thing as moral truth but only culturally inculcated narratives. In such a world, the moral narrative that can be drummed into the head of the populace is the truth that wins. Convincing people that a good has been achieved is the same as achieving it.

Roger L. Simon: God, Lies, and Obama:

So how does he do it? How is Obama able to lie that way?

Two important, and sometimes related, factors militate against lying. One is the aforementioned religious or moral code. God is watching and knows I’m lying. Therefore, if I lie, I’m in for a bad time in the afterlife. That’s the extreme version of this. The lesser versions are guilt or shame for doing something you know to be wrong. Most of us experience some shade of this, although its impact may diminish as the distance from traditional religion increases.

The second is the practical danger inherent in lying. Lies have a habit of backfiring, as in Sir Walter Scott’s classic: “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.” Until quite recently, Obama has largely been anesthetized from this web. His lies were perceived as truth by the media, more accurately willed to be true, and those who questioned them were the problem. That may be changing. We’ll see.

 Mass Tea Party: IRS Scandal – Report: Lerner Gave Confidential Tea Party Tax Info To FEC, Violating Law A Felony:

 Mass Tea Party: Benghazi Scandal – DOJ & State New Attempt To Block Access To Benghazi Witness – Special Report:

CNN: Lindsey Graham threatens nominees over Benghazi

ATF blocking Fast & Furious whistleblower John Dodson from publishing book scandal:

Obama’s and Eric Holder’s ATF is blocking Fast & Furious whistleblower John Dodson from releasing a both on the scandal.

Sessions Warns Against Packing D.C. Court To Advance Agenda:

More via Senator John Cornyn, The Corner: Don’t Let Democrats Pack the D.C. Circuit:

It is one of the most important battles raging in Washington, a fight that will have far-reaching consequences for everything from health care and the regulatory state to gun rights and the war on terrorism. Yet most Americans have heard nothing about it.

I’m talking about Democratic efforts to pack the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit.

America has 13 different federal appellate courts, but the D.C. Circuit stands out as the most powerful, especially on regulatory and constitutional matters. No other appellate court wields so much influence over hot-button national issues.

The D.C. Circuit currently has eight active judges and six senior judges (who are semi-retired). Based on its caseload, the court does not need more judges at the present time. For example: Between 2005 and 2013, its total number of written decisions per active judge declined by 27 percent, and the number of appeals filed with the court fell by 18 percent. The D.C. Circuit has already taken four months off this year. Meanwhile, other federal appellate courts genuinely are overburdened and do need more judges.

And yet, instead of trying to fill judicial vacancies where the need is most urgent, President Obama and Senate Democrats are attempting to transform the D.C. Circuit into a rubber stamp for liberalism and big government.

ICE Council Pres Obama Has Endangered Public Safety & National Security:

See also: Judicial Watch Special Illegal Immigration ReportA Timeline of the Obama Administration’s Four Year-Long Conspiracy to Grant Amnesty to Illegal Aliens by Dismantling Enforcement of Our Laws Against Illegal Immigration.

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PJ Media: Racist Democrats Keep Playing the Race Card:

The Democrats cannot stop playing the race card. Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) even compared the Tea Party to the KKK. Are the Democrats making these assertions to hide their own party’s long association with racist politics?

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