16 thoughts on “Obama Enchanted

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  2. i see yall misunderstood the poor guy’s breathless question also… what he was really asking is for a date to the prom.

    the theme this year is “Enchanted Evening With Moonbats and Asshats” and they get to be picked up in SUV-ONE and flown on a joyride buzzing by the statue of liberty in AF-ONE.

    so, of course the swooning metrosexual boytoy seemed a bit flustered when asking the prOm queen for a date…

    but Barry was really writing down the guy’s name and number for a late night holla back… booty call! heya!

    eeeewwwww… gaaaaackkkk :O reeko


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  4. It was a magical moment for Obama. This question revealed just how ‘in control’ Obama is over the media.

    Journalists asked no meaningful question about the economy or attempted even one follow up question. Obama pontificated for so long that only 13 questions were asked. The people chosen to ask them were generally folks no one has heard of. The networks had to be stunned that after giving Him free air time, none of their reporters were allowed to ask a question.

    The media is made up of a bunch of leftist Obama worshipers. For a bit of a laugh on all this though, you might hit:


  5. Why not ask O what enchants him? They’re all so flippin’ enchanted with him! (ps Love that photoshop!)


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