Video: Gingrich Blasts Obama’s Dishonest ‘Gruber Speech’

Media savvy CNN political commentator and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich latched on to the example of Jonathan Gruber to point out the dishonesty of Obama’s amnesty speech, last night.

Likening the speech to statements made by the now toxic “ObamaCare architect”, Gringrich charged that those in the “elite” class “really underestimate” the disdain Americans have for unprotected borders. He called it “a Gruber speech” in which the president was “simple not telling the truth.”

Gingrich also blasted the president for going against the incoming Congress after the country had “repudiated his policies in the election” a few weeks ago.


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I LOVE Drew’s idea: Responding To Obama’s Executive Amnesty: Let Obama Give The State Of The Union Somewhere Else

Conservative Review: Top 10 Lies from Obama’s Nullification Speech


5 thoughts on “Video: Gingrich Blasts Obama’s Dishonest ‘Gruber Speech’

  1. Thank you Newt-I wish i could have heard Brazille’s sure to be bone headed comeback, she was just starting to flap her soup coolers when the video stopped


  2. Noticed that the propaganda word of the day is “Shield” boys and girls. It is to be used in the following way: “The president is not robbing you of the protections of your borders and your laws he is “SHIELDING” those poor lawbreakers from those mean old never enforced laws.” Anyone who does not agree with this is simply a big old meany. Bad meany, bad.

    Now be quiet and drink your juice.


  3. Love Drew’s idea. Given past history of the House stemming from the House of Commons in England King’s were not allowed to enter the House of Commons. It can be said that the president is allowed entry as a Privilege–which is fittingly rescinded when he acts like a King, as King’s are barred from the People’s house.


  4. Exactly. Why give him a venue to demonize them and to lie and propagandize? They would have more support with that than they know – but “cooler heads” will prevail, I’m sure. They won’t want to set a precedent because they know Democrats would use it as an excuse to do the same thing when they had the chance – for no other reason other than sour grapes. We’re dealing with stone cold Marxists who will lie to your face without a second thought.. They’re dealing with cowering establishment types who still play by gentleman’s rules – (unless they’re fighting against the tea party.)


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